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Archived Distributed Computing News and Articles

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Note: Several of the links below may no longer work. They are kept here for historical purposes.
EC funds grid computing project: The European Commission has announced that it will provide 25 million Euros of funding to a pan-European grid computing projectTHINQ.co.ukSeptember 15, 2010
Australian universities to leverage crowd power for new water filters; a short overview of World Community Grid's new Computing for Clean Water projectFluid HandlingSeptember 9, 2010
Computer theft solved thanks to BOINC; a stolen laptop running the WUProp@Home project was able to be tracked and recoveredSETI GermanySeptember 4, 2010
Volunteers' Idle Computer Time Turns Up a Celestial Oddball; Einstein@Home made its first discovery, a "disrupted binary pulsar 17,000 light-years away [from Earth] rotating more than 40 times a second, that had broken free of its binary companion"Scientific AmericanAugust 15, 2010
20 Quadrillion Muons--Muon1 hits milestone; the Distributed Particle Accelerator Design project recently hit an important milestonePolitics and P2PJuly 16, 2010
Crowdsourcing the search for aliens: The SETI Institute's Jill Tarter is looking for a few good filters; the SETI Institute is creating open-source software that anyone can contribute to to look for radio signals in data from the Allen Telescope Array in new and creative waysO'Reilly RadarJuly 12, 2010
Volunteer computing helps rescue oiled Gulf Coast wildlife; a temporary citizen science project allows people with iPhones to submit pictures and GPS coordinates of animals on the Gulf Coast who need to be rescued from the BP oil leakInternational Science Grid this WeekJuly 7, 2010
Launch of The Clean Energy Project - Phase 2; an overview of the second phase of World Community Grid's The Clean Energy ProjectWorld Community GridJune 28, 2010
NASA Needs You: 6 Ways to Help an Astronomer; an overview of six Distributed Human projectsWired MagazineJune 28, 2010
Astronomers Solve The Mystery of Hanny's Voorwerp; astronomers have classified a mysterious object discovered by a Galaxy Zoo participant in 2007Technology ReviewJune 24, 2010
7th-Graders Discover Mysterious Cave on Mars; students participating in the Mars Student Imaging Project discovered a cave or "skylight" in an image from the Mars Odyssey spacecraft. The project is open to U.S. students from grade 5 through college sophomore level.SPACE.comJune 21, 2010
IBM, Volunteers Help Locate Anti-Cancer DrugsCIOUpdate.comJune 17, 2010
Surplus PC Power Yields Faster Cancer Research: World Community Grid project automates tedious process to determine if protein samples are ready for x-ray examinationIBMJune 15, 2010
ViFiB wants you to host cloud computing at home: French startup ViFiB thinks it can find a niche somewhere between Amazon Web Services and SETI@homeNetwork WorldJune 14, 2010
How your PC can help science: Help save the world, one processor cycle at a timeTechRadar UKJune 13, 2010
Your computer at the service of science, exclusive interview to the director of seti@home and BOINC: David P. Andersonseti clJune 13, 2010
Can’t build? You can observe; an overview of "citizen science" projects and the new Science for Citizens website which tracks these projectsNashuaTelegraph.comJune 7, 2010
Higley schools pull space-search software from 5,000 computers; BOINC software allegedly installed by an IT person on thousands of school district computers was removed by the school district at an estimated cost of US$1 millionazcentral.comJune 6, 2010
A Better Rice for the World; an interview with Dr. Ram Samudrala, the head of World Community Grid's Nutritious Rice for the World projectAlexander Janssen's BlogMay 19, 2010
Take a Virtual Moonwalk for Science; a podcast about the new Moon Zoo projectScientific AmericanMay 13, 2010
Today's Fast Company Assignment: Do Cancer Research in Your Sleep; a short overview of World Community Grid and some of its projectsFast CompanyApril 28, 2010
Stardust@Home is a Time Waster with real astronomical significance; an overview of Stardust@HomeDownloadSquadApril 22, 2010
World Community Grid’s "Nutritious Rice for the World" project comes to an endthinkdigitApril 21, 2010
Quake-Catcher Network: Help Improve Earthquake Awareness and Science!; an overview of Quake Catcher NetworkGreenfudge.orgApril 21, 2010
WCG China projects; World Community Grid is looking for potential projects in ChinaGlobal TimesApril 20, 2010
End of Nutritious Rice for the World project; World Community Grid's Nutritious Rice for the World project ended successfully on April 6, 2010, generating 7 billion protein folding modelsWorld Community GridApril 13, 2010
SuperDonate Inc. Creates an Application to Earn Money for Charity; an overview of SuperDonateSmart Data CentersApril 8, 2010
How to Classify a Million Galaxies in Three Weeks; an overview of Galaxy ZooTIMEMarch 28, 2010
Fixing Reality with Online Games; an overview of EVOKEh+ MagazineMarch 24, 2010
Case Study: Einstein@OSG; Einstein@Home has been adapted to run on Open Science Grid, which is contributing at least 10% of the project's computing powerInternational Science Grid This WeekMarch 17, 2010
SuperDonate, Inc. Releases Software that Donates Unused Computing Power to Charity; an overview of the new SuperDonate charityPR-inside.comMarch 17, 2010
The lonely but hopeful search for life off earth; a review of SETI and SETI@Home's progressSignOnSanDiego.comMarch 15, 2010
Volunteer for 'White Hat Botnets'; an overview of distributed computing projectsInternet EvolutionMarch 15, 2010
By Your Accelerometers Combined, I Am Quake Catcher!; a short overview of the Quake Catcher NetworkGizmodoMarch 12, 2010
Laptops could be key to an earthquake early-warning system; an overview of the Quake Catcher NetworkLos Angeles TimesMarch 11, 2010
First Cosmic Dust May Have Been Discovered By Crowdsource Hero; Stardust@Home and participant Bruce Hudson may have discovered the project's first interstellar dust particleGizmodo AustraliaMarch 7, 2010
Distributed Computing Helps in AIDS FightmedGadgetMarch 3, 2010
Two Compounds Discovered That Pave the Way for New Class of AIDS Drug; two chemical compounds discovered by fightAIDS@home make possible a completely new type of AIDS-fighting drugsPR NewswireMarch 2, 2010
Rise of the Citizen Scientists; how distributed computing projects are enabling average people to be scientists and to contribute to scientfic researchThe TyeeMarch 2, 2010
MakerCulture: Dr. Everyman; an overview of Folding@home and other distributed computing projectsrabble.caFebruary 26, 2010
Virtualization - Key for LHC physics volunteer computing; an overview of the CernVM software appliance which will allow large-scale Linux-based physics simulation experiment software to use the BOINC computing platform and volunteer computing from Windows PCsInternational Science Grid this WeekFebruary 24, 2010
Are we missing E.T.'s call?; a review of SETI's progress over its 50-year historySingularity HubFebruary 22, 2010
Use Your Idle Computer Time to Save the World; an overview of World Community Grid's distributed computing projectsSingularity HubFebruary 22, 2010
FightAIDS@Home with your computer; a short overview of distributed computing projects and fightAIDS@homeChicago Now BlogsFebruary 19, 2010
Launch of Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together - Phase 2; phase 2 of World Community Grid's Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together project has begunWorld Community GridFebruary 17, 2010
You can help map the Milky Way galaxy; an overview of MilkyWay@homeiTWireFebruary 16, 2010
Six Cool Distributed Computing Projects; short and funny overviews of six distributed computing projectsUpRoxxFebruary 15, 2010
Distributed PC Network Helps Map Milky Way; a short overview of MilkyWay@homePC MagazineFebruary 12, 2010
Milky Way Map Produced by Home Computers; an overview of MilkyWay@homeSoftpediaFebruary 11, 2010
PCs around the world unite to map the Milky Way; an overview of MilkyWay@homePHYSORG.comFebruary 10, 2010
Majestic-12 search engine in funding boost from eBay entrepreneur; Majestic-12 will use new funding from an eBay company to add to its infrastructure and improve website crawling and indexing timesBirmingham PostFebruary 4, 2010
Scripps Research Scientists Find Two Compounds that Lay the Foundation for a New Class of AIDS Drug; fightAIDS@home has discovered a completely new type of AIDS-fighting drugsFrontier India Pharmaceutical NewsFebruary 3, 2010
IBM Enlists Mickey Mouse for Smarter Planet; IBM has installed a demonstration data center at Disney's EPCOT theme park. Spare computing power from the data center supports World Community Grid projectsIT Business EdgeJanuary 29, 2010
Find aliens with distributed computing; a short overview of distributed computing projects and SETI@HomeWeb UserJanuary 25, 2010
You Can Run Scientific Experiments in Your Own Home; an overview of various distributed computing projectsPlanetPOVJanuary 23, 2010
vSwarm: a Free Render Farm In the Cloud; a short overview of the new vSwarm projectVizworldJanuary 19, 2010
IBM: Suomen Syöpäyhdistys lahjoittaa palvelinaikaa syöpätutkimukselle World Community Grid -laskenta (IBM: The Finnish Cancer Society to donate a server to cancer research in the World Community Grid calculation). This article is written in Finnish (Suomeksi), but you can read an English translation of it.TIEKEJanuary 18, 2010
GSM encryption crack made public; an overview of GSM encryption cracking and the A5/1 Security ProjectLWN.netJanuary 6, 2010
One leg of GSM encryption cracked, cell industry unimpressed: A security researcher is in the process of building a table that will enable the cracking of GSM encryption, assuming that a parallel effort to crack its frequency hopping algorithm succeeds; an overview of the A5/1 Security ProjectArs TechnicaDecember 30, 2009
One leg of GSM encryption cracked, cell industry unimpressed; an overview of GSM encryption cracking and the A5/1 Security Projectars technicaDecember 29, 2009
Cooperación global (Global Cooperation); an overview of distributed computing projects. This article is written in Spanish, but you can read an English translation of it.La NacionDecember 28, 2009
Birmingham's Majestic-12 nipping at Google's heels; Majestic-12 is only the second search engine in the world to join the "webmap trillionaires club"--the first is Google.Birmingham PostDecember 18, 2009
Search for ET requires upgrade to 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches; SETI@Home is using the fastest Ethernet data networking switches available to process over one petabyte (1,000 Terabytes) of radio spectrum data every daySearchNetworking.comDecember 16, 2009
Scientists: Tweets after an earthquake could aid emergency workers; scientists may some day be able to mine crowdsourced data such as tweets to quickly identify earthquakes and other disastersYahoo Tech BlogsDecember 15, 2009
A Deluge of Data Shapes a New Era in Computing; computing is creating the "fourth paradigm" of science--computational science, in which scientific computation tools must evolve to manage a growing flood of observational dataNew York TimesDecember 14, 2009
Are we really alone?; a short history of the search for alien life and alien intelligenceThe NationalDecember 14, 2009
Air Force Taps PlayStation 3 for Research; the U.S. Air Force is testing PlayStation 3 clusters for distributed computing researchThe Industry StandardDecember 7, 2009
I see crime scenes; the IC-CRIME (Interdisciplinary Cyber-enabled Crime Reconstruction through Innovative Methodology and Engagement) project will use a crime scene capture device to allow online, distributed crime scene analysis and to create a database of crime scenes for future pattern analysis and training.International Science Grid this WeekDecember 2, 2009
Higley firing tied to alien-search software; a school district network administrator was fired for (among other things) running SETI@home on every school district computer without permissionazcentral.comNovember 30, 2009
Astronomers release galactic collision game: Astronomers have devised a game to help uncover the basis of galactic pile-ups; an overview of the new Galaxy Zoo Mergers projectBBC NewsNovember 25, 2009
Cloud to power research number-crunchingZDNet AsiaNovember 25, 2009
How you can help the LHC and 12 other ways to donate your PC's spare processing power; an overview of the BOINC computing platform and of 12 BOINC-based distributed computing projectsPC World AustraliaNovember 25, 2009
It’s a Zoo Out There: Galaxy Project Engages ‘Armchair Scientists’; an overview of the new Galaxy Zoo Mergers projectGeorge Mason University NewsNovember 24, 2009
CERN's LHC pioneers quantum leap in cloud computing; CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project is influencing grid and cloud computing architecture and practicesComputer WeeklyNovember 23, 2009
Play the Galactic Slots; an overview of Galaxy Zoo's new Mergers projectMSNBC Cosmic LogNovember 23, 2009
Database details 2.7 million possible structures for molecular sieves; a private distributed computing project discovered almost 3 million possible zeolites, or molecular sieves which filter molecules of certain sizes. Before this project only 200 zeolites were known.nanowerkNovember 2, 2009
Computers Around the World Unite; an overview of distributed computing projects. This article is written in Chinese, but you can read an English translation of it.news.163.comNovember 1, 2009
Cloud Computing Not Hype But RealityNetwork ComputingNovember, 2009
La ciencia extiende su red de investigación con la computación voluntaria (Science extends its network of volunteer computing research); an overview of distributed computing projects. This article is written in Spanish, but you can read an English translation of it.Wall Street Journal OnlineOctober 29, 2009
Quake-Catcher Network seeks volunteers on campus to host seismic sensors; a scientist at Stanford University wants students on the campus to attach seismic sensors to their laptops to support the Quake Catcher NetworkStanford NewsOctober 27, 2009
La Universidad de Berkeley impulsa un superordenador de uso gratuito y universal (Berkeley University supercomputer launches a free and universal service); an overview of the BOINC computing platform's growing support in Spain and of Einstein@Home (this article is written in Spanish but you can view an English translation of it).elPeriódico.comOctober 23, 2009
Volunteering Computers for Science: Users Make Their Home PCs Available to Chase Medical Breakthroughs; a detailed overview of distributed computing projects, the BOINC computing platform, and Rosetta@HomeWall Street Journal OnlineOctober 20, 2009
Volunteers Donate Idle Computing Power for Biomedical Research; an overview of distributed computing projects and the BOINC computing platformiHealthBeatOctober 20, 2009
Record 12-Million-Digit Prime Number Nets $100,000 Prize; GIMPS has won a US$100,000 prize from the Electronic Frontier Foundation for its discovery, on August 23, 2008, of the first known primer number with more than 10 million digitsElectronic Frontier FoundationOctober 14, 2009
45th Mersenne prime revealed: GIMPS grabs $100,000 for discoveryThe RegisterOctober 14, 2009
Wirbicki Law Group Seeks to Change the World...One Computer at a Time; a law firm is encouraging other law firms to join it in participating in World Community Griddsnews.comOctober 13, 2009
UK Search Engine Takes on Google; Majestic-12 discovered its 1 trillionth unique URL on October 12, 2009. The only other organization to publicly announce it has discovered 1 trillion URLs is GooglePRWebOctober 12, 2009
Anthony Doesburg: Idle time put to work, all in the cause of science; an overview of distributed computing projects, citizen science and BOINCNew Zealand Herald NewsOctober 12, 2009
A new age for the oldest science; an overview of computational astronomyInternational Science Grid this WeekOctober 7, 2009
Compuware Buys Gomez For $295 Million In Cash; Gomez, the owner of the Gomez PEER project, will be owned by Compuware after November, 2009TechCrunchITOctober 7, 2009
Internet game that awards points for people spotting real crimes on CCTV is branded 'snooper's paradise'; an overview of a potentially controversial upcoming Distributed Human project/gameMail OnlineOctober 5, 2009
Your Screen Saver Could Help Create New Life; an overview of the upcoming EvoGrid projectPopular ScienceSeptember 29, 2009
Forget it Rhonda: Help, help me Einstein; "A group of summer students working on the Laser Interferometric Gravitational-Wave Observatory, or LIGO, project at the California Institute of Technology created a medley of songs on YouTube to explain their research."Symmetry MagazineSeptember 10, 2009
BOINC, software open source per il grid computing (BOINC, open source software for grid computing); an overview of BOINC. This article is written in Italian, but you can read an English translation of it.Programmazione.itSeptember 10, 2009
Link of the Week--Citizen Cyberspace; an update on the Citizen Cyberscience Center, a United Nations project to "provide scientists with an inexpensive form of distributed computing power that is complementary to grid technology--as seen in such processing-intensive problems as the LHC@home project or the 'Africa@home' project."International Science Grid this WeekSeptember 9, 2009
The "Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together" reaches phase 2; Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together completed Phase 1 on August 28, 2009, and is preparing for Phase 2thinkdigitAugust 28, 2009
New project uses distributed computing to break GSM crypto; an overview of the new A5/1 Security ProjectThe Tech HeraldAugust 28, 2009
Asian computers join forces against avian flu; the Avian Flu DC2 Refinement project, which was run in March, 2009 on the EUAsiaGrid, tested 300,000 potential drug molecules against eight new avian flu mutation targetsInternational Science Grid This WeekAugust 26, 2009
Web of hope; a short overview of BOINC and distributed computing volunteers in AustraliaWestern Weekender Penrith OnlineAugust 26, 2009
Cracking GSM phone crypto via distributed computing; an overview of a new, open-source, distributed computing project, A5/1, to crack the encryption used on GSM phones to publicize a weak encryption scheme that is already being exploitedCNET NewsAugust 25, 2009
Grid computing, the new commodity; the European GridEcon project has created a platform for buying and selling computing resources as a utilityICT ResultsAugust 24, 2009
Henry Markham (the Project Director of the Blue Brain project) Interview; an overview of the Blue Brain project to study the mammalian brain through simulation, and a possible upcoming distributed computing project, the "Adopt a Neuron Project"Next Big FutureAugust 24, 2009
Pupil hooks school up to search for aliens; an overview of a New Zealand high school student's successful project to set up his school's computers to participate in SETI@homeOtago Daily Times OnlineAugust 21, 2009
Grid helps to filter LIGO’s data; how the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) uses the LIGO Data Grid and Open Science Grid to look for evidence of gravitational waves in large amounts of dataInternational Science Grid This WeekAugust 19, 2009
SETI telescope array produces first science results; with only 42 of its planned 350 radio telescope dishes installed so far, the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) is generating useful science results even as it searches for alien radio signalsNew ScientistAugust 18, 2009
English Wikipedia hits three million articlesThe GuardianAugust 17, 2009
New heroes with a hard drive; a short overview of BOINC and distributed computing volunteers in AustraliaThe Sydney Morning HeraldAugust 16, 2009
Hunt for Supernovae With Galaxy ZooUniverse TodayAugust 13, 2009
Digsby Joins the Dark Side, Uses Your PC to Make Money; the Digsby social networking software application installs a distributed computing client on a user's computer by default, unless the user reads the application's terms of service and disables the client. Digsby may use the client to generate revenue to support development of the application.lifehackerAugust 13, 2009
Why it's time to ditch Digsby; the Download.com editorial team decided to lower the ratings score for the Digsby social networking software application because it did not address its users' concerns about "stealthily" installing a distributed computing client on a user's computer when the user install's Digsby's applicationDownload.comAugust 13, 2009
BOINC gets social with FacebookInternational Science Grid This WeekAugust 12, 2009
World Community Grid...; a short overview of World Community Gridexaminer.comAugust 8, 2009
Intel Facebook App Taps Idle PCs For Research: The Progress Through Processors app lets users donate idle PC hours to help work on cures for diseases, climate prediction, and malaria controlInformationWeekAugust 7, 2009
Rosetta@Home Stands to Gain Compute Power from Intel's New Facebook-based AppGenomeWebAugust 7, 2009
Can Intel cure cancer with progress through processors?ITWireAugust 6, 2009
Your Mom’s Facebook Status: I’m Crunching Climate Data!; Intel and Grid Republic have created a Progress Through Processors application for Facebook to allow Facebook users to contribute to BOINC-based projectsWired MagazineAugust 5, 2009
Donate Your Computer's Idle Time To a Good Cause On Facebook; a short overview of the new Progress Through Processors application for FacebookPopular ScienceAugust 5, 2009
Facebook app lets Intel PCs donate processor power; an overview of the Progress Through Processors application for FacebookCNET NewsAugust 3, 2009
People's astronomy; a great overview of current distributed computing and "citizen science" astronomy projectsIET Knowledge NetworkJuly 6, 2009
47th Mersenne Prime Confirmed; GIMPS confirmed on June 12, 2009, that it discovered the 47th known Mersenne prime, 2^42,643,801 - 1 (12.8 million digits)Slashdot ScienceJune 13, 2009
How Your Computer Can Benefit All of Mankind; an overview of the BOINC computing platformdish MagazineJune, 2009
IBM and Medical Researchers Launch Effort To Find Flu Drug Treatments; an overview of World Community Grid's new Influenza Antiviral Drug Research projectIT News OnlineMay 5, 2009
Extraterrestrials, Computers, and Open Source; notes from a talk by Jill Tarter of The SETI Institue about how SETI uses, and plans to use, technology in its search for alien intelligencePCMag.com BlogsMay 4, 2009
SETI@home completes a decade of ET search; a summary of SETI@home's progress in the ten years since it beganPHYSORG.comMay 1, 2009
A decade of helping in the hunt for alien life; a summary of SETI@home's first ten yearssiliconrepublic.comApril 30, 2009
Save the World with your PC: Distributed Computing at Home; an overview of distributed computing projects, BOINC, and how to participateWhen I Have TimeApril 24, 2009
National Science Foundation Awards Millions to Fourteen Universities for Cloud Computing ResearchNational Science Foundation NewsApril 23, 2009
Mining For The 'Prime' Jewels Of Numbers; an overview of distributed computing projects searching for prime numbers, and of GIMPS in particularNational Public RadioApril 10, 2009
IBM grid computing aids cancer research; an overview of World Community Grid's new Help Fight Childhood Cancer projectSilicon RepublicMarch 25, 2009
New Einstein@Home Effort Launched Home Computers to Search Arecibo Data for New Pulsars; Einstein@Home will search data from the Arecibo radio telescope to find binary systems consisting of a spinning neutron star orbiting another neutron star or a black hole. The project can detect pulsars in binary systems with orbital periods as short as 11 minutes, 5 times shorter than it was previously possible to detect.SpaceRefMarch 24, 2009
Folding@home now the world’s most powerful supercomputerCustom PCFebruary 24, 2009
New ATI Catalyst 9.2 goes live; ATI (now AMD)'s new version 9.2 Catalyst driver provides multi-GPU support for Folding@homeFudzillaFebruary 22, 2009
Zweite Runde gestartet: (Second Round Started); an overview of the new features of Galaxy Zoo 2.0. This article is written in German, but you can read an English translation of it.gulliFebruary 20, 2009
Help create an earthbound sun; an overview of the Ibercivis project's efforts to help design ITER, "a joint international research and development project that aims to demonstrate the scientific and technical feasibility of fusion power"International Science Grid This WeekFebruary 18, 2009
Neues Futter für Hobby-Astronomen: (New fodder for hobby astronomers); an overview of Galaxy Zoo 2.0. This article is written in German, but you can read an English translation of it.Spiegel OnlineFebruary 17, 2009
Crunching the Data for the Tree of Life; maintaining, searching and visualizing the "tree" model of evolution for all species requires more computing power and advanced computing techniquesThe New York TimesFebruary 10, 2009
Scientists proposed the solution of Fermi's paradox; scientists have proposed a solution to Fermi's paradox and predicted that over 200 civilizations capable of sending radio signals could exist in the Milky Way galaxy. This article is written in Russian, but you can read an English translation of it.Data ManagerFebruary 2, 2009
How to build a powerful distributed computerTechRadar UKFebruary 1, 2009
Extremadurathome: colaboración ciudadana en proyectos científicos (Extremadurathome: citizen collaboration in scientific projects): An overview of the new Extremadurathome computing platform/portal. This article is written in Spanish, but you can read an English translation of it.barrapunto.comJanuary 30, 2009
Eficientan celdas solares (Efficient Solar Cells): Mexican scientists help Harvard develop organic solar cell materials for clean energy. An overview of World Community Grid's The Clean Energy Project. This article is written in Spanish, but you can read an English translation of it.El ManañaJanuary 24, 2009
Green it!; a short overview of climateprediction.netThe University Daily KansanJanuary 22, 2009
Parabon Computation puts idle processing power to work; an overview of Parabon Computation, which owns the Compute Against Cancer projectTechJournal SouthJanuary 21, 2009
Perspectives on advancements in distributed computingInternational Science Grid This WeekJanuary 21, 2009
Hardcore gaming enthusiasts in bio project; an ovewrview of Folding@home's success with the Sony PlayStation 3 architectureThe HinduJanuary 18, 2009
INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF ASTRONOMY: Astronomy Hits the Big Time; (subscription required); Galaxy Zoo is making important new contributions to astronomyScience MagazineJanuary 16, 2009
A galaxy of helpful people: An Oxford scientist has harnessed the power of the web to create a massive citizen-science project that is truly collaborative; an overview of Galaxy ZooThe GuardianJanuary 15, 2009
Help Mankind by Folding@Home; a short overview of Folding@homePrasys' BlogJanuary 11, 2009
Celle solari più efficienti e meno costose anche grazie al tuo PC! (More efficient and less expensive solar cells also thanks to your PC!); an overview of World Community Grid's The Clean Energy Project. This article is written in Italian, but you can read an English translation of it.Data ManagerJanuary 9, 2009
La inteligencia colectiva se pone al servicio de la ciencia a través de Internet (Collective intelligence is put to the service of science through Internet); an overview of Foldit. This article is written in Spanish, but you can read an English translation of it.El PaísJanuary 8, 2009
Nvidia CUDA acelera la investigación científica (Nvidia CUDA accelerates the scientific research); an overview of some BOINC projects using NVIDIA CUDA GPUs to speed up research. This article is written in Spanish, but you can read an English translation of it.Diario Tecnologías de la InformaciónJanuary 7, 2009
Divide and conquer: distributed graphics rendering; Purdue University has created a Distributed Rendering Environment which uses idle time on more than 20,000 CPUs at the university to render graphics for Purdue's students' projectsInternational Science Grid this WeekJanuary 7, 2009
The Universe Today Top 10 Scientific Endeavours of 2008; Galaxy Zoo was voted one of Universe Today's top 10 scientific research projects of 2008Universe TodayJanuary 2, 2009
SSL broken! Hackers create rogue CA certificate using MD5 collisions; "using a cluster of 200 PS3 game consoles and about US$700 in test digital certificates, a group of hackers in the U.S. and Europe have found a way to target a known weakness in the MD5 algorithm to create a rogue Certification Authority (CA), a breakthrough that allows the forging of certificates that are fully trusted by all modern Web browsers"ZDNet BlogsDecember 30, 2008
Scientists Probe For Otherworldly Life; an overview of SETI and SETI@homeThe Mountain MailDecember 25, 2008
D-Wave Arms ‘Smoking Gun’ Proof of Quantum Computer; an overview of AQUA@homeThe New York Times Bits BlogsDecember 22, 2008
NVIDIA CUDA Technology Dramatically Advances The Pace Of Scientific Research; new version 6.4.5 of BOINC can use NVIDIA GPUs with CUDA technology to perform some kinds of distributed computing research 2 to 20 times fasterNVIDIADecember 17, 2008
Distributed security cracking: Will the future of security cracking lie in 'cloud computing'?TechRepublic.comDecember 16, 2008
IBM and Volunteers Using Computers to Cultivate Better Rice Crops: an overview of World Community Grid's Nutritious Rice for the World projectFinding DulcineaDecember 16, 2008
Emissions: Where do you draw the line?: are the potential energy-saving results from The Clean Energy Project worth the amount of energy used by computers participating in the project?The GuardianDecember 16, 2008
IBM rice project works on new strains; an overview of World Community Grid's Nutritious Rice for the World projectTradeArabiaDecember 13, 2008
World Community Grid burns energy in order to save it; an overview of The Clean Energy ProjectThe InquirerDecember 11, 2008
Please Help! Use Your Computer to Solve World Problems; a short overview of World Community GridGatherDecember 10, 2008
We will find aliens 'by 2025'; SETI@home should help us find alien radio signals soonerIndependent.ieDecember 10, 2008
IBM, Harvard want your PC for solar power study; an overview of the new The Clean Energy ProjectThe GuardianDecember 8, 2008
IBM, Harvard Use Distributed Computing to Make Ultra-Powerful Solar Cells; an overview of The Clean Energy ProjectClean TechnicaDecember 8, 2008
IBM, Harvard Solar Research Hits the Clouds; an overview of The Clean Energy ProjectDailyTechDecember 8, 2008
University of Washington biochemist David Baker to receive 2008 Sackler International Prize in Biophysics for discoveries in protein folding7th Space InteractiveNovember 27, 2008
Fight AIDS at home, via unused computer time; on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2008, the World Community Grid is sponsoring a month-long challenge to provide more computing resources to AIDS researchers via FightAIDS@homeInternational Science Grid this WeekNovember 26, 2008
Virtual Telescopes Tweaked; an overview of Internet-based virtual telescopes and distributed computing projects related to AstronomyMSNBC Cosmic LogNovember 11, 2008
How curing boredom can boost research; a short overview of distributed human projectsNew ScientistNovember 5, 2008
The Energy Impact of Grid Computing (registration required to view article)EE Times-AsiaNovember 4, 2008
Quake Catcher uses 1,500 laptops for cheap seismic detection; a short overview of the Quake Catcher NetworkDVICEOctober 27, 2008
Play game to fight AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer's; an overview of FolditCNet NewsOctober 24, 2008
Catching quakes with laptops; an overview of the Quake Catcher NetworkInternational Science Grid this WeekOctober 22, 2008
ET may be out there, but would he talk to us?; an overview of the search for evidence of extra-terrestrial intelligence and SETI@homeTimes OnlineOctober 21, 2008
Reaching for the Exa-scale, by BOINC-ing; using BOINC and Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) we will reach the 1 ExaFLOPS (1,000 PetaFLOPS) computing milestone soonInternational Science Grid this WeekOctober 15, 2008
Volunteer computing helps track malaria; an overview of malariacontrol.net and its first published resultsInternational Science Grid this WeekOctober 15, 2008
CERN starts the Peta-Grid; CERN officially started the World LHC Computing Grid (WLCG) on Friday, October 3, 2008heise online UKOctober 6, 2008
Laptop device catches notice of seismologists in hunt for earthquake data; an overview of the Quake Catcher NetworkThe Press-EnterpriseOctober 5, 2008
World's biggest computing grid launched; an overview of CERN's World LHC Computing Grid (WLCG), which was officially started on October 3, 2008PHYSORG.comOctober 3, 2008
Supercomputers Fight Thromboses; Russian scientists used distributed computing to test 6,000 potential drug molecules over 18 months and found potential molecules which "may become the basis for new effective therapy against thromboses [blood clots] and components for blood substitutes"Russia-InfoCenterOctober 3, 2008
Txteagle pays mobile phone users for short tasks ; upcoming for-pay distributed human project txteagle will pay mobile phone users in developing countries to perform short tasks such as sending text messages or translating wordsSalon.comOctober 2, 2008
No excuse for under-utilization: Clemson back-fills with BOINC; Clemson University's School of Computing is contributing its spare computing power to the World Community Grid through BOINCInternational Science Grid This WeekOctober 1, 2008
UCLA finds first Mersenne Prime over 10 million digits; an overview of Edson Smith's discovery of the first known Mersenne prime over 10 million digits using UCLA's computersInternational Science Grid This WeekOctober 1, 2008
13 Million-Digit Prime Number Shows Benefits of Distributed Computing Projects; an overview of GIMPS' discovery of the first known Mersenne prime over 10 million digitsfinding DulcineaOctober 1, 2008
What can you do with a 12-million-digit prime number?; the point of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)'s challenge to find a large Mersenne prime number is not just to find a large number but to prove that a "big real-world problem can benefit from everyday people volunteering their computers for a distributed-computing project"Christian Science MonitorSeptember 30, 2008
Quake Catcher Network: SETI@home Spinoff Tracks Earth-Shakers; an overview of the Quake Catcher NetworkThe Planetary SocietySeptember 28, 2008
Shake it all about: How to use your laptop to locate an earthquake; an overview of the Quake Catcher NetworkEconomistSeptember 25, 2008
Grids meet aliens and androids; the 4th annual Pan-Galactic BOINC Workshop, which met in Grenoble, France, on September 11-12, discussed the future of BOINC and new directions for volunteer computing including new Distributed Thinking platforms like Bossa and BOLTInternational Science Grid This WeekSeptember 24, 2008
Big prime nets big profit; an overview of GIMPS' recent prime discoveriesNatureSeptember 19, 2008
Life starts now; Sony has launched a "Life with Playstation" service on the PlayStation3 console. The service provides "worldwide news, weather and other information," and "a more advanced simulation of protein folding for Folding@home."Sydney Morning Herald BlogsSeptember 19, 2008
Sony launches Life with PlayStation; an overview of Sony's new Life with Playstation service for Playstation3GameSpot NewsSeptember 18, 2008
Two largest known prime numbers discovered just two weeks apart, one qualifies for $100k prize; an overview of GIMPS' recent prime discoveriesWikiNewsSeptember 18, 2008
Big and bigger: New prime numbers claim top two spots; GIMPS discovered its 45th and 46th known Mersenne prime numbers on August 23, 2008 and September 6, 2008. These are the largest Mersenne primes known. The first number has almost 13 million digits and the second has 11.2 million digits.Scientific AmericanSeptember 16, 2008
The Collider and the Grid: Distributed computing made LHC possibleZDNet GovernmentSeptember 10, 2008
Your idle computer can save the world; an overview of World Community GridThe McGill DailySeptember 8, 2008
How the Large Hadron Collider Might Change the Web: The LHC Computing Grid may teach the Internet how to quietly handle reams of informationScientific AmericanSeptember 4, 2008
NYU, American Museum of Natural History receive $1.6 million NSF grant; New York University and the American Museum of Natural History have received a grant to study "plant evolution and to create a public database that provides information about the structure and inferred function of proteins found in two plant genomes." They will create a project for World Community Grid.EurekAlert!September 3, 2008
Join the crowd: Why do multinationals use amateurs to solve scientific and technical problems?; an overview of crowdsourcingThe IndependentSeptember 2, 2008
Mega Grid for Mega Science; an overview of grid computing and the LHC Computing Grid (LCG)R and D MagazineAugust 29, 2008
Astropulse: A Fresh Look at the Skies in Search of E.T.; an overview of SETI@home's new Astropulse projectThe Planetary SocietyAugust 27, 2008
Build a Better Quake Catcher; an overview of Quake Catcher NetworkPopular ScienceAugust 21, 2008
Humans can; computers can't; an overview of reCAPTCHA and some other Distributed Human projects which use human games to do useful work that computers can't doThe News and ObserverAugust 20, 2008
If You Use the Web, You May Have Already Been Enlisted as a Human Scanner; an overview of reCAPTCHAScientific AmericanAugust 19, 2008
51-card NVIDIA folding rig can crank out 265,200 points per day; a 51-card NVIDIA-based computing rig built by nitteo of the overclock.net forums will generate an estimated 265,200 folding points per day for Folding@homeEngadgetAugust 13, 2008
Link of the Week - LHC at home; an overview of LHC@homeInternational Science Grid this WeekAugust 13, 2008
The Future of Cloud Computing - An Army of Monkeys?; how cloud computing differs from distributed and grid computingSys-Con MediaAugust 13, 2008
Hadoop: When grownups do open source; an overview of the Hadoop open-source library for writing distributed data processing programs using the MapReduce frameworkThe RegisterAugust 11, 2008
IBM grant to help UTMB’s global computing project discover dengue drugs: IBM has awarded the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston a grant to install a high-performance IBM storage system to assist its global computing effort [run on IBM's Global Computing Grid] to find drugs for reemerging infectious diseases like dengue, West Nile and hepatitis C.Blocks and FilesJuly 31, 2008
Could ‘Crowd-Sourcing’ be the next big thing?Mybroadband.co.za BlogsJuly 29, 2008
NVIDIA Dramatically Acclerates the Search for a Cure; an overview of NVIDIA's support for Folding@home's new GPU clientWebWireJuly 28, 2008
SETI@Home Adds New Search Method; an overview of SETI@home's Astropulse projectSlashdotJuly 27, 2008
Recherche: un logiciel pour modéliser les prairies!; an overview of Virtual Prairie. The article is written in French.Lyon-Nature.frJuly 25, 2008
Cure Diseases and Have Fun Competing at the Same Time; an overview of Folding@homeScience BlogsJuly 16, 2008
Playing the Science Game; an overview of FolditChronicle.comJuly 4, 2008
Beyond Graphics--The Present and Future of GP-GPU; Folding@home's new GPU client is an average of four times faster than the PS3 client and 40 times faster than the PC clientExtremeTechJuly 2, 2008
The brains behind the operation: How do you top the invention of the world wide web? Bobbie Johnson introduces Cern's plan for the next leap forward in computer technology: the grid; an overview of distributed and grid computingThe GuardianJune 30, 2008
Using Personal Computers to Solve Humanitarian Problems; an overview of World Community GridVoice of America NewsJune 29, 2008
An armchair astronomer discovers something very odd; an overview of Galaxy Zoo's recent discoveryThe EconomistJune 26, 2008
Why the cloud cannot obscure the scientific method; a rebuttal to the "The End of Theory" articleArs Technica NewsJune 25, 2008
Screensavers help University cancer research; an overview of Cels@HomeThe Daily Texan OnlineJune 25, 2008
The End of Theory: The Data Deluge Makes the Scientific Method Obsolete; in The Petabyte Age we can use massive amounts of data and processing, instead of scientific theories, to study the world around usWired MagazineJune 24, 2008
Grid computing boosts cancer research; an overview and update of Cels@HomeTG DailyJune 24, 2008
Galaxy Zoo's blue mystery (part I); astronomers around the world are taking interest in the Voorwerp object discovered by a Galaxy Zoo participantScience NewsJune 19, 2008
Stanford releases folding client for Nvidia GPUs; Folding@home can now run on Nvidia GPUs (i.e. graphics cards)Custom PCJune 18, 2008
Scientists tap gaming's power: You, too, can help figure out proteins; an overview of FolditSeattle Post-IntelligencerJune 16, 2008
Join the search while you sleep; a short overview of SETI@homeArizona Daily StarJune 15, 2008
Using Distributed Computing To Thwart Ransomware; Kaspersky Labs wants to create a new project to try to crack the Gpcode blackmail virus. This virus encrypts a user's files with a 1024-bit RSA key and tells the user to pay a blackmailer for the decryptor. Cracking the key would require the work of 15 million computers running for one year.SlashdotJune 11, 2008
SETI Researchers Gather At ASTRON For Search Beyond Beyond; another overview of the new LOFAR distributed radio telescope and its possible contributions to SETISpace DailyJune 11, 2008
New Telescope to Hunt for Aliens; another overview of the new LOFAR distributed radio telescope and its possible contributions to SETISPACE.comJune 11, 2008
LOFAR telescope used in search for extraterrestrial life?; the new LOFAR distributed radio telescope could be used for SETISpaceRef NewsJune 10, 2008
IBM Brings Grid Computing to Food Crisis; an overview of the World Community Grid project Nutritious Rice for the WorldImage and Data ManagerJune 10, 2008
Folding Proteins: Someone's Idea of Having Fun?; a short overview of Folding@home and FolditPraise Science BlogJune 9, 2008
Video searching uses people power; the new They Work for You project asks volunteers to watch short video clips from Parliament sessions and to match them to official transcripts of the sessions, making the full videos of the sessions searchableBBC NewsJune 3, 2008
Computers crunch possible cures for cancer; computers in the student computer lab at Austin Community College are participating in the World Community GridKXANJune 2, 2008
DC.Ars: running the POEM@Home gauntlet; an overview of POEM@HOME and its participation in CASP8, and the DC.Ars team's participation in an informal contest for POEM@HOME during June, 2008ars technicaJune 2, 2008
IBM turns unused computers into grid to solve (some of) the world's problems; a good overview of the World Community GridAustin American-StatesmanMay 29, 2008
GTA4: Enabler of Life Sciences Research?; as more computer gamers buy PlayStation3 consoles to play Grand Theft Auto 4, more PS3s become available for use by distributed computing projects such as Folding@homeBio-IT WorldMay 29, 2008
Linux Nightlife Wants You to Come Out and Play; Fedora Nightlife is "a new project for creating a Fedora (Linux) community grid. People will be able to donate idle capacity from their own computers to an open, general-purpose Fedora-run grid for processing socially beneficial work and scientific research that requires access to large amounts of computing power."DaniWebMay 29, 2008
First WikiProfessional project, WikiProteins, ready for beta; an overview of the new WikiProfessional project, WikiProteinsArs Technica NewsMay 27, 2008
IBM World Community Grid "Supercomputer" to Tackle Rice Crisis; an overview of the World Community Grid project Nutritious Rice for the WorldCNNMay 15, 2008
Join the Hunt for Super-Rice; an overview of the new World Community Grid project Nutritious Rice for the WorldNew York TimesMay 14, 2008
Hello, Einstein residence? Why yes, he's home!; a short overview of Einstein@HomeInternational Science Grid this WeekMay 14, 2008
Volunteers asked to help find dead spacecraft on Mars; an overview of the new Looking For Mars Polar Lander projectNewScientistSpaceMay 12, 2008
Gaming for Medical Research; a short overview of FolditTechnocratMay 11, 2008
Your computers may help save climate; an overview of climateprediction.netThe Jakarta PostMay 10, 2008
I'm Donating My Unused Computer Processing Power to Science; a user's perspective of distributed computing projectsTortoise Trail BlogMay 10, 2008
Solve Puzzles for Science!; an overview of FolditAdPharm BlogMay 9, 2008
Researchers Launch Online Protein Folding Game; an overview of the new Foldit protein folding gameHoward Hughes Medical Institute NewsMay 8, 2008
WISDOM unplugged: malaria drug-leads graduate to the wet lab; the 30 most-promising drug candidates from the WISDOM grid project were tested in a lab and all were effective. Now they are being tested in living cultures of the malaria parasite.International Science Grid this WeekMay 7, 2008
Seismograph in your lap; an overview of the Quake Catcher Network projectEconomic TimesMay 4, 2008
Peer Network Tests 'Real World' Site Performance; an overview of Gómez Performance Network PeerTMCNetMay 2, 2008
UK computing Grid "warming up for world's largest experiment"; an update of the U.K.'s GridPP computing grid and its readiness for data from the upcoming Large Hadron Collider (LHC) projectInteractions.orgApril 24, 2008
Turn off that power hungry computer! Or on second thought...; an overview of distributed computing projectsEagle Connection BlogApril 22, 2008
Folding@home GPU2 Client Examined; an overview and beta test of Folding@home's new "GPU2" client. This client supports all Radeon HD 2400 and above cards, up to the Radeon HD 3870 X2.ExtremeTechApril 16, 2008
First interstellar candidate extracted from Stardust interstellar tray (login required)Stardust@HomeApril 15, 2008
Ad hoc encyclopaedia for the information age; the Diligent project is using grid computing to create Virtual Digital LibrariesICT ResultsApril 14, 2008
Despite Silicon Valley Optimism, a Disease Resists Cure; money and computing power cannot solve every problemNew York TimesApril 14, 2008
The age of the Grid; when CERN turns on the Large Hadron Collider later this summer it will also turn on The Grid, a data communications network 10,000 times faster than the InternetBusiness StandardApril 8, 2008
Earthquake-predicting laptops could save lives; an overview of the Quake Catcher Network projectThe InquirerApril 2, 2008
Money, infectious disease and Where's George?; mathematical models derived from the Where's George?project, which shows the geographic spread of money, can also show the geographic spread of infectious diseaseInternational Science Grid this WeekApril 2, 2008
Scientists Want Your MacBook for Earthquake Detection; an overview of the Quake Catcher Network projectWired MagazineMarch 31, 2008
'Mountains' on stars could trigger gravitational waves; asymmetrical neutron stars could produce gravitational waves detectable by the LIGO and Virgo observatories and Einstein@HomeNew Scientist SpaceMarch 31, 2008
Yahoo Partners With Tata Sons On Cloud-Computing ResearchInformationWeekMarch 24, 2008
Building Enzymes from Scratch; Rosetta@home was used to create two enzymes not found in natureHoward Hughes Medical InstituteMarch 20, 2008
Distributed computing and the Singularity; distributed computing will accelerate humanity's path toward the Singularity, "a hypothesized point in the future where unprecedented acceleration of technological progress will trigger colossal change," predicted by Ray KurzweilInternational Science Grid this WeekMarch 19, 2008
How low can a Sudoku go?; an overview of the Sudoku projectInternational Science Grid this WeekMarch 12, 2008
OpenSpimes: Turn your cell phone into a monitoring tool of your own local climate; "spimes," objects which record where and when they are and other data, could be used in distributed computing networks to build maps of carbon dioxide levels and other climate dataLunchoverIPMarch 8, 2008
Project BudBurst wants you to track nature's changes for database; Project Budburst, a "citizen science" project which began in February, 2008, asks volunteers to record the dates at which various plant species bloom or bud in an effort to track climate changes possibly caused by global warmingScramento BeeMarch 8, 2008
Volunteer Computing and the Search for Big Answers; an overview of BOINC and volunteer computingTechnology NewsMarch 4, 2008
Idle computers are kept busy scanning the skies; an overview of SETI@home and BOINCNews LetterMarch 4, 2008
SETI's Other Coup: We might not have yet found evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence, but SETI has more than proven its worth with its success in distributed computingPopular ScienceMarch 3, 2008
Your computer can help science with BOINC; an overview of BOINC and distributed computing projectsInternetspotter.comMarch 2, 2008
Evolving towards the future of science: genetic algorithms and grid computing; genetic algorithms are being used to optimize the scheduling of computing jobs for computing gridsInternational Science Grid this WeekFebruary 27, 2008
Les Robertson: six years at the head of the LCG; a history of the Large Hadron Collider Computing Grid (LCG)International Science Grid this WeekFebruary 27, 2008
Stardust@Home Team Extracts First Particle Track from Stardust CollectorThe Planetary SocietyFebruary 16, 2008
How much is your wired world costing you?; an experiment to see how much electricity a PlayStation3 uses when it performs work for a distributed computing project such as Folding@homeglobeandmail.comFebruary 15, 2008
Sony Announces 1 Million Folding@home Users; one million Sony PlaySation 3 owners have signed up for Folding@homeGamasutraFebruary 4, 2008
Sifting through image library will help cancer fight; IBM, the Cancer Institute of New Jersey and Rutgers University are creating a project (an extension of the Help Defeat Cancer project) to use advanced computer and imaging technologies to compare cancerous tissues and cell and radiology studies to "make more accurate cancer prognoses, more personalized treatment planning and eventually to discover and develop new cancer drugs."IBMJanuary 28, 2008
Near Earth Objects: We Can't Beat the Odds Forever; thoughts about the risks to Earth from near-Earth objects, and news that orbit@home has been funded by NASA and active development of the project will begin next monthMichael Graham RichardJanuary 27, 2008
The real antivirus programs; an overview of disease-fighting distributed computing projects such as D2OLThinggamajiggy BlogJanuary 27, 2008
Opinion - Avalanche warning: the new challenges of the data grid; how (and for how long) can we store all of the data generated by distributed and grid computing projects?International Science Grid this WeekJanuary 23, 2008
A Warm Welcome for Android; the GridGain project will turn Google Android platform-based cell phones into a computing gridMSNBCJanuary 23, 2008
Speaking of Science: The science of sleeping computers; an overview of distributed computing projectsThe Daily of the University of WashingtonJanuary 17, 2008
Don't alienate yourself: SETI@home needs you!; seven new receivers installed on the Arecibo radio telescope will provide 500 times more data for SETI@homeEETimesJanuary 3, 2008
Wikia Search Open For Developers On Monday: Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Calls For Transparency And Privacy In Engine; Wikia Search's open-source codebase was opened to external developers on January 7, 2008Best SyndicationJanuary 3, 2008
Bit by bit, home computers aid science; an overview of distributed computing projects and of Cosmology@HomeChicago TribuneDecember 25, 2007
GridRepublic performs at 700-plus teraflops; an overview and update of GridRepublicInternational Science Grid this WeekDecember 19, 2007
Wikipedia founder's Google rival to launch; an update of Wikia SearchNewScientistTechDecember 15, 2007
Yahoo: Open-Source Distributed Computing; Yahoo is launching an open-source program for developing software for distributed computingRed HerringDecember 12, 2007
ParaMEDIC enables worldwide supercomputer for bioinformatics; ParaMEDIC, a general software-based framework for large-scale distributed computing, has sequence-searched all known microbial genomes against each other and has generated a complete genome sequence-similarity tree to greatly reduce the time needed for future searchesInternational Science Grid this WeekDecember 12, 2007
Spreading the load: a new wave of science projects on the web is harnessing volunteers' computers in novel ways--and their brains, too; an overview and update of public distributred computing projects, BOINC, and the new platform for distributed human projects: BOSSA (Berkeley Open System for Skill Aggregation)The EconomistDecember 6, 2007
Head in the clouds? Welcome to the future; an overview of cloud computingglobeandmail.comNovember 28, 2007
Yahoo Debuts Open-Source Distributed ComputingBetaNewsNovember 12, 2007
gPhone Idea: PowaPhone - distributed computing turns your cellphone into a supercomputerCrunchGearNovember 12, 2007
Cancer-busters tap into grid computing: Canadian researchers have promised to squeeze "decades" of cancer research into just two years by harnessing the power of a global PC grid [World Community Grid]iTnewsNovember 8, 2007
World Community Grid to Aid Cancer Research: an overview of World Community Grid's new Help Conquer Cancer projectPC WorldNovember 6, 2007
Gamers Help Supercomputing Project Break World Record: About 200,000 PCs and gaming consoles helped give the Folding@home distributed network about one-quarter of a petaflop worth of computing powerInformationWeekNovember 6, 2007
Home Computers Help Researchers Better Understand Universe; an overview of Cosmology@HomeScienceDailyOctober 24, 2007
Secure enough? Re-assessment of the world's most-used hash function; an overview of SHA-1 (Secure Hashing Algorithm 1) and the SHA-1 Collision Search Graz project's attempt to break itInternational Science Grid this WeekOctober 24, 2007
Scientists Race to Detect First Gravitational Waves; an overview and update of Einstein@HomeWiredOctober 22, 2007
Rosetta@home predicts 3D protein structure; an update of Rosetta@homeinsideHPCOctober 22, 2007
Feed the Hungry, Improve Your Vocab; an overview of FreeRiceCyberNetOctober 19, 2007
LHC@home gets new home; an overview of LHC@home and its move from Switzerland to LondonThe RegisterOctober 17, 2007
Helping the world, one byte at a time; an overview of World Community GridNews 8 AustinOctober 16, 2007
The shape of protein structures to come: Modelling effort uses mass computing power to make breakthrough; an update of Rosetta@homeNatureOctober 16, 2007
You too can do particle physics; an overview of LHC@homeNewScientistSpaceOctober 15, 2007
Google And IBM Take Aim At Shortage Of Distributed Computing Skills: Capabilities will be in much greater demand as software as a service and massive data warehouses become more pervasiveInformationWeekOctober 13, 2007
From Aliens to Accelerators - @home project comes to the UK; an overview of LHC@home, now running in the UK, and some of its possible future applicationsinteractions.orgOctober 12, 2007
Skies to be swept for alien life: The switch has been thrown on a telescope specifically designed to seek out alien life; the first 42 of a planned 350 radio telescopes in the Allen Telescope Array are active and gathering scientific data as of October 11, 2007BBC NewsOctober 12, 2007
It's Raining Cloud Computing!; Google and IBM have come together to popularize Internet-scale distributed computing in educational institutionsTechtree.com IndiaOctober 10, 2007
World Community Grid migrates to BOINC; World Community Grid is migrating completely to the BOINC platformInternational Science Grid this WeekOctober 3, 2007
Spam weapon helps preserve books; Carnegie Mellon University has begun a distributed human project to digitize non-machine-readable text in books while preventing spam by using a CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart)BBC NewsOctober 2, 2007
Folding@Home Protein Project Hits a Petaflop: Eighty percent of the power for the project comes from spare processor cycles on PlayStation 3 consolesPC WorldSeptember 20, 2007
IBM bids to find cure using computer grid; an overview of World Community Grid's Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together projectDaily News and AnalysisSeptember 18, 2007
United Devices merges with Chicago company; United Devices has merged with Chicago-based Univa, "which develops related technology." The combined company is called Univa UD.Austin American-StatesmanSeptember 17, 2007
Criminals' botnet more powerful than BlueGene?: Criminals behind the Storm worm have created a botnet containing millions of PCs, which have a combined computing power greater than the most powerful supercomputer in existenceZDNet AustraliaSeptember 12, 2007
ViroLab: a grid-based decision support system for HIV infections; ViroLab will allow European doctors to use the Enabling Grids for E-sciencE infrastructure computing grid to make better decisions in treating HIV infectionsInternational Science Grid this WeekSeptember 12, 2007
Unfolding the secrets of disease; an overview of protein folding, distributed computing, and Folding@hometechnicianonlineSeptember 11, 2007
Amazon.com’s Mechanical Turk Joins the Hunt for Steve Fossett; Amazon Mechanical Turk has created a distributed human project to find Steve Fossett, whose plane disappeared on September 3, 2007 in NevadaRealTechNewsSeptember 9, 2007
Wikipedia passes two million article markWikinewsSeptember 9, 2007
UCT taps into IBM's climate change grid; Scientists at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa will use the World Community Grid "to study climate change [in South Africa] and devise agricultural strategies to cope with changing weather patterns"myadsl.co.za newsSeptember 7, 2007
Grids: a global home for serious science; an overview of Human Proteome Folding's accomplishments and plansInternational Science Grid this WeekSeptember 5, 2007
Grid computing to tackle climate change: IBM is to work with academics from the University of Cape Town to use grid computing to model climate change in Southern Africa; an overview of AfricanClimate@HomeZDNet UKSeptember 6, 2007
What we do; an update of Stardust@Home's Phase 2The Planetary SocietyAugust 30, 2007
Give time to develop artificial brain; an overview of the upcoming Artificial Intelligence System projecttectonicAugust 27, 2007
Distributed SHA-1 code-cracking effort launched; an overview of the new SHA-1 Collision Search Graz projectWired BlogsAugust 9, 2007
An army of galaxy hunters; an overview and update of Galaxy ZooMSNBC Cosmic LogAugust 9, 2007
World Scouting Launches Partnership with World Community Grid; as part of its Centenary celebrations, World Scouting (i.e. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, etc.), is encouraging scouts to join a new SCOUTS team participating in World Community GridSupercomputing OnlineAugust 3, 2007
Jimbo takes on Google; an overview of wikia's revival of the grub.org distributed web crawling indexer/search engine projectTIMEAugust 3, 2007
Galaxy Zoo Wants You to Help Map the CosmosAppScoutJuly 20, 2007
Online Help Sought for Galaxy Census; an overview of the new Galaxy Zoo projectDiscovery NewsJuly 12, 2007
Searching for E.T. and the Cure for Cancer: The Planetary Society Helps Trigger a Computing RevolutionThe Planetary SocietyJuly 6, 2007
The Internet Looks Like A...Jellyfish; Israeli researchers used a distributed computing project and 10,000 volunteers to build a map of the InternetDigital TrendsJune 28, 2007
Welcome to the world's largest supercomputing grid: With 20PB of storage, and more than 280 TFLOPS of computing power, TeraGrid combines the processing power of supercomputers across the USATechworld.comJune 27, 2007
For Certain Tasks, the Cortex Still Beats the CPU; human computation helps make computers smarterWiredJune 25, 2007
PlayStations at work: Owners of Sony's new PS3 are putting their consoles to work fighting real-life villains like Alzheimer's and cancerSalt Lake TribuneJune 18, 2007
PS3GRID: PS3 Used For Biomedical ResearchPSX ExtremeJune 15, 2007
Brazilians go nuts for grid computing; Brazilians have developed an open-source peer-to-peer grid computing system called OurGrid, which allows members to freely donate and use spare compute cycles fo tasks such as simulating and managing reservoirs and water-distribution networks, plus weather and climate forecastingThe RegisterJune 7, 2007
'Push-button' climate modeling now available: A popular climate modeling tool used by scientists is now available as a service on the National Science Foundation's TeraGrid research computing network. This version of the Community Climate System Model uses a Web interface and is supported by the computing resources of the TeraGrid.PHYSORG.comJune 5, 2007
Arecibo Observatory may be nixed: A National Science Foundation panel has concluded that the Arecibo Observatory, used by SETI@home, will be reduced in operations and may even need to be shut down due to budgetary constraints.ITWireJune 2, 2007
The Evolution of United Devices (and Grid, In General); more information about why United Devices ended its grid.org project and how it is refocusing its business for new goalsGRIDtodayMay 7, 2007
PS3 Signficantly Contributes to Folding@Home Project as Update is Released; 250,000 PS3 users have registered for the project in one month, and are delivering 400 teraflops of computing power, doubling the project's previous computing power. Version 1.1 of the PS3 client is available as of April 29, 2007.GAMERSMARKApril 29, 2007
PS3 a Hit for Stanford Grid ProjectNEWSFACTOR.comApril 25, 2007
Playstation 3s Help Cure Cancer, Contribute to Global WarmingThe Arkansas TravelerApril 11, 2007
Sony in talks on commercial use for PS3; Sony is studying ways to allow its PlayStation 3 customers to contribute their CPUs to commercial distributed computing projects. Users would be compensated in some way for their contributions.Financial TimesApril 10, 2007
Computing yeast in three-dimensions: Protein structures for the entire yeast proteome; distributed computing was used to predict protein structures for 15,000 distinct "domains" of all proteins of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast to create three-dimensional structures for the yeast's entire proteomeinnovations reportMarch 20, 2007
PS3 upgrade gets a charitable boost: "Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced that the next update for its PlayStation 3 console software will be available on Thursday and will include support for the Folding@home distributed computing project from Stanford University."ZDNet NewsMarch 20, 2007
Expert predicts rise of virtual science; game designer Jane McGonigal of the Institute for the Future wants to create "massively multi-citizen science, taking the idea of massively multi-player gaming where you get tens of thousands, or millions of people committed to exploring a virtual world together [and applying] that to exploring the real world together and exploring the scientific data of the real world together."Earth & SkyMarch 19, 2007
PS3 to Cure Disease: Link up your console to unravel protein structures and fight illnesses; in late March, 2007, Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) owners will be able to download a firmware update to install a Folding@home icon on their XrossMediaBar (XMB). They can click the icon to run a Folding@home software client on their PS3 and participate in the Folding@home project.IGN.comMarch 15, 2007
Donations to grid are accelerating medical research: Researchers using idle processors to develop treatments for cancer, HI; an overview of World Community Grid and its recent resultsIGN.comMarch 13, 2007
Computers Cure Cancer While Idle Through Global Uber-Network; an overview of World Community Grid and of York Univeristy, the first Canadian university to join the World Community GridAll Headline NewsMarch 1, 2007
Seeking Security in Grid Computing; a discussion about security in distributed computing projectsThe New York TimesFebruary 22, 2007
Missing laptop found in ET hunt; SETI@home hasn't found any alien radio signals yet, but it helped find a project participant's stolen laptopDaytona Beach News-Journal OnlineFebruary 21, 2007
Grid computes 420 years worth of data in four months: Grid computing project analyses possible malaria cures faster than ever beforeComputerworldFebruary 16, 2007
MacResearch.org Introduces OpenMacGrid; an overview of OpenMacGrid, a new open-research computing grid for Mac OSX-based systemsGRIDtodayFebruary 12, 2007
Myriad computers around the world join to solve problems piece by piece; an overview of World Community GridArizona Daily StarFebruary 6, 2007
Online astronomers seek out new worlds: an overview of distributed and collaborative online astronomy projects such as SETI@home, Stardust@Home and systemicMiami HeraldJanuary 14, 2007
CERN Confident of LHC Start-up in 2007: an update on the status of the Large Hadron Collider project and the computing grid which will process its dataGRIDtodayJanuary 8, 2007
Chicago-Indiana Network to Handle Massive Data Flow: an overview of the distributed computing system and network which will soon handle live data from the Large Hadron Collider and the Open Science Grid (and a network between Chicago and Indiana which will be a part of it)HPC wireJanuary 5, 2007
Grid computing gaining acceptance: Increased power of home units helpsChicago TribuneJanuary 2, 2007
Turn off game shows, help listen for E.T.; a short overview of SETI@homeThe Grand Rapids PressDecember 4, 2006
And we thought Sega Genesis was cool; a short overview of how Sony's Playstation 3 will be used for distributed computingThe Minnesota DailyDecember 1, 2006
PlayStation 3 could aid cancer researchThe Badger HeraldNovember 28, 2006
Sony PlayStation 3 to Research Medical Maladies; a short overview of the upcoming Cure@PLAYSTATION 3 projectCEPro NewsNovember 27, 2006
Genome Comparison Project Launched on World Community Grid; an overview of World Community Grid's new Genome Comparison projectGRIDtodayNovember 21, 2006
OSG Director Reports on Grid Progress; an updated overview of the Open Science GridGRIDtodayNovember 13, 2006
Computer saves the world--and you get the credit; a simple overview of distributed computing projectsChicago Sun-TimesNovember 12, 2006
We Want You! (PDF); an overview of distributed computing and several of the major public distributed computing projectsDigitNovember, 2006
Looking for company beyond the skies; an overview and history of SETI and SETI@home, and thoughts on how the discovery of alien intelligence would affect religionNational Catholic ReporterOctober 20, 2006
Impressive GPU Numbers From Folding@Home; "The Folding@home project has put forth some impressive performance numbers with the GPU client that's designed to work with the ATI X1900. According to the client statistics, there are 448 registered GPUs that produce 29 TFLOPS. Those 448 GPUs outperform the combined 25,050 CPUs registered by the Linux and Mac OS clients."SlashdotOctober 13, 2006
100,000 PCs Involved In Climate Predicting Experiment; an overview of climateprediction.netCCNewsOctober 8, 2006
ATI: Power of forty CPUs in one GPU; ATI's new graphics card which support "stream computing" will provide a 40-fold increase in computing power for projects such as Folding@homeAPC MagazineOctober 2, 2006
The GPU Advances: ATI's Stream Processing and Folding@HomeAnandTechSeptember 30, 2006
Grids Opening the Door to Open Science; the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Department of Energy's Office of Science are funding a five-year, $30 million program to operate and expand the two-year-old national Open Science GridDDJ's Portal BlogSeptember 26, 2006
PlayStation's serious side: Fightin disease; an overview of Folding@home's software client for Sony's new PlayStation 3CNNSeptember 18, 2006
People have the power, again; an overview of the NASA Clickworkers distributed human project, which ran from 2000-2001, and which will begin again soon, to analyze images from the Mars Reconnaissance OrbiterGCN InsiderSeptember 11, 2006
Multiplication power: Linked computers tapped by researchers; an overview of the current state of distributed and grid computingThe Mercury NewsSeptember 9, 2006
Size matters, but quantity can be best way to supercomputing; an overview of Stardust@Home and of distributed computing projectsUSATODAYAugust 31, 2006
Folding@home embraces Playstation 3; Folding@home will create a software client for Sony's new PlayStation 3The InquirerAugust 24, 2006
With Multi-Beam Receiver, SETI@home Takes Giant Step Forward; a detailed overview of how SETI@home will use a new seven-pronged multi-beam data recorder at the Arecibo telescope to perform more complete and more sensitive surveys of the skyThe Planetary SocietyAugust 14, 2006
PC users come to aid of scientists: Amateurs combine their power to help pros on big projects; an overview of Stardust@HomeBaltimore SunAugust 10, 2006
You can join hunt for space particles; an overview of Stardust@HomeSacramento BeeAugust 9, 2006
Malaria Battlers Enlist Power of Your PC; an overview of malariacontrol.netNational Geographic NewsAugust 8, 2006
The Stardust Hunt is On; an overview of Stardust@HomeMSNBC Cosmic LogAugust 1, 2006
Interstellar space dust hunted from home; an overview of Stardust@HomeNew Scientist SPACEAugust 1, 2006
Fighting Malaria in Africa From Your Home Computer; an overview of malariacontrol.netVOA NewsJuly 23, 2006
IBM's World Community Grid Powers 'Help Defeat Cancer' Project; an overview of World Community Grid's new cancer-fighting projectIT News OnlineJuly 20, 2006
IBM Researchers Wield Grid Power In Cancer Battle: It's the third health-related project for the charity community program, which allows anyone with a computer to donate idle processing power and timeInformation WeekJuly 20, 2006
Wanted: computers for a humanitarian cause: Spare computing power tackles thorny questions in malaria; a detailed overview of malariacontrol.netnews @ nature.comJuly 20, 2006
An amazing free screensaver; an overview of electric sheepAPC MagazineJuly 17, 2006
Awash in a Sea of Volunteer Applications; are there too many distributed computing projects to choose from?GRIDtodayJuly 17, 2006
On the Pulse of Grid Computing; how grid computing on TeraGrid machines at NCSA has been used to simulate bloodflow through "every artery in the human body larger than about two to three millimeters in diameter." No project before this has attempted to simulate more than 2 arteries at one time.GRIDtodayJuly 17, 2006
Help the World From Home; an overview of distributed computing projectsCayman Net NewsJuly 17, 2006
Searching for aliens; an overview of SETI, and how SETI@home is helping itThe New Zealand HeraldJuly 1, 2006
NYU Scientists Begin Second Phase Of Project To Better Understand Disease; another overview of the second phase of the World Community Grid project which is looking for cancer biomarkersMedical News TODAYJune 29, 2006
World Grid used to study protein folding: A team of U.S. scientists is using IBM's World Community Grid to be able to predict the structures of key proteins; an overview of how the World Community Grid is being used to find cancer biomarkersPHYSORG.comJune 27, 2006
The Rise of Crowdsourcing; an overview of distributed labor networks, which use the Internet to access "the spare processing power of millions of human brains"WiredJune, 2006
Worldwide, 690,000 help computer effort; a short overview of the BOINC platform and some of the most popular projects using itThe Seattle TimesMay 30, 2006
JavaScript Web Application Does High Science; a short overview of how Stardust@Home uses a web-based application written in JavaScript and HTMLJavaScriptSearch NewsMay 30, 2006
UW biomedical researcher taps home computers for oomph; an overview of David Baker and his project, Rosetta@homeThe Seattle TimesMay 30, 2006
Keep your eyes peeled for cosmic debris: Andrew Westphal about Stardust@home; an in-depth interview of Andrew Westphal, the director of Stardust@Home. Wikinews interviewed him for May [2006]'s Interview of the Month (IOTM) on May 18, 2006WikinewsMay 28, 2006
Let your PC find a cure or predict storms; a short overview of the BOINC platform and some of the current projects using itThe ChronicleHerald.caMay 21, 2006
Volunteer Computer Grids--Beyond SETI@home; a detailed overview of distributed and grid computing, plus histories, descriptions and results for many public distributed computing projectsExtremeTechMay 16, 2006
Cooperative computing: the fellowship of the Grid; how cooperative computing is "taking the Internet to its next level"AGORAVOXMay 9, 2006
Open Source Bioinformatics; how open-source projects like Rosetta@home are advancing bioinformatics researchGenomics and ProteomicsMay 9, 2006
Avian Flu vs. The Grid; an update on D2OL and various grid projects' efforts to discover drugs to fight the H5N1 strain of avian fluGRIDtodayMay 8, 2006
Investment Banks Making Progress with Grid DeploymentsGRIDtodayMay 1, 2006
Making the Impossible, Possible: The Impact of Grid Computing in TelecommunicationsxchangeMay 1, 2006
Grid 2.0: The Global Grid Gets HipGRIDtodayApril 24, 2006
Patel: While your computer wastes time it could be predicting the weather; an overview of climateprediction.netASU Web DevilApril 20, 2006
Seti@home project asking for donations; SETI@home may have to end if the project cannot raise US$750,000 in donations before the end of the yearComputeract!veApril 20, 2006
Project targets avian influenza: Distributed computing fighting bird flu; an overview of D2OL's Avian Influenza projectPC Advisor NewsApril 17, 2006
New Target in the War on Cancer Ready to Download to Your Computer; an overview of Community TSC's new Phase II researchThe Rothberg InstituteApril 13, 2006
Next cancer breakthrough from your home PC?: Rosetta@home project seeks to harness computers for medical researchMSNBC.comApril 6, 2006
Searching for the next Google; an overview of Majestic-12Contractor UKMarch 29, 2006
If distributed processing can search for aliens, why not web pages?; an overview of Majestic-12Guardian Unlimited TechnologyMarch 23, 2006
PC Collective Cracks 2nd Enigma U-boat Message; an overview of M4's second successful message decryptionTechWebMarch 16, 2006
Enigma project cracks second code: Online codebreaking enthusiasts working to solve a series of German World War II ciphers have cracked the second of three codesBBC NewsMarch 15, 2006
The BBC wants your Personal Computer: Weather with thou or against thee; a short overview of the BBC Climate Change ExperimentThe InquirerMarch 14, 2006
Distributed computing cracks Enigma code; an overview of M4CNET NewsFebruary 27, 2006
SEC shuts down $50 mln Internet Ponzi scheme; 12dailypro.com, which was similar to many "click for charity" and "click for cash" websites, was discovered to be a Ponzi or pyramid scheme, and was shut downYahoo! NewsFebruary 27, 2006
Oxford seeks PC users to help map climate change; an overview of the BBC Climate Change ExperimentYahoo! NewsFebruary 14, 2006
Climate Change Model Harnesses Home Computers: The BBC, Britain's Meteorological Office, Oxford University, and the University of California at Berkeley on Tuesday launched a program, and software, to mobilize idle time of home computers to better predict climate change; a short overview of the BBC Climate Change ExperimentInformationWeekFebruary 14, 2006
BBC wants your clock-cycles - to predict climate change; an overview of the BBC Climate Change Experiment and the BBC television programs associated with it, and a user's guide to the client software applicatonHEXUS.lifestyleFebruary 14, 2006
BBC links to huge climate project: The BBC is inviting viewers to join the world's biggest online climate prediction project; the BBC's overview of the BBC Climate Change ExperimentBBC NewsFebruary 14, 2006
Computer downtime rising up to work on world's problems; an overview of the World Community GridTMCnetFebruary 10, 2006
Networking computers to help combat disease; how grid computing is being used to find disease-fighting drugsIST ResultsJanuary 23, 2006
Public Tapped to Hunt for Stardust; an overview of Stardust@HomeDiscovery ChannelJanuary 12, 2006
Stardust@Home: Help Find the Elusive Particles from Distant Suns!; an overview of Stardust@HomeThe Planetary Society - NewsJanuary 11, 2006
Public to look for dust grains in Stardust detectors; an overview of Stardust@HomeUC Berkeley NewsJanuary 10, 2006
Stardust@Home: Searching for Cosmic Needles in a Haystack; an overview of Stardust@HomeThe Planetary Society - NewsJanuary 10, 2006
Alien search merges with other home projects: SETI@home is getting a boost in computer power; an overview of SETI@home's migration to BOINCNatureDecember 15, 2005
IBM's World Grid Draws Members, Fights AIDS; an overview of the World Community Grid and its new participation in fightAIDS@homeInformationWeekDecember 2, 2005
SETI's Next Generation Telescope Array; an overview of SETI and its next-generation receiver, the Allen Telescope ArrayOhmyNewsDecember 1, 2005
Have an 'Ear' to the Sky With SETI@Home; an overview of SETI@homeOhmyNewsNovember 25, 2005
ET could hack internet: Aliens could hack the internet and spread viruses if proper precautions are not put in place, warned a top scientistSC Magazine UKNovember 25, 2005
Distributed Computing Project Discovers New Knowledge About Earthquakes; private distributed computing project Discovery Net's earthquake research project allowed geophysicists to combine two different methods of studying earthquakes and discover new knowledge which could not have been discovered using only one of the methodsScienceDailyNovember 24, 2005
World's biggest grid seeks secrets of the universe; an overview of the Large Hadron Collider project and the grid computing efforts which will support itsilicon.comNovember 24, 2005
Power of Idling Personal Computers Sought in AIDS Fight; an overview of fightAIDS@home and the World Community GridTop Tech NewsNovember 23, 2005
Grid to take on AIDS: IBM has launched a new research initiative to use grid technology for AIDS research; fightAIDS@home has joined the World Community GridCNET NewsNovember 21, 2005
Supercomputer Fights AIDS: The virtual supercomputer will test thousands of human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV) mutations against tens of thousands of chemical compoundsInformation WeekNovember 21, 2005
PCs Get with the AIDS ProgramBusiness WeekNovember 21, 2005
RSA-640 FactoredMathWorld NewsNovember 8, 2005
Wikipedia founder admits to serious quality problems; Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales "has acknowledged there are real quality problems with the online work"The RegisterOctober 18, 2005
The greatest discovery of all time; the current state of searches for extraterrestrial radio signals, and speculation of what the discovery of those signals would mean to humanityTelegraphOctober 5, 2005
Cracked: the puzzle of protein origami; a short overview of current progress in protein folding studies, and a mention of Rosetta@homeTelegraphSeptember 21, 2005
Computers Make Big Strides in Predicting Protein Structure; the current state of computer-predicted protein-folding and a mention of the new Rosetta@home projectinnovations reportSeptember 16, 2005
Searching For Gravity @ Home; an overview of Einstein@Home.The Institute (IEEE)September 6, 2005
Gravitationswellen im Heimcomputer: Einstein@home; an overview of Einstein@Home. The article is written in German and is in PDF format.Astronomie HeuteSeptember 5, 2005
Grid computing gets NSF grant boost; the U.S.'s National Science Foundation will award a US$150 million grant to expand TeraGrid computing, and Britain's Department of Trade and Industry will spend US$1.8 million to promote commercial grid computingWashington TechnologyAugust 25, 2005
Sun plugs software into the grid; Sun Microsystems' IT department has begun running some enterprise resource planning applications on the Sun Grid, which will be available for customers to use starting in September, 2005CNET NewsAugust 24, 2005
IBM calls for more World Community Grid membersimage and data Manager onlineAugust 24, 2005
ANALYSIS: A look at encryption, from then to now; an overview of encryption practices since the 1970s and how projects like distributed.net have accelerated the need for better encryptionATM MarketplaceAugust 9, 2005
Distributed Computing in the Modern Enterprise: Grids, SOAs, Web Services, and Beyond; an overview of the ways in which companies are using distributed computingACM QueueAugust, 2005
A Conversation with David Anderson: The director of SETI@home discusses his work and the volunteer computing movementACM QueueAugust, 2005
Distributing Science; an overview of the BOINC platform and some of the projects using itCornell UniversityJuly 25, 2005
How Gamers Can Help Cure Cancer; a suggestion to add distributed computing clients to the upcoming Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 game consolesWired NewsJune 14, 2005
Astronomers criticise plans to allow cellphone use on planes; cell phone use on airplanes could drown out the faint signals from space that radio astronomers and projects like SETI need for their researchNew ScientistJune 9, 2005
Modelling climate change: known unknowns; the chief scientist of climateprediction.net explains what climate change models can and can't tell people about planetary climate trendsopenDemocracyJune 3, 2005
Distributed computing for the masses; PlanetQuest hopes its "collaboratory" software will get students to become interested in the sciencesZDNet UKJune 2, 2005
Linux Powers Airborne Bots; a swarm of robotic helicopters with Linux servers will use distributed computing techniques to evaluate its surroundingsWired NewsJune 1, 2005
From PlanetQuest, software for stargazers; details about PlanetQuest's software clientCNet NewsMay 31, 2005
Idle computers get busy screening drug targets for cancer (subscription required); an overview of a new project by the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) to find a cure for pancreatic cancernews@Nature.comMay 26, 2005
Association for Computing Machinery Joins World Community Grid: Grid Donates 10,000 Years of Run Time to Humanitarian Effort; the ACM "will encourage its 80,000 members worldwide to donate their idle computing time to World Community Grid"AScribe Live NewswireMay 24, 2005
Grid Computing Means Business; how grid computing will be used in businessServerWatchMay 23, 2005
Computer power of people needed; a short overview of Einstein@homeThe Register-GuardMay 22, 2005
A place of utmost gravity: The LIGO site in Washington is hoping to be first to prove Einstein theory; an overview of the LIGO observatory, for which Einstein@home is processing dataThe Register-GuardMay 22, 2005
Science's digital treasure hunt: Harnessing home computers to tackle tough questions; a short overview of some current @home projectsLexington Herald-LeaderMay 19, 2005
Shared computing grid cuts data mountains down to size; an overview of the University of Wisconsin's Grid Laboratory of Wisconsin (GLOW) computing environment and how two UW professors are using it to study the human genome and the fundamental properties of matterPhysOrgMay 10, 2005
DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING: Grassroots Supercomputing; a detailed overview of current distributed computing projectsScience magazineMay 6, 2005
DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING: Grid Sport: Competitive Crunching; a look at competitive distributed computing project participants and "crunchers"Science magazineMay 6, 2005
IBM's World Grid Crunching Huge Problems; a short overview of the World Community GridKXAN TV, Austin, TexasMay 6, 2005
University course is ahead of the curve; an overview of The University of Melbourne's new "master of engineering in distributed computing" program, created by Professor Rao Kotagiri and Dr. Rajkumar BuyyaThe AgeMay 3, 2005
Consortium Seeks to Ease Grid Rollouts; new version 4 of the Globus Toolkit allows companies to deploy distributed computing environments more easilyBio IT WorldMay 2, 2005
Gitmo for Hard Drives: Experts in distributed computing could crack al-Qaeda's computer files the hard way; how distributed computing is helping computer forensics solve cases fasterRed HerringMay 1, 2005
Processing for Science: "@Home" projects band together and proliferate; an overview of distributed computing and some current projectsScientific AmericanMay, 2005
Apple Rolls Out Server Operating System Upgrade; Apple has included XGrid in version 10.4 of Mac OS X ServerInformationWeekApril 29, 2005
CERN takes grid to a new dimension: Research lab hits 600MB/s between eight sitesTechworldApril 28, 2005
Q and A: Grid in the financial industry; an overview of how the financial industry is using grid computingComputerworldApril 26, 2005
World Community Grid powered by 100,000 devices; in its first 6 months, World Community Grid has recruited 100,000 computers and completed over 6 million work unitsHudson Valley NewsApril 25, 2005
Institute for Systems Biology Symposium Addresses Need for Better Computational Tools: World Community Grid Touted as Novel Approach to Untangling Complexities of Protein Function; in its first 6 months, World Community Grid has predicted 50,000 of the 100,000 to 150,000 protein structures it plans to predictBusiness WireApril 25, 2005
At-home computing puts idle PCs to scientific use: Calculating capacity can help research on various projects; an overview of distributed computing and current projectsDetroit Free PressApril 22, 2005
An Einstein theory still tantalizes: Scientists hope to prove existence of gravity waves; an overview of the search for evidence of gravity waves, and a mention of Einstein@homeBaltimore SunApril 22, 2005
World's Largest Computing Grid Surpasses 100 Sites; the Large Hadron Collider Computing Grid (LCG) now has more than 100 sites in 31 countries, with over 10,000 CPUs and almost 10 million Gigabytes of disk and tape storage, but this is still only 5% of the processing power the Large Hadron Collider will eventually needNew ScientistMarch 14, 2005
Thousands join hunt for gravitational waves; a short overview and update of Einstein@HomeNew ScientistMarch 14, 2005
Now Open: Blue Gene On Demand; IBM is offering its Blue Gene supercomputer for computing on demandinternetnews.comMarch 11, 2005
Participant Total for Grassroots Astrophysics Project Einstein@Home to Exceed 55,000 On Einstein's BirthdayPhysOrg.comMarch 11, 2005
Wiki Becomes a Way of Life; an overview of the top contributors to WikipediaWired NewsMarch 8, 2005
Not Sold on Cell, Yet; an opinion about what the next-generation Cell processor needs to do to succeedeWeekMarch 7, 2005
Windows for clusters due in autumn; an overview of Microsoft's upcoming Windows Server 2003 Compute Cluster Editionsilicon.comMarch 4, 2005
Planets Lurk on Your Desktop; an overview of the upcoming PlanetQuest projectWired NewsMarch 2, 2005
Ending the Grid Lock; an overview of the Globus Consortium, "a non-profit organization aimed at turning more businesses onto grid computing"Technology ReviewMarch 2, 2005
A sense of insecurity; an interview with Yiqun Lisa Yin, one of the Chinese researchers who broke the SHA-1 encryption algorithmCNET NewsMarch 2, 2005
easyMobile.com Offers Spare Computer Processing Capacity to World Community Grid; after it builds computing capacity in the UK, easyMobile.com will offer all of its spare capacity to World Community GridITnewsFebruary 28, 2005
Unleashing unused brain power; Songnian Zhou's company, Platform Computing, is "leading the way in grid computing"Toronto StarFebruary 27, 2005
42nd Mersenne Prime FoundMathWorldFebruary 26, 2005
'Einstein@home,' Revolutionary Astrophysics Project, Targets Ordinary Computer Users -- Lots of Them; a short overview of Einstein@HomeAscribeFebruary 22, 2005
Interview: The Future in Grid Computing; an interview with Ian Foster and Steve Tuecke about the state of grid computingBetaNewsFebruary 21, 2005
Revolutionary Grassroots Astrophysics Project "Einstein@Home" Goes Live; an overview of the Einstein@Home projectPhysOrg.comFebruary 19, 2005
Catch a gravity wave: By installing a new screensaver, you can donate spare computer time to the search for gravity waves.Astronomy NewsFebruary 19, 2005
Software sifts through gravity's mysteries: Physicists kick off Einstein @ Home campaignMSNBCFebruary 19, 2005
Another Form of Encryption Goes Down for the Count: Standard that is key to virtually all secure online communications is broken; the SHA-1 encryption method, used in SSH, SSL, S/MIME, PGP, IPSec, VPN, and many other protocols, has been broken by three Shandong University researchers, using a distributed computing applicationPCWorldFebruary 17, 2005
PCs do thousands of years of work; an overview and update of the Human Proteome Folding projectBBC NewsFebruary 17, 2005
Schools' computers help fight cancer; when they are not in use by students and faculty, Macintosh computers in some Kentucky public schools will be used in a Kentucky state grid for the University of Louisville's James Graham Brown Cancer Center project to look for new cancer therapiesLexington Herald-LeaderFebruary 17, 2005
Google may host encyclopedia project; Google has offered to host some of Wikipedia's contentZDNet UKFebruary 14, 2005
Interview with DC climate project head Dr. David Stainforthars technicaFebruary 13, 2005
p2p and pulsars; an overview of the upcoming Einstein@Home projectp2pnet.netFebruary 5, 2005
Sun plans to start auctioning capacity: Corporate clients could bid online at time of peak need; Sun Microsystems will partner with online stock market Archipelago Holdings, Inc. to create a market in which customers can bid for utility computing powerSFGate.comFebruary 3, 2005
Distributed Parallel Computing with Web Services; how web services can be used with distributed parallel computingWeb Services JournalFebruary 2, 2005
Sun offers processing by the hour; an overview of Sun Microsystems's new service, which offers grid computing for $1US per CPU per hourBBC NewsFebruary 2, 2005
The Protein Grid; an overview of the Human Proteome Folding projectTechnology ReviewFebruary 1, 2005
Home computers search for gravity waves: Physicists hope to exploit the downtime of a million machines; an overview of the upcoming Einstein@Home projectNatureFebruary 1, 2005
Home PCs Predict Hotter Earth; Wired News's summary of climateprediction.net's recent resultsWired NewsJanuary 31, 2005
Soaring global warming 'can't be ruled out'; some climate models generated by climateprediction.net predict a 11.5° C rise in Earth's temperature in 50 yearsNewScientistJanuary 26, 2005
Alarm at new climate warning: Global temperatures could rise by as much as eleven degrees Celsius, according to one of the largest climate prediction projects ever run.BBC NewsJanuary 26, 2005
New Consortium Promotes Grid Computing For Businesses; Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Sun Microsystems and other companies have created the Globus Consortium "to develop and promote grid-computing software for businesses."InformationWeekJanuary 24, 2005
'Rosetta' Software To Unlock Secrets Of Many Human Proteins; an overview of the Rosetta software used by the Human Proteome Folding projectScience DailyJanuary 22, 2005
The Biggest Grid Yet; a short overview of World Community GridPC MagazineJanuary 18, 2005
Grid gets down to business; companies are adopting commercial grid computing cautiouslyTECHWORLDJanuary 10, 2005
Supercomputing goes global; supercomputers are evolving into grid and distributed computersComputerworldJanuary 10, 2005
Why encyclopaedic row speaks volumes about the old guard; traditional encyclopaedists feel threatened by WikipediaThe ObserverJanuary 9, 2005
Open-sourcing the news; Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales talks about WikinewsCNET NewsJanuary 7, 2005
Wikipedia Criticised by Its Co-founderSlashdotJanuary 3, 2005
Larry Sanger's Knowledge Free-for-All; an interview with a co-creator founder of WikipediaTechnology ReviewJanuary, 2005
A Peek Under Microsoft's Secret 'Bigtop'; a short overview of Microsoft's secret distributed computing initiativeeWeekDecember 29, 2004
Grid Computing 101; a short introduction to distributed and grid computingeWeekDecember 29, 2004
How to Save the World by Doing Nothing; a short overview of World Community GridKRON 4December 22, 2004
Anti spam bid canned: Lycos scraps anti-spam screensavervnunet.comDecember 7, 2004
Wikinews goes onlineP2Pnet.netDecember 5, 2004
Lycos army shoots itself in foot?; one of the spam websites targeted by Lycos Europe's makelovenotspam.com project redirected traffic back to makelovenotspam, which could have shut down the siteZDNet UK NewsDecember 2, 2004
Part of the Whole; an overview of distributed computing and some of the major projectsComputorEdgeDecember, 2004
Lycos launches screensaver to increase spammers' billsWikinewsNovember 29, 2004
Wikipedia Creators Move Into News; the creators of the Wikipedia (a free, open-source encyclopedia) have created a similar project for journalismWired NewsNovember 29, 2004
Lycos screensaver to blitz spam servers; Lycos Europe's Make Love Not Spam project uses a screensaver for a distributed denial of service (DDoS) against known spam websitesThe RegisterNovember 26, 2004
The DistComp Wattage Monitoring Project; a study of how much more electricity a computer uses to run a distributed computing projectReady ResponseNovember 25, 2004
IBM's World Community Grid: A New SETI@home-Inspired Venture; an overview of World Community Grid, compared to BOINCThe Planetary SocietyNovember 24, 2004
Orion Puts a Cluster on Your Desktop; an overview of Orion's new 12-node and 96-node workstationsWorkstation PlanetNovember 17, 2004
Top Researchers Ask Web Users to Join Science Grid; an overview of IBM's new World Community Grid and its collaboration with grid.orgYahoo! NewsNovember 16, 2004
Xbox Linux cluster; an experiment to create a Linux cluster from 8 XboxesengadgetNovember 12, 2004
From Seeing to Understanding; how cluster computing is used to visualize and analyze the results of large computing projectsScience and Technology ReviewNovember 11, 2004
What's Next After the CPU?; how distributed computing is changing the role of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) in computingElectronicNewsOctober 22, 2004
Getting A Grip On Grid Computing: More companies are farming out jobs to groups of networked computersBusinessWeekOctober 18, 2004
The goods for grid: Broad IT knowledge, experience and an open mind are the keys to harnessing grid computingTechworldOctober 18, 2004
State Employee Fired For Using State Property To Search For Aliens; an Ohio, U.S. state employee was fired for running SETI@home on a state-owned computer, even though the employee only ran it outside of business hours, when the computer was not being usedWCPO.com News (Cincinnati, Ohio)October 8, 2004
One grid to rule them all; an overview of the global computing grid being developed to process data from the Large Hadron Collider, starting in 2007Economist.comOctober 7, 2004
Building The Grid; an overview of current research in wireless/mobile computing gridsTheFeatureOctober 5, 2004
Your PC Can Contribute With Google ComputeWebProNewsSeptember 29, 2004
Wikipedia Hits Million-Entry MarkSlashdotSeptember 21, 2004
Sun begins pay-as-you-go supercomputing; Sun Microsystems, Inc. will rent customers supercomputing power for US$1 per CPU per hour in its Secure N1 Grid programTechRepublicSeptember 21, 2004
World's Largest Working Computing Grid: This week, UK particle physicists will demonstrate the world's largest, working computing GridPhysOrg.comSeptember 5, 2004
Reports of SETI@home Extraterrestrial Signal Highly Exaggerated; SETI@home team members say the over-hyped possible alien signal is not an alien signal and that they are not studying it furtherThe Planetary SocietySeptember 2, 2004
Astronomers deny ET signal reportBBC NewsSeptember 2, 2004
Mysterious signals from 1000 light years away; SETI@home may have discovered an interesting radio signalNewScientist.comSeptember 1, 2004
Is Encryption Doomed?: Our entire information society rests on a fragile foundation that mathematicians are racing to dismantle.Technology ReviewSeptember 1, 2004
Distributive computing spreads out: UC researchers tap idle PCs to tackle scientific mysteries; an overview of the BOINC platformThe Oakland TribuneAugust 30, 2004
Home Computers Aid Efforts To Develop New Medications, Stanford Researcher Reports; the Folding@home project is now producing results accurate enough to be useful to pharmaceutical companiesScience DailyAugust 26, 2004
Research reveals flaw in storage algorithm; an overview of the discovery of a flaw in the MD5 encryption algorithm, and its implicationsARNnetAugust 25, 2004
Scientists from Different Fields Line Up to Join the BOINC Family; a good overview of current and upcoming projects which (will) use the BOINC platformThe Planetary SocietyAugust 24, 2004
SHA-0 Broken, MD5 Rumored Broken; the MD5 encryption algorithm, for which the MD5CRK project was trying to find a collision, was broken by another group of researchersSlashdotAugust 16, 2004
Chances of aliens finding Earth disappearing; Earth's radio signals will disappear within 100 years: alien civilizations are more likely to use lasers or some other signal besides radioNewScientist.comAugust 9, 2004
Open Supercomputing Hits Big 1-0; the Beowulf Project is 10 years oldWired NewsAugust 6, 2004
Multi-Beam Receiver Promises New Vistas for SETI Research; a new receiver at the Arecibo radio telescope will allow the telescope to receive signals from 7 points in the sky simultaneously, which will allow SETI research to study more of the sky more quickly and in a wider frequency bandThe Planetary SocietyAugust 4, 2004
Do You See a Pattern Here?: An open letter to the wizards of Wall Street from Benoit Mandelbrot, father of the fractal; Mandelbrot suggests using distributed computing to search "for patterns in financial markets."Wired NewsAugust, 2004
Sheep in Shining Armor: Let your PC join an army of several million others and save the world--while you sleep; a current overview of distributed computing projects, and of grid.org and Electric Sheep in particularDiscover MagazineAugust, 2004
NIST Proposes Abandoning DESSlashdotJuly 29, 2004
Wikipedia Hits 300,000 ArticlesSlashdotJuly 7, 2004
Public to help scientists predict the real climate of The Day After Tomorrow; will study the climate science behind the movie The Day After Tomorrowclimateprediction.netJune 22, 2004
Mersenne.org Project Discovers New Largest Known Prime Number, 224,036,583 - 1: Project Leaders Believe $100,000 Award Within Reachmersenne.orgMay 28, 2004
Mass Grid Computing Around the Corner?; a discussion about what is needed to encourage mass adoption of grid and distributed computingSlashdotMay 18, 2004
Pulses, Triplets, and Gaussians: Rescoring the Reobservations; an update on SETI@home's analysis of its 2003 reobserved candidate signalsThe Planetary SocietyMay 17, 2004
Grid watch: GGF and grid security; an overview of the Global Grid Forum's work on grid securityIBMMay 13, 2004
Internet computing tackles Malaria; Find-a-Drug's new project to find an anti-Malaria drugFind-a-DrugMay 10, 2004
NETI to Examine Net's Strengths; an overview of the NETI@home projectWired NewsApril 27, 2004
Mathematicians From Around the World Collaborate to Solve Latest RSA Factoring ChallengeRSA SecurityApril 27, 2004
Scientists develop sophisticated new simulation method for protein folding; Folding@home has successfully modeled the role of water molecules in protein folding for the first timeStanford UniversityApril 23, 2004
Tapping the Matrix, Part 1; an excellent overview of distributed computing, and technical information about implementing itO'Reilly openp2p.comApril 16, 2004
Can You Spare A Few Trillion Cycles?; a short-term project is re-running a simulation of 29 billion photons in a room, which produced an image for SIGGRAPH 94; the new image should be cleaner and sharper because computers are 3,000 times more powerful than they were in 1994SlashdotApril 13, 2004
Computing Power to the People; in-depth coverage of the results of the Flashmob I projectWired NewsApril 5, 2004
The God Particle and the Grid; an overview of CERN's upcoming grid project to look for the Higgs boson particleWiredApril, 2004
California Techies Try to Make Supercomputer; the results of the Flashmob I projectWJLA - ABC 7 NewsApril 3, 2004
General Relativity @ Home!; news about the upcoming Einstein@Home projectSciScoopApril 1, 2004
In Search of Dyson Spheres; how SETI@home helped in the first search for Dyson SpheresThe Planetary SocietyMarch 23, 2004
In Search of Dyson Spheres; how SETI@home helped in the first search for Dyson SpheresThe Planetary SocietyMarch 23, 2004
Internet computing finds more cancer growth inhibitors: Find-a-Drug "has found more molecules which inhibit the growth of cancer cells"Find-a-DrugMarch 22, 2004
Paul G. Allen Charitable Foundation Funds Next Phase in Construction of the World's Newest Radio Telescope ArraySETI InstituteMarch 18, 2004
Hey, Gang, Let's Make Our Own Supercomputer; on April 3, 2004, students in Patrick Miller's do-it-yourself supercomputing graduate course will assemble the first "flash mob supercomputer" in the University of San Francisco gymNew York TimesFebruary 23, 2004
Michael Hart: changing the world through e-books; an overview of Michael Gutenberg and his project, Project GutenbergEdition ActuFebruary 15, 2004
Chess - 2070 CPUs vs 1 GM; the results of ChessBrain's world-record attemp gameSlashdotFebruary 3, 2004
Wikipedia Reaches 200,000 ArticlesSlashdotFebruary 2, 2004
Harnessing Distributed Computing Power using Open Source Tools; a white paper on using open-source tools to create distributed computing projectsChessBrain.NETFebruary 1, 2004
Do plants act like computers?; plants may regulate their "breathing" using a form of distributed computationNatureJanuary 21, 2004
The future of computing: The next big thing?; a comparison of utility and grid computingThe EconomistJanuary 15, 2004
Company gives equipment to SETI's grid computing project; Sun Microsystems donated hardware to the BOINC project to advance grid computingSilicon Valley Biz InkJanuary 2, 2004
The Interpretation of Dreams: An Explanation of the Electric Sheep Distributed Screen SaverO'Reilly openp2p.comDecember 22, 2003
Software shares out spare processing power; an overview of the BOINC project, which will go live in JanuaryNew ScientistDecember 21, 2003
Sun and UC Berkeley are about to BOINC; Sun Microsystems is donating computer servers to, and providing funding for, the BOINC project; also see Sun's press releaseThe RegisterDecember 17, 2003
RSA-576 Factored; this number was factored, but not by a public distributed computing projectMathWorld NewsDecember 5, 2003
Largest prime number ever is found; an overview of the GIMPS project's discovery of the 40th known Mersenne primeNew ScientistDecember 3, 2003
Project Gutenberg Publishes 10,000th Free eBookSlashdotOctober 16, 2003
The Cost of Distributed Client Computing?; a discussion of the costs (power consumption, hardware failure, etc.) of distributed computing for volunteersSlashdotOctober 15, 2003
Casting a wider, deeper Net; an overview of the PlanetLab grid computing projectEE TimesOctober 13, 2003
Huge computing power goes online; the private computing Grid which will process data from CERN's upcoming Large Hadron Collider (LHC) particle accelerator project was just turned onBBC NewsSeptember 30, 2003
New and Improved SETI@home will Form the Backbone of Distributed Computing NetworkThe Planetary SocietySeptember 25, 2003
Huge Climate Experiment Starts Friday - All Welcome; an announcement of the September 12, 2003, start of the climateprediction.net projectYahoo! NewsSeptember 11, 2003
Getting More From a PC's Spare Time; an overview of distributed computing and particularly the BOINC platformNew York TimesSeptember 11, 2003
Circuit design evolving in distributed digital world; an overview of the Distributed Hardware Evolution ProjectNew ScientistJuly 31, 2003
SETI@home Update, July 18, 2003: Analyzing the Reobservations; an update on the processing of the reobserved candidate signals from SETI@homeThe Planetary SocietyJuly 18, 2003
Grid Computing Coming Of Age: grid computing over the Internet is where the Internet was in 1994SlashdotJuly 15, 2003
Distributed Computing Economics; a study of the costs of grid and distributed computingIEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing NewsletterJuly 12, 2003
Project Gutenberg's 32nd BirthdaySlashdotJuly 4, 2003
How Practical Is Grid Computing?: Unless you are comfortable manipulating source code, not very.; grid computing from a CIO's perspectiveCIO MagazineJuly 1, 2003
Find-A-Drug Attacks Aids With Grid TechnologyGRIDtodayJuly 1, 2003
Donating CPU cycles for the greater good; an overview of distributed and grid computing (this article was one of a series on the top 20 trends in technology)PC MagazineJuly 1, 2003
Internet computing finds cancer growth inhibitors; Find-a-Drug has found some potential cancer drugsFind-a-DrugJune 30, 2003
Japanese Test Grid Computing; a review of the Cell Computing project resultsAustralian ITJune 27, 2003
PlanetLab 'Slices' Into Alternate Internet Universe: A consortium of universities and high-tech companies Tuesday formally launched a joint Internet-based test-bed platform for developing massive online services using distributed computing and overlay networksinternetnews.comJune 24, 2003
Greetings from Tokyo: Notes from CCGrid 2003IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing NewsletterJune 1, 2003
Supercomputing Made Simple: This summer new software will help researchers tap the unlimited power of idle PCs; a short summary of current popular projects, and a hint about BOINCPopular ScienceJune, 2003
Distributed Computing: Distributed Communities; an examination of distributed computing social groups, written by Howard Feldman of the Distributed Folding projectO'Reilly ONLamp.comMay 22, 2003
Grid Computing Spreads to SARS; information about D2OL's SARS projectWired NewsApril 30, 2003
Launching Gutenberg Radio - Public Domain Audiobooks; a new project is converting Project Gutenberg e-texts to audio booksSlashdotApril 20, 2003
Security Flaw Spotted, Fixed In Seti@home Program; a security hole was found in the SETI@home client. A patch is available to fix the hole.InformationWeekApril 8, 2003
SETI-Sicherheitslucke: Bin da, wer noch?; a German-language article about a security hole found in the SETI@home client. See the Babelfish English translation of the article.Der SpiegelApril 7, 2003
SETI@home Completes Stellar Countdown, Observing Bonus Radio Sources; data were collected from 166 sources and will be analyzed by SETI@home's network of volunteersThe Planetary SocietyMarch 25, 2003
LookSmart bets on distributed computing; LookSmart bought Grub to improve its web search resultsCNET Tech NewsMarch 21, 2003
Group resumes Xbox cracking projectCNET Tech NewsMarch 12, 2003
Signals to be rechecked in alien hunt; on March 18, SETI@home will have dedicated time at the Arecibo radio telescope to recheck its most promising candidate signalsMSNBC NewsMarch 10, 2003
Global Grids Analyze on Demand Brain ActivityGRID TodayMarch 10, 2003
'Honest Thief' provides clever solution to music-swapping issue; 'Honest Thief' will lease the distributed computing power of its music file-swapping network to allow users to swap files legally and to compensate the musicians whose files are swappedUSA TodayMarch 7, 2003
Chinese start-up readies 64-bit processor; BLX IC Design Corp., Ltd. is designing the 500-MHz Godson-2 CPU, based on the MIPS instruction set, to be "the engine of a distributed grid computing network that will be used by public and private firms" in ChinaEE TimesMarch 5, 2003
Distributed Computing for Wireless Microphones; distributed computing was used to determine the optimal frequency allocation for wireless microphones. This URL is a babelfish translation of the original article written in GermanORF ON FuturezoneMarch 3, 2003
The ChessBrain Project Announces the Creation of the World's First Computational Grid Devoted to Computer ChessChessBrainMarch 1, 2003
Guided Google: A Search Engine Built From Grid LabsGRID TodayMarch, 2003
PlayStation 2 taps into grid computing; Butterfly.net will use IBM'supercomputing technology for a grid computing game network for the Sony Playstation 2CNet Tech NewsFebruary 26, 2003
Is There Demand for On-Demand Supercomputing?Yahoo! NewsFebruary 21, 2003
MusicBrainz Launches Open Source Music Recognition ServiceMusicBrainzFebruary 11, 2003
Donate the Power of Your PC to Fight Smallpox: The Department of Defense and IBM are using grid computing to search for a cure to the smallpox virus--and you can help.PC WorldFebruary 5, 2003
IBM, United Devices And Accelrys Aid U.S. Department of Defence in Search for Smallpox Cure: Smallpox Research Grid Project to link more than two million computersUnited DevicesFebruary 5, 2003
Any Text. Anytime. Anywhere. (Any Volunteers?): The mechanics of a universal library are simple. The tricky part: harnessing the free labor.WiredFebruary, 2003
Distributed Internet Backup System; distributed Internet-based peers can back up each others' dataSlashdotJanuary 31, 2003
Random chat solves distributed problem; each peer in a distributed computing network can check other, random peers to ensure that it is synchronizedNew ScientistJanuary 30, 2003
Not Your Father's Encyclopedia; an overview of Wikipedia and its recent 100,000 article milestoneWired NewsJanuary 28, 2003
Grid vendors target corporate applicationsNetworkWorldFusionJanuary 27, 2003
I.B.M. to Announce Push on Grid Computing; an overview of IBM's plans to provide grid computing to business (free registration required to view article)New York TimesJanuary 26, 2003
Mapping the Galaxy with SETI@home; while searching for alien radio signals, SETI@home is also creating the most detailed map of the distribution of hydrogen in our galaxyThe Planetary SocietyJanuary 24, 2003
Scientists Giddy About the Grid; scientists are excited about the possibilities that grid computing will provideWired NewsJanuary 20, 2003
Grid Computing Good for Business; companies are taking a bigger interest in grid computingWired NewsJanuary 16, 2003
Group cracking Xbox 'for the public good'; another update on the NEO Project's Xbox challengeZDNet UK NewsJanuary 15, 2003
Techies challenge Microsoft: Canadians recruit world's computer users to crack secret code for Xbox game systemThe Globe and MailJanuary 13, 2003
HP To Demo Grid Computing: Exhibit will show how to manage programs written for Globus Toolkit using vendor's Utility Data Center SoftwareInformationWeekJanuary 13, 2003
Globus Toolkit 3.0 Delivers Grid Standards; this version of Globus implements the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA)the globus projectJanuary 13, 2003
A Remarkable Dearth of Primes; information about Sierpinski numbers and Seventeen Or BustScience News OnlineJanuary 11, 2003
IBM launches supercomputing on demandThe RegisterJanuary 9, 2003
IBM Offers Processing on Demand; Wired News' version of the IBM supercomputing storyWired NewsJanuary 9, 2003
X-Box Private Key Challenge Ended; The NEO Project stopped the challenge for legal reasonsSlashdotJanuary 7, 2003
PC army tackles Xbox security codeCNET Tech NewsJanuary 6, 2003
Xbox Private Key Distributed Computing Project; The NEO Project is attempting to break a 2048-bit private key that Microsoft uses to sign Xbox mediaSlashdotJanuary 5, 2003
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, reaches its 100,000th articleWikipediaJanuary, 2003
Grid computing from Sun; an update on the features and capabilities of Sun Grid EngineThe RegisterDecember 16, 2002
The race to computerise biology; an overview of bioinformatics and a mention of grid/distributed computing's role in itThe EconomistDecember 12, 2002
Computers' Shelf Life Gets Livelier: Gateway to Sell Harnessed Power of the PCs in Its StoresThe Washington PostDecember 10, 2002
SETI@home Prepares to Revisit its Best Signals; some time in 2003, SETI@Home will get exclusive use of the Arecibo radio telescope for one day to recheck its 100 most promising signalsThe Planetary SocietyDecember 4, 2002
Global computing for bioinformatics; an overview of distributed computing and its applications in bioinformatics, with a focus on the evolution@home projectBriefings in Bioinformatics, vol. 3, no. 4 (via ingenta)December, 2002
'Grid Computing' Is the Next Wave in High-Performance ComputingThe ChronicleNovember 27, 2002
gridMathematica announced; an overview and discussion about the grid-based version of the popular Mathematica software applicationSlashdotNovember 21, 2002
Measuring Folding@Home's performance impact: Can folding proteins slow you down?The Tech ReportNovember 11, 2002
Just One Page a Day; Distributed Proofreaders gets Slashdotted and survives (and gets 15,000 pages proofread in one day instead of the usual 1,000)SlashdotNovember 8, 2002
Math whiz cracks encryption code; results of the ECCp-109 projectMSNBC NewsNovember 6, 2002
Most Powerful Computer in Canada - for a Day; Canadian universities linked their computers for one day to solve a computation chemistry problem which would normally take six years to completeSlashdotNovember 3, 2002
SETI@home: An Experiment in Public-Resource Computing; a detailed technical overview of the SETI@home project from a distributed computing perspectiveCommunications of the ACMNovember, 2002
Cheats wreak havoc on SETI@home; some SETI@Home participants may be cheating, and damaging the project's reputationZDNet AustraliaOctober 30, 2002
SETI@home-Inspired Biology Project Publishes First Scientific Results; Folding@Home's recent success from a SETI@home perspectiveThe Planetary SocietyOctober 28, 2002
Malicious Distributed Computing; a "superworm,: a coordinated network of worm nodes could communicate with each other to "ensure optimal infection rates"SlashdotOctober 25, 2002
University of Alberta builds supercomputer in a day: National hook-up to solve molecular chemistry questionEdmonton JournalOctober 22, 2002
Screensavers crack medical puzzle; another view of Folding@Home's recent successBBC NewsOctober 22, 2002
World's fastest data network approved: an overview of the TeraGrid projectthe inquirerOctober 21, 2002
PC Network Deciphers How Proteins Fold: Folding@Home has successfully simulated the folding of a small proteinSan Francisco ChronicleOctober 21, 2002
Donated computer power unfolds complex shape of proteinsCBC NewsOctober 21, 2002
Together PCs forecast foldNatureOctober 21, 2002
Computer simulation yields disease insightUnited Press InternationalOctober 20, 2002
Virtual proteins unravel real puzzles; interesting side-note: future versions of Folding@Home and climateprediction.net may share the BOINC platform with SETI@HomeMSNBC NewsOctober 20, 2002
Internet PCs to Counter Bioterrorism: Find-a-Drug has started a project to find bioterrorism antidotesFind-a-DrugOctober 15, 2002
Tech-crash threatens to take down SETI@home: a funding crisis could shut down SETI@Home; (sources at SETI@Home say there is no funding crisis and that it's always difficult to get funding)ZDNet AustraliaOctober 15, 2002
Grid Iron: New grid networks put idle computing power to work; an overview of grid computingRed HerringOctober 11, 2002
Codebusters Crack Encryption Key; more news about the RC5-64 contestWired NewsOctober 7, 2002
Gridbus Project Releases Grid Accounting Services Architecture; information about the new GridBank accounting infrastructureGrid Computing PlanetOctober 3, 2002
Library of Congress Taps the Grid; it's looking at using grid technology to manage its American Memory project containing 7.5 million digital recordsWired NewsOctober 2, 2002
Upgrades to Boost SETI@home Alien Search; an overview of the new software and of the "new" telescope the next phase of SETI@Home will useSpace.comOctober 1, 2002
Gómez Acquisition Of Porivo Technologies Creates World's Largest Internet Performance Monitoring InfrastructureGómezSeptember 30, 2002
distributed.net Completes RC5-64 Project; the winning key was found July 14, 2002 and the message was "The unknown message is: some things are better left unread"distributed.netSeptember 25, 2002
JXTA-based P2P Toolkit Enables Utility ComputingGrid Computing PlanetSeptember 17, 2002
Grid Computing: Electrifying Web Services; an overview of the Open Grid Service Architecture (OSGA)Web Services JournalSeptember 10, 2002
Computer Grids Promise Leap in Computing PowerYahoo! FinanceSeptember 1, 2002
University of Melbourne Expands Grid Work; more information about the Gridbus projectGrid Computing PlanetAugust 20, 2002
The Gridbus Project: Enabling Service-Oriented Grid Computing and Business; information about the Gridbus projectGRIDtodayAugust 19, 2002
Amateur Quest For Lychrel Numbers; information about an upcoming mathematics distributed computing projectSlashdotAugust 18, 2002
Open Sourcers Say Grid is Good; news about corporate efforts in grid computing software developmentWired NewsAugust 15, 2002
Australian grid computing: Creating science factZDNet AustraliaAugust 9, 2002
A primer on distributed computingKuro5hinAugust 2, 2002
Solving Problems at Arecibo; the new SETI@Home radio receiver was installed on July 24, 2002, and is collecting new dataThe Planetary SocietyAugust 1, 2002
The Cell - Power for Playstation 3 and ...More; more information about the use of grid computing to make the PlayStation 3 up to 1000 times more powerful than the PlayStation 2PlaySation ReporterJuly 22, 2002
Distributed Chess Computing Project; a note about the new ChessBrain projectSlashdotJune 9, 2002
Bootcamp 225: screensavers; a short history of screensavers, and a short paragraph on how they are used for distributed computingtelegraph.co.ukMay 13, 2002
Building a Worldwide LexiconO'Reilly NetworksMay 10, 2002
IBM brings grid computing to gamesYahoo! NewsMay 9, 2002
Worldwide weather watchers wanted; an overview and updated of the climateprediction.com weather simulation projectBBC NewsMay 7, 2002
KaZaA Sneakware Stirs Inside PCs; another article about the Altnet trojan distributed computing software hidden in KaZaACNN.comMay 7, 2002
Now Anyone Can Discover a Comet; you can find undiscovered comets by looking at images from SOHOWired NewsMay 6, 2002
KaZaA Users Brace for Hijack; the Altnet trojan distributed computing software hidden in KaZaA will be activated in about a monthThe AgeMay 3, 2002
SETI@Home Project Nears Milestonewashingtonpost.comApril 29, 2002
SETI@Home Close to Half-Billionth Result (the user who returns that result will get US$500)SlashdotApril 28, 2002
Supercomputing '@Home' Paying Off for Other Research (a free subscription is required to view this article)The New York TimesApril 23, 2002
How Do You Spell E.T. in Swahili?; another article about the World Wide Lexicon distributed human projectWired NewsApril 10, 2002
Distributed Program to Translate Many Languages: the World Wide Lexicon distributed human project will use human volunteers to translate textNew ScientistApril 2, 2002
Stealth P2P Network Hides Inside Kazaa: hidden software could be used for distributed computingCNET NewsApril 1, 2002
Hosting Problems for distributed.netSlashdotMarch 26, 2002
IBM to Link Government Computers in Powerful GridYahoo! NewsMarch 22, 2002
Energy Dept., IBM to unveil Science GridCNET NewsMarch 21, 2002
PlayStation 3: The next generation; distributed computing could be used in the next PlayStationCNET NewsMarch 21, 2002
Home PCs join together as virtual supercomputerUSA TodayMarch 19, 2002
Sanger Institute Cracks Chromosome 20 With Grid PowerGrid Computing PlanetMarch 12, 2002
Home PCs speed anthrax cure projectCNET NewsMarch 8, 2002
Software finds possible anthrax cures: data on 300,000 potential drugs handed over to officialsMSNBCMarch 8, 2002
Working the web: P2P technology: peer to peer technology is far more useful than just swapping music filesGuardian UnlimitedMarch 7, 2002
India Joins Super (Grid) PowersWired NewsMarch 5, 2002
The Worldwide Computer: An operating system spanning the Internet would bring the power of millions of the world's Internet-connected PCs to everyone's fingertips; a good overview of how an ISOS (Internet-Scale Operating System) would workScientfic AmericanMarch 2, 2002
Distributed Computing Newsgroup ApprovedEnterprise NewsMarch 1, 2002
Mac Cluster's Last Stand?; Apple's G4 PowerMacs are powerful, but the wrong shape for stacking into clustersWired NewsFebruary 22, 2002
'Distributed' Web Projects Raise Security IssuesNewsbytesFebruary 21, 2002
Grid computing luring mainstream backers; IBM, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems are getting into the grid computing gameYahoo! NewsFebruary 21, 2002
The Grid Draws Its Battle Lines; an open-source project challenges Microsoft's .NetWired NewsFebruary 20, 2002
Seti@Home Bandwidth Problems; SETI@Home doesn't have enough bandwidth to handle its 3 million volunteersSlashdotFebruary 18, 2002
The Grid: A New Infrastructure for 21st Century SciencePhysics TodayFebruary, 2002
Distributed's New Word: Please; learn from McOwen's case: get permission before you run distributed software on someone else's computerWired NewsJanuary 24, 2002
PCs tapped to help fight anthrax: a coalition of scientists and technology companies is asking people around the world to use their computers' extra processing power to help search for a cure for anthraxCNN.comJanuary 22, 2002
State drops distributed-computing dispute; David McOwen will pay just $2,100 and serve 80 hours of community service rather than face 30 years in jailCNET NewsJanuary 17, 2002
Toolset teams computers to design drugsTechnology Research NewsJanuary 16, 2002
Investigating the "Fabric of the Universe"; SETI@Home data will be used to search for undiscovered pulsarsThe Planetary SocietyJanuary 9, 2002
GridSim Releases Java-based Grid Computing ToolkitGrid Computing PlanetJanuary 4, 2002
Distributing the Search for Cures; a good overview of Sengent and its D2OL projectWired NewsJanuary 3, 2002
Is Distributed Computing A Crime?: A computer network administrator faces multiple felony charges and years in a Georgia prison for allegedly installing Distributed.net clients without permission from his boss. Prosecutors say its justice, others aren't so sureSecurityFocusDecember 20, 2001
A Prime Discovery; 213,466,917 - 1 was discovered to be prime on November 14, 2001Grid Computing PlanetDecember 17, 2001
Sengent Teams With Sun Microsystems in Effort to Rapidly Accelerate Identification of Drugs Against Biological Weapons: Sengent's Launch Last Week of Its Drug Design and Optimization Lab Against Bioterrorism Has Drawn a Significant Positive Response From The Public and Corporate SectorsSun MicrosystemsDecember 17, 2001
Researchers Discover Largest Multi-Million-Digit Prime Using Entropia Distributed Computing Grid: 213,466,917-1 is now the Largest Known Primemersenne.orgDecember 6, 2001
Sun Opens New Processor Design Compute Ranch: New Facility Underscores Commitment to Keeping UltraSPARC(TM) Product Line At The Head of Its ClassYahoo! FinanceNovember 30, 2001
Virtul Astronomy: Now Anyone Can Make a DiscoverySPACE.comNovember 20, 2001
Famed Lab Seeks Big Grid; CERN is launching the European DataGRID project to process data from its new supercolliderWired NewsNovember 20, 2001
(Mostly) Confirmed: New Mersenne Prime Found; Mersenne prime number #39 (3.5 million digits long) has been found but not yet verifiedSlashdotNovember 14, 2001
Intel Backs Protein Project; Intel will support the Folding@Home projectWired NewsOctober 6, 2001
Seti@home Expands Its Back Yard: SETI@Home will increase the band of electromagnetic spectrum it analyzes and will look at 20 times more dataWired NewsOctober 6, 2001
Parabon Announces Strategic Agreement with Celera: Next Generation Distributed Computing Solutions To Accelerate Proteomics ResearchParabon ComputationOctober 23, 2001
Beyond the Browser: Rediscovering the Role of the Desktop in a Net-centric WorldFourth WorldSeptember 26, 2001
The Little Screensaver That Could; a good overview of Folding@Home and its progress so farWired NewsSeptember 21, 2001
Devices Unite to Find Drugs; a good overview of United Devices and its progress so farWired NewsSeptember 21, 2001
Who's Been Using Your PC?; through "parasitic computing," someone could use your Internet-connected PC for distributed computing without your knowledgeNatureAugust 30, 2001
Beyond the Web: an interview with Wolfgang Gentzsch; the founder of Gridware talks about the current and future directions of grid computingSun Microsystems, Inc.August 17, 2001
Making P2P Interoperable: The Jxta storydeveloperWorksAugust 14, 2001
A Grid of Supercomputers; U.S. taxpayers get to spend US$53 million to do projects that we volunteers are already doing for freeWired NewsAugust 9, 2001
I.B.M. Making a Commitment to Next Phase of the Internet; IBM begins a grid computing initiativeNew York TimesAugust 2, 2001
DALi Announces Availability of Largest, Distributed Artificial-Life Platform; DALiWorld creates a virtual ocean on users' computers around the worldLos Angeles Technology NewsJuly 30, 2001
Colon Cancer Alliance Supporters Compute Against Cancer: Parabon's Fundraising Program Helps Bring the Voice of Survivors to Cancer ResearchParabon ComputationJuly 24, 2001
Sun Microsystems Makes Sun(TM) Grid Engine Software Available To Open Source Community: Sun Works With CollabNet to Continue Its Strong Support of Open Computing And Encourage Adoption of Powerful Grid Computing ModelYahoo! FinanceJuly 23, 2001
Tackling Puzzles PC by PC: Millions volunteer their home and office computers to crunch data over the Net to aid scientific and medical studies. For some, it's a heated competition.Los Angeles TimesJuly 12, 2001
Use P2P, Go to Jail. Any Questions?O'Reilly P2PJuly 10, 2001
Georgia Sues RC5 User For $415,000; the State of Georgia prosecutes a distributed.net user for running RC5 on the school computers he configured for them two years agoSlashdotJuly 8, 2001
Pin a Red Ribbon on Your Computer; a short overview of some of the medical distributed computing projectsKiplinger's Personal FinanceJuly, 2001
Putting the Profit in Internet-based DS (I am quoted in this article)IEEE Distributed Systems OnlineJuly, 2001
Workers' search for aliens irks TVA Warning issued on use of computersThe Knoxville News-SentinelJune 16, 2001
Letting the World Plug Into Your PC, for a ProfitThe New York TimesJune 3, 2001
SETI PROJECT TURNS DOWN ALIEN HELP: Extraterrestrial Search "Going Just Fine" Without Extraterrestrial Interference (satire)SatireWireJune, 2001
Invaders exploit SETI@home: Mischief-makers harvest e-mail addresses for mass mailingMSNBCMay 30, 2001
The Search for E.T. Yields Earthly CheatsThe New York TimesMay 24, 2001
Use your PC to fight cancer, hunt aliens and more; a good overview of the current popular projectsCNN EuropeMay 21, 2001
Computing for Cancer Research: Screensaver program allows for computational chemistry research on "virtual supercomputer"The ScientistMay 14, 2001
Calling All PCs: Biotech: Home computers help to find a cure for diseaseTechnology ReviewMay, 2001
Distributed Computing Software Now Available for Linux: Linux Users Help Build the Most Powerful, On-Demand Computing Platform; information about Parabon's new Linux clientParabon ComputationApril 24, 2001
Entropia Powers Financial Experts' Critical Research into Stock Market Volatility: Computationally intense research made possible by Entropia's global grid of PCsEntropiaApril 5, 2001
SETI founder speaks about Intel P2P cancer projectThe RegisterApril 5, 2001
Philanthropy Redefined; a negative, badly-researched opinion piece about United Devices' new cancer research projectSlashdotApril 3, 2001
Screensaver helps fight against cancer: a good overview of the official release of United Devices' cancer fighting projectYahoo! FinanceApril 3, 2001
Mr. P. and the Crunchy Desktop: Mr. P. explores the notion of leaving on your computer 24x7 so outsiders can borrow your spare cycles. It's nice to share--but not always (downloadable PDF file)Server/Workstation ExpertApril, 2001
Business Computing Isn't Where The Action Is Going to Be: "Scientific computing is going to be where the action is"O'Reilly NetworkMarch 25, 2001
It's lights out at Popular Power; selfish venture capitalists, not the distributed computing market, killed Popular PowerRed HerringMarch 22, 2001
Distributed computing loses luster; the demise of Popular Power (article no longer available)Yahoo! NewsMarch 19, 2001
Home computers help scientists; highlights Parabon Computation's cancer research project50Plus.comMarch 14, 2001
Virtual Supercomputers Sign Up for Business: Vendors orchestrate thousands of PCs to tackle truly tough problemsTechnology ReviewMarch 13, 2001
Sharing the power: Peer-to-peer technology draws supercomputing power from home PCsThe San Diego Union-TribuneMarch 13, 2001
The Grid: The Next-Gen Internet?: the Grid is the future of collaborative problem-solvingWired NewsMarch 12, 2001
PCs of the World, Unite!: Startup Entropia, and others, hope to solve vexing problems by pooling millions of underused computers into powerful networksBusiness Week Online Daily BriefingMarch 9, 2001
Researchers Muster Online Volunteers for Collective BrainpowerThe New York TimesMarch 8, 2001
Saving Lives with P2P: With distributed computing, scientists improve vaccines, research cancer, share medical records; good information on Popular Power's flu vaccine project and Parabon's cancer researchOpenP2P.comMarch 1, 2001
Distributed Computing - the SETI@home project: Eddie Young and Pete Cliff look at a particularly successful example of a distributed solution to a very large number crunching problemAriadneMarch, 2001
The search for E.T. has been put on hold, apparently by low-tech vandalsCNET.com Tech NewsFebruary 28, 2001
Distributed computing harnesses power of the WebCNN.comFebruary 26, 2001
Nearly 3 million volunteers join search for alien lifeSalon.comFebruary 25, 2001
Joy Poses JXTA Initiative: Pushing the Boundaries of Distributed Computing; Sun Microsystems' Bill Joy discusses his new JAVA- and JINI-based distributed computing platform at the O'Reilly P-2-P Conferencejava.sun.comFebruary 22, 2001
Parabon Computation's Compute Against CancerSM Program Speeds Analysis of Protein Folding: Parabon Provides Critical Resources to Renowned University of Maryland ResearchersParabon ComputationFebruary 20, 2001
Genome Effort Hits Home; a detailed article about the Genome@home project Wired NewsFebruary 17, 2001
Peer-to-Peer Show Begins Without Napster: Conference highlights larger potential of distributed-computing methodsWired NewsFebruary 16, 2001
Entropia Selected by SolidSpeed to Optimize Web Site Measurement Services, Announced at the O'Reilly Peer-To-Peer Conference: Entropia's distributed computing grid provides SolidSpeed's Probester customers with Web site 'proof of performance'EntropiaFebruary 15, 2001
Cheaters Bow to Peer PressureWired NewsFebruary 15, 2001
Porivo Technologies Launches First Web Performance Testing Application Powered by Peer-to-Peer Distributed Computing Technology: Porivo's real-world Web performance testing service utilizes spare computing capacity from a distributed network of PCsPorivo TechnologiesFebruary 14, 2001
Entropia Announces 3rd Generation Distributed Computing Platform at the O'Reilly Peer-to-Peer Conference: Entropia 3000 server and client software bring unprecedented security and benefitsEntropiaFebruary 13, 2001
Parabon and CCNetwork Inaugurate Partnership during National Colorectal Cancer Awareness MonthParabon ComputationFebruary 6, 2001
Projects with Power to Burn: California's power crisis is having little effect on distributed computing projectsWired NewsFebruary 6, 2001
Juno Pulls Out All the Starts; Juno Online will pay for its free ISP by requiring users to run distributed computing projects for itWired NewsFebruary 2, 2001
Sun Announces Sun Grid Engine 5.2 Software for the Linux PlatformYahoo! FinanceJanuary 31, 2001
Gnutella puts up fight for Web elite; Gnutella2 will not only have file sharing, it will have a plug-in for distributed computing applicationsCNET.com Tech NewsJanuary 29, 2001
CPUs For Rent: Broadband connection fires up distributed computing; highlights DataSynapseBroadband WeekJanuary 22, 2001
Porivo Technologies and The Daily Jolt Extend Peer-to-Peer, Distributed Computing Technology to Nationwide Campus NetworkPorivo TechnologiesJanuary 17, 2001
Parabon Sweepstakes A Win For Cancer Research: Sweepstakes Winner Donates Proceeds to Cancer Treatment Research FoundationParabon ComputationJanuary 9, 2001
The CPU Cure; a good overview of the FightAIDS@home projectWired MagazineJanuary, 2001
Popular Power Builds One of the World's Largest Distributed Computing Platforms on BEA WebLogic Server: New Distributed Platform to Be Used to Optimize Flu Vaccines and Perform Other Massively Computation-Intensive JobsPopular PowerJanuary, 2001
SETI@home: Massively Distributed Computing for SETI; in-depth information about the SETI@home project by members of the SETI@home development teamIEEE Computer SocietyJanuary, 2001
No Alien Idea: How Distributed Computing will Change the WebZDNetDecember 27, 2000
Zeroing In on Catalan's Conjecture: a new distributed computing project is working to solve this problemScience News OnlineDecember 23, 2000
Seti: Is Anybody Out There?: the current state of the project and some info about the back-end processing just beginningWired newsDecember 22, 2000
SETI@Home Breaks 500,000 yearsSlashdotDecember 20, 2000
Parabon Powers the Cancer Treatment Research Foundation: Compute Against CancerSM Program Accelerates Discovery and Funds ResearchParabon ComputationDecember 18, 2000
Come together, right now, over P2P: Popular Power will pay to borrow your computer and make the world a better placesalon.comDecember 14, 2000
Project Uses Simulations to Research Flu Vaccines; a short overview of Popular Power and its flu vaccine project/a>The New York TimesDecember 14, 2000
Computing co-ops: Will distributed computing increase network bottlenecks or help eliminate them?TelecomClickDecember 11, 2000
Net Monitoring Service Pays Users: information about Distributed Science's first for-profit project for EnviveWired NewsDecember 11, 2000
Home PCs teaming up to do research on proteins: good background info on Folding@homeMercury NewsDecember 7, 2000
Distributed computing latest venture capital darlingYahoo!December 6, 2000
Coming Soon: The Earth as Planetary ComputerSilicon ValleyDecember 5, 2000
OpenCOLA seeks a new world order, one with OpenCOLA at the centerRed Herring MagazineDecember 4, 2000
Top Ten Trends 2001: Trend Number One: Computing: Distributed computing redefines computer networks, underpinning innovation, company formation, and investments.Red Herring MagazineDecember 4, 2000
SETI@home has the Guinness world record for largest computation, set in July, 2000 with 300 billion billion floating point operationsGuinness Book of World RecordsDecember, 2000
Peer Review; a good review of the current state of peer-to-peer computingWEBtechniquesDecember, 2000
Envive Partners With Distributed Science, Inc. To Use Peer-To-Peer Technology For Web Performance Testing And MonitoringYahoo!November 30, 2000
Computer and Internet Pioneers Forest Baskett and Stephen Crocker Join Scientific Advisory Board of EntropiaentropiaNovember 30, 2000
distributed.net and United Devices Join Forces: New Strategic Alliance Set to Shake up the Industrydistributed.netNovember 27, 2000
United Devices and distributed.net Join Forces: United Devices to Endow distributed.net CharityUnited DevicesNovember 27, 2000
Sharing PowerForbesNovember 27, 2000
New Life for Peer-to-peer ComputingInformationWeekNovember 20, 2000
Companies create way to put idle PCs to work through NetUSA TodayNovember 17, 2000
Distributed Computing; argues for distributed computing as a great use for all the extra CPU cycles from your overclocked CPU (and just happens to mention this site. :-) Thanks for the recommendation Justin!)overclockers.comNovember 17, 2000
Envive Selects Entropia's Peer-to-Peer Technology to Enhance Web Performance Testing and MonitoringEntropiaNovember 16, 2000
For United Devices, Sharing is GoodLocalBusiness.comNovember 15, 2000
Into the Brave New World of Distributed Computing; an overview of DataSynapseSilicon Alley DailyNovember 14, 2000
Class Acts: Centrata: Centrata bets big on Web-based distributed servicesBusiness 2.0November 14, 2000
Start-up to launch distributed computing service; information about DataSynapse, a new distributed computing startupYahoo!November 13, 2000
Load Testing Uses Distributed PCs; Exodus Communications will use the United Devices platform to load-test websitesInternet WeekNovember 13, 2000
Peer-To-Peer Networks Take On A Testing Role: Exodus Communications to use the technology to stress-test customers' Web sitesInformation WeekNovember 13, 2000
Entropia Creates Largest Computing Resource Ever Available to Academic Scientists: Entropia to donate computing power to NSF NPACI and Alliance via SDSC and NCSA, comparable to 10x the aggregated annual capacity of the leading academic supercomputing sites in the nationEntropiaNovember 9, 2000
Exodus Announces Enhanced Web Site Testing Through United Devices: New Platform Allows Various Testing Methods of Web Interaction for Enhanced Customer ExperienceUnited DevicesNovember 6, 2000
Parabon Announces General Availability of First Commercial Internet Computing Platform at SC2000: Scalable Distributed Computing Platform Now Available to Any DesktopParabon ComputationNovember 6, 2000
Another piece of pi from B.C. math whizNational Post OnlineNovember 3, 2000
Distributed Computing, for Profit; talks about United Devices and Porivo, and the possibility of a commercial client from distributed.netInternet WorldNovember 3, 2000
Dawn of a New Species?; a good summary of the GOLEM@Home projectScientific AmericanNovember, 2000
First Macintosh Version of Commercial Distributed Computing Software Launches:Popular Power Lets Mac Users Donate or Sell Spare Computing CyclesPopular PowerOctober 27, 2000
Nouveau Niche: Meet Cory Doctorow: Disney freak, science-fiction novelist and self-described "happiest geek on Earth." His peer-to-peer dream is to help obscure artists find their audience; a good overview of the OpenCola projectThe Industry StandardOctober 23, 2000
Distributed Computing Pioneers Join Entropia's Scientific Advisory Board; good background on grid computing conceptsEntropiaOctober 16, 2000
SETI@home Releases its 3.0 ClientSETI@homeOctober 4, 2000
Big science gets a hand from home computersThe Boston Globe OnlineOctober 3, 2000
United Devices Releases Beta Software Agent: Individuals Can Now Help Power Scientific DiscoveryUnited DevicesOctober 2, 2000
Porivo Technologies Launches the Porivo PEER: Distributed Computing Technology Harnesses Spare Computing Capacity Across the InternetPorivo TechnologiesOctober 2, 2000
"Cycles for Cycles Sweepstakes" Offers Cool Prizes for Spare Computing CapacityPorivo TechnologiesOctober 2, 2000
Wholesale Computation: Companies want to sell your computer's spare processing time. Are there buyers?Scientific AmericanOctober, 2000
The Grid: A Computer Web for Astrophysics and MoreSpace.comSeptember 28, 2000
Entropia and The Scripps Research Institute Accelerate Pace of AIDS Drug Research Via Peer-to-Peer ComputingEntropiaSeptember 26, 2000
Protein Fiends Join the FoldWired NewsSeptember 26, 2000
Entropia Powers Peer-to-Peer Computing With Commercial Release of Entropia 2000EntropiaSeptember 12, 2000
The Quadrillionth Bit of Pi is '0'!PiHex - A distributed effort to calculate PiSeptember 11, 2000
Entropia's version 2.0 client is now available.entropia.comSeptember 7, 2000
Buddy, can you spare some processing time?Cnet.com newsSeptember 1, 2000
Supercomputers Track Human GenomeThe New York Times (free subscription required to access articles)August 28, 2000
Tim O'Reilly: The Web is a Giant SupercomputerZDNet Inter@ctive WeekAugust 28, 2000
Intel Says: Think Like Napster more detailed information about Intel's Peer-to-Peer visionWired NewsAugust 24, 2000
Intel Pushes For Peer-To-Peer Networking Standards Intel has formed a Peer-to-Peer Working Group to define standards for distributed computing: 18 companies have signed upNewsbytesAugust 24, 2000
Power in Numbers An overview article with interviews of some top people at EntropiaSignOn San DiegoAugust 15, 2000
Screensavers could save livesBBC NewsAugust 8, 2000
SETI@home finds funding out thereMercury CenterAugust 8, 2000
Waste Not, Want NotCIO MagazineAugust 1, 2000
You Got the Power Another good overview of the current players in the distributed computing projects market, with lots of interviewsWired MagazineAugust, 2000
Parabon Computation and National Cancer Institute to Collaboratively Test New Kind of Computing Power for Analyzing Some Types of Cancer DataParabon ComputationJuly 25, 2000
distributed.net has restarted its OGR-24 contest as of midnight (GMT), July 13, 2000. July 13, 2000
Popular Power has released version 0.2.0 of its distributed client. New features: a Linux version of the client; support for HTTP proxy servers. July 7, 2000
OK, What's NUG30 Times Pi? (a 32-year-old math problem was solved using the Condor system, a computational grid)Wired NewsJuly 6, 2000
IT on the 'Outer Limits'ComputerworldJuly 3, 2000
A New Income Source for GeeksWired NewsJune 29, 2000
United Devices Secures Seti@home FounderZDNet NewsJune 20, 2000
Turning Downtime into CashSan Francisco GateJune 19, 2000
The People's SupercomputerDiscovery.comMay 25, 2000
The latest GRISK project is complete! The project found new 5-dimensional lattice rules of degree 10 that are better than any previously known. May 18, 2000
Happy first birthday SETI@home! May 17, 2000
Casino-21 Project: Going for a Weather JackpotWashington PostApril 27, 2000
Power to the PC: Distributed computing over the Internet goes commercialScientific AmericanApril, 2000
Great Computations: Owners of home computers join researchers in cracking problems and crunching dataSciece News OnlineMarch 4, 2000