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December 24, 2003
  • Riesel Sieve found its third prime number on December 22: 261221 * 2^689422 - 1. Also, the latest version of the client is available as of December 13. It is 80% faster than previous versions! Also, a new 98-k dat file is available as of December 22.
  • The Prime Sierpinski Problem found its second prime number on December 12: 224027 * 2^273967 + 1 (82,478 digits)
  • new active Mathematics project: P.I.E.S. - Prime Internet Eisenstein Search
  • version 2.15 of the BOINC platform client is available for Windows as of December 17. Also, plans are being made to run on the BOINC platform in the future.
  • version 1.2.rc7 of the XtremWeb Linux client is available as of December 19
December 23, 2003 December 18, 2003
  • Seventeen or Bust discovered its 6th prime number, 5359 * 2^5054502 + 1 (1,521,561 digits) on December 15. This is the 4th-largest (and largest non-Mersenne) prime number known.
  • in the 3 months since its launch, has achieved: 9,796 completed full runs, 882,272 modelled years, 43,548 registered users, and the web site was translated into 14 languages
  • ChessBrain announced on December 3 its formal intention to set a world record for "the largest number of distributed computers used to play a single game." It will make this record attempt on January 30, 2004. Anyone can download the client software and be a part of the record attempt.
  • version 4.33 of the Distributed Particle Accelerator Design client is available as of December 10, 2003. This version also runs under Linux using Wine.
  • the Internet Movie Project completed job 15, and began and completed jobs 16, 17, and 18 recently
  • Genetic TSP is no longer active and the project's website no longer exists
  • The Distributed Chess Project ended in April, 2003
  • new news article: Sun Microsystems is donating server computers to the BOINC project
December 12, 2003
  • NFSNET completed the factorization of 2^757 - 1 on December 2, 2003
  • a new dat file is available for Riesel Sieve as of today. Also, a Linux client is available as of December 4, 2003. Also, a new client will soon be available which will run twice as fast and use 1/4 of the memory of the current client.
  • the latest server and client are available for the Lucas Project as of December 7, 2003
  • version 2.14 of the BOINC platform client is available for Windows as of December 9 and for MacOSX as of today. A statically-linked BOINC platform client is available for Solaris 7 as of December 9.
  • stats updates for various projects
  • new news article: RSA-576 Factored
December 5, 2003
  • Click for Cans is half-way to its goal of giving away 5 million cans of soup
  • The Hunger Site has set a holiday season goal of funding 6 million cups (1,419 cubic meters) of food in 6 weeks. So far it has funded 1 million cups (236 cubic meters).
  • The Rainforest Site has set a goal to preserve 75 million square feet (7 million square meters) of rainforest by January 1, 2004. So far it has preserved 30 million square feet (2.8 million square meters).
  • the Distributed Search for Fermat Number Divisors found its latest factor, 1,054,057 X 2^8,300 + 1 divides F8,298, on November 1, 2003
  • yesterday Distributed Folding released a test version of the client with a different algorithm. You can try the new client (and get stats credit for it) and see if it finds better structures. See the project site's news page for more details.
  • version 1.8.6 of the ZetaGrid client is available as of December 1
  • the RSAttack576 client is available for Solaris SPARC and FreeBSD as of November 26
  • pre-release version 2.9007.486(b) of the client, and build 335b of the personal proxy, is available for Windows and FreeBSD as of November 23
  • version 2.13 of the BOINC platform client is available for Windows as of December 4. Version 2.12 is available for Linux and Solaris as of November 26.
  • the BOINC Beta Test project made source code for its version of SETI@home available on November 27. The source code for Astropulse is also available.
  • version 0.806 of the GPU platform client is available as of November 28. It scales up to at least 20 machines.
December 3, 2003
  • GIMPS and Michael Shafer discovered the 40th known Mersenne prime, 2^20,996,011 - 1 (6.3 million digits) on November 17, 2003. It is the largest known prime number, and the 6th Mersenne prime found by the project.
  • new news article: Largest prime number ever is found

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