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Active Distributed Computing Projects - Puzzles/Games

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Project Information Project % Complete Major Supported Platforms
ChessBrain logo ChessBrain "seeks to create a massive chess playing computer by utilizing the idle processing power of networked machines." This project is an experiment "to allow internet-connected computers to work together to play a game of chess." On December 17, 2002, the project completed its first distributed game of chess without human intervention. The project's current record of total active machines, set on November 26, 2003, is 846.

Stage one of the project completed on August 9, 2002. 63,261,631 jobs were completed by 265 Peernode operators for this stage.

Stage two of the project began on March 1, 2003.

On December 3, 2003, the project announced a formal intention to attempt a world record for "the largest number of distributed computers used to play a single game." It will attempt this record on January 30, 2004. Anyone can register for the project and run the client to participate in the record attempt, but you will have to download version 3 of the client when it becomes available.

The project software is available as a GUI client for Windows and as a command-line client for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and FreeBSD. Version 2.0407.02 of the Windows screensaver client is available as of April, 2003. Version 2.0407.01 of the Windows GUI client is available as of April, 2003. Version 2.0407.01 of the command-line client for Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and FreeBSD is available as of April, 2003.

ongoing Windows 32

The following icons may appear in the Supported Platforms section of the table:
dialup-friendlythis project is good for users with dialup Internet access
paid projectthis is a for-pay project
Windows 32this project runs on the Windows 32-bit platform
Linuxthis project runs on the Linux platform
MacOSthis project runs on the Mac OS platform
Solaristhis project runs on the Solaris platform