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January 12, 2023 May 17, 2020
March 17, 2020
  • Folding@home began studying the COVID-19 coronavirus on February 27 to help find drugs to fight it
  • Rosetta@home began studying the COVID-19 coronavirus on February 24 to help find drugs to fight it
  • Foldit began a series of puzzles on March 4 to help design drugs to fight the COVID-19 coronavirus. Put your puzzle-solving skills to work to help!
  • New, active Distributed Human project: Spotting Spider Monkeys is identifying and tagging spider monkeys in infrared rainforest drone video clips to study deforestation and habitat loss in Central and South America
  • New (to this site), active Mathematics project: Minimal Superpermutation Problem is "looking for minimal superpermutations, strings formed from a set of n symbols such that every one of the n! permutations of those symbols appears at least once as a contiguous block of n characters in the string."
  • SETI@home will stop distributing work units and will go on hiatus after March 31, 2020. The project owners need to complete back-end analysis of the work units returned so far and publish papers for the results. The project will stay in a hiatus state and may resume sending work units some day in the future.
  • news article: SETI@Home Is Over; The Fight Against COVID-19 Coronavirus Is Just Beginning
  • news article: Coronavirus - What we’re doing and how you can help in simple terms
  • news article: NVIDIA Asks Players To Use Their Gaming PCs To Fight Coronavirus: NVIDIA GeForce calls for the PC gaming community to make extra GPU power available to scientists tirelessly researching the COVID-19 virus
  • news article: Help Take the Fight to COVID-19 with BOINC and Folding@home
  • news article: You Can Help Fight Coronavirus by Giving Scientists Access to Your Computer: Stanford’s Folding@home is using distributed computing to help develop COVID-19 drugs
  • news article: Seti@home is on Pause. Unfortunately, it’s not Because They’ve Discovered Aliens
  • news article: How you can use your computer to help fight COVID-19 coronavirus
  • news article: Call to spot spider monkeys to help tackle habitat loss
  • news article: After 1.5 million days of computer time, SETI@home heads home to probe potential signs of alien civilizations
  • news article: Folding@home takes up the fight against COVID-19 / 2019-nCoV
February 1, 2019
November 27, 2018
  • New, active Distributed Human project: Astronomy Rewind is classifying images scanned from old astronomy journals: to "make a holistic map of images of the sky extracted from Astrophysics Data System (ADS) literature."
  • news article: The Easiest Side Hustle Ever? Renting Out Your Phone When You're Asleep
  • news article: Be A Part Of New Drug Discovery: the Conduit platform will make for-pay computing resources available to biotech companies
  • news article: From cancer to climate change: The tech you can use to save the world
  • news article: Citizen Scientists Give New Life And Value To Old Astrophotos; an overview of the Astronomy Rewind Zooniverse project
  • news article: Call for Citizen Scientists to Help Unravel the Mysteries of South Sudan's Forests; an overview of the South Sudan DiversityCam Zooniverse project
  • news article: Hubble Researcher Focuses on Blockchain for Space Data Processing
  • news article: Blockchain company Aikon teams up with the Hubble Space Telescope for deep space research
  • news article: Cryptocurrency Mining is Hampering the Search for Alien Life
  • news article: Overclock puts your idle servers to work for other people: Using Overclock's Akash Network, companies can turn their unused servers into Kubernetes-orchestrated Docker containers for rent
April 12, 2018