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December 24, 2004 December 16, 2004
  • Lifemapper will end as a distributed computing project some time around January 1. There is not enough new museum data for the project to process. In the future the project will use a computing cluster at the University of Kansas to process new data.
  • the Distributed Search for Fermat Number Divisors found another factor of a Fermat number, 211 * 2^287,388 + 1 divides F287,384, on December 13
  • the 15k Prime Search found prime 794977755 * 2^224133 - 1 on December 14
  • climateprediction.net has completed 50,000 runs as of December 14
  • an update to version 7.1 of Yves Gallot's proth.exe client is available as of December 10. This client is used in Proth Prime Search and other projects.
  • Riesel Sieve has some new features on its stats pages as of yesterday, and is looking for PHP programmers who would like to help it create stats charts and graphs
  • a new version of the Rosetta core for the Human Proteome Folding client, which allocates 200 MB of RAM instead of 300 MB and uses 25 MB of RAM instead of 70 MB, should be available soon
  • SolvePoverty is within 65,000 clicks of its goal of 1 million clicks (this goal will allow it to receive more money from its sponsor). If we all give it some clicks over the next few weeks, we can help it reach its goal before December 31.
  • A Click For The Forest needs a lot of clicks to reach its goal of collecting 1,000,000 SEK (about $147,000 (US)) by June, 2005. It has collected 175,000 SEK so far. We can help this project, too.
December 13, 2004
  • new active distributed human project: The ESP Game labels images on the Internet
  • LHC@home released its second newsletter on December 9. The project is officially shut down until the new project servers are available in early 2005.
  • NFSNET completed sieving 2^689 + 1 and began sieving 5^307 - 1 yesterday
  • The Monkey Shakespeare Simulator matched a record first 23 letters of "Timon of Athens" after 12,514,200 billion billion billion monkey-years
  • the 3x+1 Problem confirmed 2 more class records on December 5
  • the 15k Prime Search found prime 80857169 * 2^1251076 - 1 yesterday
  • version 2.2 of the Seventeen or Bust client is available for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and BeOS as of December 11. This version is 90-110% faster on Athlon XP CPUs and noticeably faster on Pentium 2 and 3 CPUs. All participants should upgrade to the new version as soon as possible.
  • version 1.6 of the SIGPS genefer80 client is available for P4 Cygwin as of yesterday
  • climateprediction.net has added a page of school resources about the project for students and teachers
  • Find-a-Drug closed some of its old protein queries on December 10. Check the list and delete any jobs you might have for the listed queries.
  • David Anderson, director of SETI@home, was interviewed on Planetary Radio on December 6
  • new news article: how cluster computing is used to visualize and analyze the results of large computing projects
December 8, 2004
  • LHC@home released its second newsletter yesterday. The project is officially shut down until the new project servers are available in early 2005.
  • NFSNET completed sieving 2^716 + 1 and began sieving 2^689 + 1 yesterday
  • a new 82 k riesel.dat file for Riesel Sieve is available as of yesterday
  • new news article: Lycos gives up on its anti-spam screensaver
December 6, 2004
  • new (to this site) active mathematics project: Primesearch
  • new tool: FADSpy monitors your standalone or networked Find-a-Drug clients
  • the Make Love Not Spam project is on hold
  • the climateprediction.net website and discussion forums were attacked over the weekend, and are currently unavailable. They should be available again by tomorrow. The project servers were not affected and are working fine.
  • the latest version of the Rosetta core for the Human Proteome Folding client was released on November 29. The HPF client should download the core automatically. This version fixes a problem in which no credit was given for certain work units.
  • LHC@home has been testing its project servers since late November and is currently out of work
  • Wikinews moved to its permanent URL, and became available in German, on December 4
  • Lifemapper's project servers can't keep up with the current level of user participation. The project owners will announce their plans to address this problem by December 10
  • Riesel Sieve found prime 71009 * 2^1185112 - 1 today
  • the Search for Multifactorial Primes found prime 94412!6 + 1 (71,453 digits) on November 23
  • version 1.6 of the SIGPS genefer80 client is available for AMD64 Linux as of today. Also, the project found prime 99003480^16384 + 1 today.
  • version 3.3 of the llrp4 client used for the 15k Prime Search is available for Windows and Linux as of November 30. It is at least 10% faster than the previous version.
  • added a link to the upcoming CCGrid 2005 conference
  • new news article: Wikinews goes online
  • new news article: a study of how much more electricity a computer uses to run a distributed computing application
December 2, 2004
  • distributedcomputing.info updates are now available in a RSS 2.0 feed
  • new active Internet project: Make Love Not Spam attempts to shut down known spam websites by overloading their bandwidth through distributed attacks
  • new active knowledge project: Wikinews will "collaboratively report and summarize news on all subjects from a neutral point of view"
  • a cross-platform graphical user interface (GUI) has been developed for the BOINC core client as of November 21. The GUI will allow the user to "suspend/resume projects and results, and project-specific web links. It uses a socket-based GUI RPC mechanism, which makes it possible to develop other GUIs, including ones that control many hosts."
  • the 15k Prime Search has found 96 primes since November 22
  • version 1.6 of the SIGPS genefer80 client is available for Linux and Windows as of November 26. Source code for the client is available as of yesterday. The project started looking for primes of the form b^16384 + 1 today.
  • Factorizations of Cyclotomic Numbers completely factored Phi(104) by November 30
  • new news article: Lycos launches screensaver to increase spammers' bills
  • new news article: Wikipedia Creators Move Into News
  • new news article: Lycos screensaver to blitz spam servers
  • new news article: one of the spam websites targeted by Lycos Europe's makelovenotspam.com project redirected traffic back to makelovenotspam, which could have shut down the site
  • new news article: an overview of World Community Grid, compared to BOINC

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