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Active Distributed Computing Projects - Collaborative Knowledge Bases

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Project Information Project % Complete Major Supported Platforms
Collaborative Knowledge Bases
Help build "the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web" in the dmoz Open Directory Project.

dmoz also maintains collections of links to other knowledge bases:

over 4 million sites; 64,739 editors; 590,000 categories
Zeal is a similar project to dmoz, and is hosted by looksmart. Zeal is a completely non-commercial directory built by a community of volunteer editors. ongoing N/A
The WWW Virtual Library is "the oldest catalog of the web, started by Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of HTML and the web itself." It is compiled by volunteers who make lists of links for areas in which they are expert. ongoing N/A
Contribute knowledge to oomind, the Open Education Community. oomind organizes information about any subject into "Courselets," small articles which are submitted by contributors and scored or graded by other contributors. You can submit new Courselets, grade others' Courselets, or study Courselets and earn credit for taking quizzes about them.

As of April 22, 2003 (and probably earlier), version 1.0 of the project is not running due to server problems. Version 2.0 of the project will be available soon.

This project is built on three basic principles:

  1. Communities create knowledge
  2. Communities determine the worth of knowledge
  3. Knowledge is priceless
on hold:
91 Courselets in 15 categories
Contribute to Nupedia, the open content encyclopedia, the world's largest international, peer-reviewed encyclopedia. The project needs writers, editors and peer reviewers, copy editors, programmers, translators, graphic and audio artists, and casual participants. ongoing N/A
Contribute to Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, "a collaborative project to produce a complete encyclopedia from scratch." In January, 2003, the project reached its first goal of making over 100,000 encyclopedia articles. On February 2, 2004, the project reached 200,000 articles. On July 7, 2004, the project reached 300,000 articles. On September 21, 2004, the project reached 1 million articles. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the project. The encyclopedia is available in many non-English languages. ongoing:
412,112 legitimate articles
Contribute to Wiktionary, "a collaborative project to produce a free and complete multilingual dictionary and thesaurus in every language. Wiktionary is the lexical companion to the open content encyclopaedia Wikipedia." ongoing:
50,689 legitimate pages
Contribute to Wikinews, "a free content news source" which will "collaboratively report and summarize news on all subjects from a neutral point of view." Everyone is welcome to contribute to the project. Wikinews is also available in German German.
110 articles
Contribute music CD or MP3 meta data to MusicBrainz, an "an open music encyclopedia" which "contains numerous facts, specifically about artists, their albums, and tracks." The meta data can be used freely by any individual or company, and is owned by no one. ongoing:
2,601,907 tracks,
210,221 albums catalogued
FreeDB is another database that stores meta data about music CDs. It is a free, public database equivalent to the proprietary CDDB database. You can access FreeDB through a web interface or through FreeDB-aware software over the Internet. You can also contribute information about new CDs to the database through FreeDB-aware software.

German The FAQ and general information about the project are also available in German.

See the project's discussion forum.

1,559,832 CDs catalogued
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is an online, web-based, free database with all the information you could ever want about movies and anything related to movies. It is available on servers in the U.S. and the U.K., and is available in Italian Italian and German German. You can contribute new information via a web interface or email. Disclaimer: this database is owned by amazon.com and its knowledge is not in the public domain.

See the project's message boards.

ongoing N/A
Everything2 is [quoting from the website] "a very complex online community with a focus to write, publish and edit a quality database of information, insight and humor. When you make an account here you join not only a team of dedicated writers but an entire micro-society and community with its own pop culture, politics, beauty and blunders. It's not perfect. In fact, it can be pretty messy. It's cool as hell, though..." ongoing N/A
JoeAnt.com is a search engine of hand-picked links and is maintained by a volunteer online community. Join the project and help build the database. ongoing N/A

Logos is a "multilingual e-translation portal." It offers: Volunteers can become registered users and can then expand and correct the dictionaries and verb conjugations. Guests can recommend corrections and additions to the dictionaries.
ongoing N/A
Contribute to Open Site, the open encyclopedia project, a collection of knowledge contributed and edited by volunteers. The site is something between a dictionary and an encylopedia. All information in the project is freely available to anyone under an open contract. ongoing N/A

Contribute your favorite book excerpts to Project Excerpt. The project is creating "a large collection of excerpts from various books and authors. This collection [is] open to the public and [will] continually grow over time with user contributions."
ongoing N/A

The following icons may appear in the Supported Platforms section of the table:
dialup-friendlythis project is good for users with dialup Internet access
paid projectthis is a for-pay project
Windows 32this project runs on the Windows 32-bit platform
Linuxthis project runs on the Linux platform
MacOSthis project runs on the Mac OS platform
Solaristhis project runs on the Solaris platform