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Recent Distributed Computing News and Articles

Larry Sanger's Knowledge Free-for-All; an interview with a co-creator founder of WikipediaTechnology ReviewJanuary, 2005
The Biggest Grid Yet; a short overview of World Community GridPC MagazineJanuary 18, 2005
How to Save the World by Doing Nothing; a short overview of World Community GridKRON 4December 22, 2004
Anti spam bid canned: Lycos scraps anti-spam screensavervnunet.comDecember 7, 2004
Wikinews goes onlineP2Pnet.netDecember 5, 2004
Lycos army shoots itself in foot?; one of the spam websites targeted by Lycos Europe's makelovenotspam.com project redirected traffic back to makelovenotspam, which could have shut down the siteZDNet UK NewsDecember 2, 2004
Part of the Whole; an overview of distributed computing and some of the major projectsComputorEdgeDecember, 2004
Lycos launches screensaver to increase spammers' billsWikinewsNovember 29, 2004
Wikipedia Creators Move Into News; the creators of the Wikipedia (a free, open-source encyclopedia) have created a similar project for journalismWired NewsNovember 29, 2004
Lycos screensaver to blitz spam servers; Lycos Europe's Make Love Not Spam project uses a screensaver for a distributed denial of service (DDoS) against known spam websitesThe RegisterNovember 26, 2004
The DistComp Wattage Monitoring Project; a study of how much more electricity a computer uses to run a distributed computing projectReady ResponseNovember 25, 2004
IBM's World Community Grid: A New SETI@home-Inspired Venture; an overview of World Community Grid, compared to BOINCThe Planetary SocietyNovember 24, 2004
Orion Puts a Cluster on Your Desktop; an overview of Orion's new 12-node and 96-node workstationsWorkstation PlanetNovember 17, 2004
Top Researchers Ask Web Users to Join Science Grid; an overview of IBM's new World Community Grid and its collaboration with grid.orgYahoo! NewsNovember 16, 2004
Xbox Linux cluster; an experiment to create a Linux cluster from 8 XboxesengadgetNovember 12, 2004
From Seeing to Understanding; how cluster computing is used to visualize and analyze the results of large computing projectsScience and Technology ReviewNovember 11, 2004
What's Next After the CPU?; how distributed computing is changing the role of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) in computingElectronicNewsOctober 22, 2004
Getting A Grip On Grid Computing: More companies are farming out jobs to groups of networked computersBusinessWeekOctober 18, 2004
The goods for grid: Broad IT knowledge, experience and an open mind are the keys to harnessing grid computingTechworldOctober 18, 2004
State Employee Fired For Using State Property To Search For Aliens; an Ohio, U.S. state employee was fired for running SETI@home on a state-owned computer, even though the employee only ran it outside of business hours, when the computer was not being usedWCPO.com News (Cincinnati, Ohio)October 8, 2004
One grid to rule them all; an overview of the global computing grid being developed to process data from the Large Hadron Collider, starting in 2007Economist.comOctober 7, 2004
Building The Grid; an overview of current research in wireless/mobile computing gridsTheFeatureOctober 5, 2004
Your PC Can Contribute With Google ComputeWebProNewsSeptember 29, 2004
Wikipedia Hits Million-Entry MarkSlashdotSeptember 21, 2004
Sun begins pay-as-you-go supercomputing; Sun Microsystems, Inc. will rent customers supercomputing power for US$1 per CPU per hour in its Secure N1 Grid programTechRepublicSeptember 21, 2004
World's Largest Working Computing Grid: This week, UK particle physicists will demonstrate the world's largest, working computing GridPhysOrg.comSeptember 5, 2004
Reports of SETI@home Extraterrestrial Signal Highly Exaggerated; SETI@home team members say the over-hyped possible alien signal is not an alien signal and that they are not studying it furtherThe Planetary SocietySeptember 2, 2004
Astronomers deny ET signal reportBBC NewsSeptember 2, 2004
Mysterious signals from 1000 light years away; SETI@home may have discovered an interesting radio signalNewScientist.comSeptember 1, 2004
Is Encryption Doomed?: Our entire information society rests on a fragile foundation that mathematicians are racing to dismantle.Technology ReviewSeptember 1, 2004
Distributive computing spreads out: UC researchers tap idle PCs to tackle scientific mysteries; an overview of the BOINC platformThe Oakland TribuneAugust 30, 2004
Home Computers Aid Efforts To Develop New Medications, Stanford Researcher Reports; the Folding@home project is now producing results accurate enough to be useful to pharmaceutical companiesScience DailyAugust 26, 2004
Research reveals flaw in storage algorithm; an overview of the discovery of a flaw in the MD5 encryption algorithm, and its implicationsARNnetAugust 25, 2004
Scientists from Different Fields Line Up to Join the BOINC Family; a good overview of current and upcoming projects which (will) use the BOINC platformThe Planetary SocietyAugust 24, 2004
SHA-0 Broken, MD5 Rumored Broken; the MD5 encryption algorithm, for which the MD5CRK project was trying to find a collision, was broken by another group of researchersSlashdotAugust 16, 2004
Chances of aliens finding Earth disappearing; Earth's radio signals will disappear within 100 years: alien civilizations are more likely to use lasers or some other signal besides radioNewScientist.comAugust 9, 2004
Open Supercomputing Hits Big 1-0; the Beowulf Project is 10 years oldWired NewsAugust 6, 2004
Multi-Beam Receiver Promises New Vistas for SETI Research; a new receiver at the Arecibo radio telescope will allow the telescope to receive signals from 7 points in the sky simultaneously, which will allow SETI research to study more of the sky more quickly and in a wider frequency bandThe Planetary SocietyAugust 4, 2004
Do You See a Pattern Here?: An open letter to the wizards of Wall Street from Benoit Mandelbrot, father of the fractal; Mandelbrot suggests using distributed computing to search "for patterns in financial markets."Wired NewsAugust, 2004
Sheep in Shining Armor: Let your PC join an army of several million others and save the world--while you sleep; a current overview of distributed computing projects, and of grid.org and Electric Sheep in particularDiscover MagazineAugust, 2004
NIST Proposes Abandoning DESSlashdotJuly 29, 2004
Wikipedia Hits 300,000 ArticlesSlashdotJuly 7, 2004
Public to help scientists predict the real climate of The Day After Tomorrow; will study the climate science behind the movie The Day After Tomorrowclimateprediction.netJune 22, 2004
Mersenne.org Project Discovers New Largest Known Prime Number, 224,036,583 - 1: Project Leaders Believe $100,000 Award Within Reachmersenne.orgMay 28, 2004
Mass Grid Computing Around the Corner?; a discussion about what is needed to encourage mass adoption of grid and distributed computingSlashdotMay 18, 2004
Pulses, Triplets, and Gaussians: Rescoring the Reobservations; an update on SETI@home's analysis of its 2003 reobserved candidate signalsThe Planetary SocietyMay 17, 2004
Grid watch: GGF and grid security; an overview of the Global Grid Forum's work on grid securityIBMMay 13, 2004
Internet computing tackles Malaria; Find-a-Drug's new project to find an anti-Malaria drugFind-a-DrugMay 10, 2004
NETI to Examine Net's Strengths; an overview of the NETI@home projectWired NewsApril 27, 2004
Mathematicians From Around the World Collaborate to Solve Latest RSA Factoring ChallengeRSA SecurityApril 27, 2004
Scientists develop sophisticated new simulation method for protein folding; Folding@home has successfully modeled the role of water molecules in protein folding for the first timeStanford UniversityApril 23, 2004
Tapping the Matrix, Part 1; an excellent overview of distributed computing, and technical information about implementing itO'Reilly openp2p.comApril 16, 2004
Can You Spare A Few Trillion Cycles?; a short-term project is re-running a simulation of 29 billion photons in a room, which produced an image for SIGGRAPH 94; the new image should be cleaner and sharper because computers are 3,000 times more powerful than they were in 1994SlashdotApril 13, 2004
Computing Power to the People; in-depth coverage of the results of the Flashmob I projectWired NewsApril 5, 2004
The God Particle and the Grid; an overview of CERN's upcoming grid project to look for the Higgs boson particleWiredApril, 2004
California Techies Try to Make Supercomputer; the results of the Flashmob I projectWJLA - ABC 7 NewsApril 3, 2004
General Relativity @ Home!; news about the upcoming Einstein@Home projectSciScoopApril 1, 2004
In Search of Dyson Spheres; how SETI@home helped in the first search for Dyson SpheresThe Planetary SocietyMarch 23, 2004
In Search of Dyson Spheres; how SETI@home helped in the first search for Dyson SpheresThe Planetary SocietyMarch 23, 2004
Internet computing finds more cancer growth inhibitors: Find-a-Drug "has found more molecules which inhibit the growth of cancer cells"Find-a-DrugMarch 22, 2004
Paul G. Allen Charitable Foundation Funds Next Phase in Construction of the World's Newest Radio Telescope ArraySETI InstituteMarch 18, 2004
Hey, Gang, Let's Make Our Own Supercomputer; on April 3, 2004, students in Patrick Miller's do-it-yourself supercomputing graduate course will assemble the first "flash mob supercomputer" in the University of San Francisco gymNew York TimesFebruary 23, 2004
Michael Hart: changing the world through e-books; an overview of Michael Gutenberg and his project, Project GutenbergEdition ActuFebruary 15, 2004
Chess - 2070 CPUs vs 1 GM; the results of ChessBrain's world-record attemp gameSlashdotFebruary 3, 2004
Wikipedia Reaches 200,000 ArticlesSlashdotFebruary 2, 2004
Harnessing Distributed Computing Power using Open Source Tools; a white paper on using open-source tools to create distributed computing projectsChessBrain.NETFebruary 1, 2004
Do plants act like computers?; plants may regulate their "breathing" using a form of distributed computationNatureJanuary 21, 2004
The future of computing: The next big thing?; a comparison of utility and grid computingThe EconomistJanuary 15, 2004
Company gives equipment to SETI's grid computing project; Sun Microsystems donated hardware to the BOINC project to advance grid computingSilicon Valley Biz InkJanuary 2, 2004
The Interpretation of Dreams: An Explanation of the Electric Sheep Distributed Screen SaverO'Reilly openp2p.comDecember 22, 2003
Software shares out spare processing power; an overview of the BOINC project, which will go live in JanuaryNew ScientistDecember 21, 2003
Sun and UC Berkeley are about to BOINC; Sun Microsystems is donating computer servers to, and providing funding for, the BOINC project; also see Sun's press releaseThe RegisterDecember 17, 2003
RSA-576 Factored; this number was factored, but not by a public distributed computing projectMathWorld NewsDecember 5, 2003
Largest prime number ever is found; an overview of the GIMPS project's discovery of the 40th known Mersenne primeNew ScientistDecember 3, 2003
Project Gutenberg Publishes 10,000th Free eBookSlashdotOctober 16, 2003
The Cost of Distributed Client Computing?; a discussion of the costs (power consumption, hardware failure, etc.) of distributed computing for volunteersSlashdotOctober 15, 2003
Casting a wider, deeper Net; an overview of the PlanetLab grid computing projectEE TimesOctober 13, 2003
Huge computing power goes online; the private computing Grid which will process data from CERN's upcoming Large Hadron Collider (LHC) particle accelerator project was just turned onBBC NewsSeptember 30, 2003
New and Improved SETI@home will Form the Backbone of Distributed Computing NetworkThe Planetary SocietySeptember 25, 2003
Huge Climate Experiment Starts Friday - All Welcome; an announcement of the September 12, 2003, start of the climateprediction.net projectYahoo! NewsSeptember 11, 2003
Getting More From a PC's Spare Time; an overview of distributed computing and particularly the BOINC platformNew York TimesSeptember 11, 2003
Circuit design evolving in distributed digital world; an overview of the Distributed Hardware Evolution ProjectNew ScientistJuly 31, 2003
SETI@home Update, July 18, 2003: Analyzing the Reobservations; an update on the processing of the reobserved candidate signals from SETI@homeThe Planetary SocietyJuly 18, 2003
Grid Computing Coming Of Age: grid computing over the Internet is where the Internet was in 1994SlashdotJuly 15, 2003
Distributed Computing Economics; a study of the costs of grid and distributed computingIEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing NewsletterJuly 12, 2003
Project Gutenberg's 32nd BirthdaySlashdotJuly 4, 2003
How Practical Is Grid Computing?: Unless you are comfortable manipulating source code, not very.; grid computing from a CIO's perspectiveCIO MagazineJuly 1, 2003
Find-A-Drug Attacks Aids With Grid TechnologyGRIDtodayJuly 1, 2003
Donating CPU cycles for the greater good; an overview of distributed and grid computing (this article was one of a series on the top 20 trends in technology)PC MagazineJuly 1, 2003
Archived News and Articles