Internet-based Distributed Computing Projects
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Distributed Computing Platforms

PlatformCurrent Project(s)
Computing Platforms are software client applications that you can run on your computer and that host various, often unrelated, project applications. You can visit a computing platform website from this page, download the client and participate in the projects for that platform, or you can follow the platforms' project links to read more about them.
boinc "Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) is a software platform for projects, like and SETI@home, that use millions of volunteer computers as a parallel supercomputer." Source code is available for the platform, and interested C++ developers are encouraged to help develop the platform code. Information about BOINC is available in the following langauges (through links at the project website): Chinese, Estonian, Danish, French, German, Russian, Spanish.

BOINC is currently being developed and tested on Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac OSX platforms. CPU platform requirements may vary among project clients using BOINC. The first public application based on BOINC will be released in January, 2004. Projects planning to use BOINC are: Astropulse, SETI@home, Folding@Home,, and an upcoming project by the University of Maryland's Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology to analyze DNA sequence data to investigate molecular evolution, particularly of bacteria that cause tuberculosis and leprosy.

Version 2.15 of the BOINC platform is available for Windows as of December 17, 2003. Version 2.12 of the client is available for Linux as of November 26, 2003, and for Mac OSX as of December 9, 2003. Version 2.13 is available for Solaris as of December 9, 2003.

Platform participants: join one or more of the BOINC projects by registering for an account at a project site, then downloading and running the BOINC client. It will automatically set itself up to participate in that project. See more information about participating in BOINC projects.

Project owners: the project site has a lot of information about creating a BOINC project.

Grid on Tap "allows others to turn their programs in to distributed computing projects much like Seti@Home, so that other Grid on Tap users can process the work."

The platform has an NNTP news server. See the news page for information on how to access it.

The client uses Microsoft's .NET framework (you must have .NET installed on your system to run the client). Beta version 1.0.000 of the client is available for Windows as of August 22, 2003. The client will be available for Linux soon.

Platform participants: you can create an account with Grid on Tap, then download and run the client to work on one or more of the projects currently being run on the platform.

Project owners: if you are interested in adapting your standalone project to run on Grid on Tap, and are willing to provide your source code to the platform coordinators, they can help you modify your code to run on the platform. For more information, see the information page, or send email to

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