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Recent Distributed Computing News and Articles

Software shares out spare processing power; an overview of the BOINC project, which will go live in JanuaryNew ScientistDecember 21, 2003
Sun and UC Berkeley are about to BOINC; Sun Microsystems is donating computer servers to, and providing funding for, the BOINC project; also see Sun's press releaseThe RegisterDecember 17, 2003
RSA-576 Factored; this number was factored, but not by a public distributed computing projectMathWorld NewsDecember 5, 2003
Largest prime number ever is found; an overview of the GIMPS project's discovery of the 40th known Mersenne primeNew ScientistDecember 3, 2003
Project Gutenberg Publishes 10,000th Free eBookSlashdotOctober 16, 2003
The Cost of Distributed Client Computing?; a discussion of the costs (power consumption, hardware failure, etc.) of distributed computing for volunteersSlashdotOctober 15, 2003
Huge computing power goes online; the private computing Grid which will process data from CERN's upcoming Large Hadron Collider (LHC) particle accelerator project was just turned onBBC NewsSeptember 30, 2003
New and Improved SETI@home will Form the Backbone of Distributed Computing NetworkThe Planetary SocietySeptember 25, 2003
Huge Climate Experiment Starts Friday - All Welcome; an announcement of the September 12, 2003, start of the projectYahoo! NewsSeptember 11, 2003
Getting More From a PC's Spare Time; an overview of distributed computing and particularly the BOINC platformNew York TimesSeptember 11, 2003
Circuit design evolving in distributed digital world; an overview of the Distributed Hardware Evolution ProjectNew ScientistJuly 31, 2003
SETI@home Update, July 18, 2003: Analyzing the Reobservations; an update on the processing of the reobserved candidate signals from SETI@homeThe Planetary SocietyJuly 18, 2003
Grid Computing Coming Of Age: grid computing over the Internet is where the Internet was in 1994SlashdotJuly 15, 2003
Distributed Computing Economics; a study of the costs of grid and distributed computingIEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing NewsletterJuly 12, 2003
Project Gutenberg's 32nd BirthdaySlashdotJuly 4, 2003
How Practical Is Grid Computing?: Unless you are comfortable manipulating source code, not very.; grid computing from a CIO's perspectiveCIO MagazineJuly 1, 2003
Find-A-Drug Attacks Aids With Grid TechnologyGRIDtodayJuly 1, 2003
Donating CPU cycles for the greater good; an overview of distributed and grid computing (this article was one of a series on the top 20 trends in technology)PC MagazineJuly 1, 2003
Internet computing finds cancer growth inhibitors; Find-a-Drug has found some potential cancer drugsFind-a-DrugJune 30, 2003
Japanese Test Grid Computing; a review of the Cell Computing project resultsAustralian ITJune 27, 2003
PlanetLab 'Slices' Into Alternate Internet Universe: A consortium of universities and high-tech companies Tuesday formally launched a joint Internet-based test-bed platform for developing massive online services using distributed computing and overlay networksinternetnews.comJune 24, 2003
Greetings from Tokyo: Notes from CCGrid 2003IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing NewsletterJune 1, 2003
Supercomputing Made Simple: This summer new software will help researchers tap the unlimited power of idle PCs; a short summary of current popular projects, and a hint about BOINCPopular ScienceJune, 2003
Distributed Computing: Distributed Communities; an examination of distributed computing social groups, written by Howard Feldman of the Distributed Folding projectO'Reilly ONLamp.comMay 22, 2003
Grid Computing Spreads to SARS; information about D2OL's SARS projectWired NewsApril 30, 2003
Launching Gutenberg Radio - Public Domain Audiobooks; a new project is converting Project Gutenberg e-texts to audio booksSlashdotApril 20, 2003
Security Flaw Spotted, Fixed In Seti@home Program; a security hole was found in the SETI@home client. A patch is available to fix the hole.InformationWeekApril 8, 2003
SETI-Sicherheitslucke: Bin da, wer noch?; a German-language article about a security hole found in the SETI@home client. See the Babelfish English translation of the article.Der SpiegelApril 7, 2003
SETI@home Completes Stellar Countdown, Observing Bonus Radio Sources; data were collected from 166 sources and will be analyzed by SETI@home's network of volunteersThe Planetary SocietyMarch 25, 2003
LookSmart bets on distributed computing; LookSmart bought Grub to improve its web search resultsCNET Tech NewsMarch 21, 2003
Group resumes Xbox cracking projectCNET Tech NewsMarch 12, 2003
Signals to be rechecked in alien hunt; on March 18, SETI@home will have dedicated time at the Arecibo radio telescope to recheck its most promising candidate signalsMSNBC NewsMarch 10, 2003
Global Grids Analyze on Demand Brain ActivityGRID TodayMarch 10, 2003
'Honest Thief' provides clever solution to music-swapping issue; 'Honest Thief' will lease the distributed computing power of its music file-swapping network to allow users to swap files legally and to compensate the musicians whose files are swappedUSA TodayMarch 7, 2003
Chinese start-up readies 64-bit processor; BLX IC Design Corp., Ltd. is designing the 500-MHz Godson-2 CPU, based on the MIPS instruction set, to be "the engine of a distributed grid computing network that will be used by public and private firms" in ChinaEE TimesMarch 5, 2003
Distributed Computing for Wireless Microphones; distributed computing was used to determine the optimal frequency allocation for wireless microphones. This URL is a babelfish translation of the original article written in GermanORF ON FuturezoneMarch 3, 2003
The ChessBrain Project Announces the Creation of the World's First Computational Grid Devoted to Computer ChessChessBrainMarch 1, 2003
Guided Google: A Search Engine Built From Grid LabsGRID TodayMarch, 2003
PlayStation 2 taps into grid computing; will use IBM'supercomputing technology for a grid computing game network for the Sony Playstation 2CNet Tech NewsFebruary 26, 2003
Is There Demand for On-Demand Supercomputing?Yahoo! NewsFebruary 21, 2003
MusicBrainz Launches Open Source Music Recognition ServiceMusicBrainzFebruary 11, 2003
Donate the Power of Your PC to Fight Smallpox: The Department of Defense and IBM are using grid computing to search for a cure to the smallpox virus--and you can help.PC WorldFebruary 5, 2003
IBM, United Devices And Accelrys Aid U.S. Department of Defence in Search for Smallpox Cure: Smallpox Research Grid Project to link more than two million computersUnited DevicesFebruary 5, 2003
Any Text. Anytime. Anywhere. (Any Volunteers?): The mechanics of a universal library are simple. The tricky part: harnessing the free labor.WiredFebruary, 2003
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