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Recent Distributed Computing News and Articles

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One leg of GSM encryption cracked, cell industry unimpressed: A security researcher is in the process of building a table that will enable the cracking of GSM encryption, assuming that a parallel effort to crack its frequency hopping algorithm succeeds; an overview of the Creating A5/1 Rainbow Tables projectArs TechnicaDecember 30, 2009
Cooperación global (Global Cooperation); an overview of distributed computing projects. This article is written in Spanish, but you can read an English translation of it.La NacionDecember 28, 2009
Birmingham's Majestic-12 nipping at Google's heels; Majestic-12 is only the second search engine in the world to join the "webmap trillionaires club"--the first is Google.Birmingham PostDecember 18, 2009
Search for ET requires upgrade to 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches; SETI@Home is using the fastest Ethernet data networking switches available to process over one petabyte (1,000 Terabytes) of radio spectrum data every daySearchNetworking.comDecember 16, 2009
Scientists: Tweets after an earthquake could aid emergency workers; scientists may some day be able to mine crowdsourced data such as tweets to quickly identify earthquakes and other disastersYahoo Tech BlogsDecember 15, 2009
A Deluge of Data Shapes a New Era in Computing; computing is creating the "fourth paradigm" of science--computational science, in which scientific computation tools must evolve to manage a growing flood of observational dataNew York TimesDecember 14, 2009
Are we really alone?; a short history of the search for alien life and alien intelligenceThe NationalDecember 14, 2009
Air Force Taps PlayStation 3 for Research; the U.S. Air Force is testing PlayStation 3 clusters for distributed computing researchThe Industry StandardDecember 7, 2009
I see crime scenes; the IC-CRIME (Interdisciplinary Cyber-enabled Crime Reconstruction through Innovative Methodology and Engagement) project will use a crime scene capture device to allow online, distributed crime scene analysis and to create a database of crime scenes for future pattern analysis and training.International Science Grid this WeekDecember 2, 2009
Higley firing tied to alien-search software; a school district network administrator was fired for (among other things) running SETI@home on every school district computer without permissionazcentral.comNovember 30, 2009
Astronomers release galactic collision game: Astronomers have devised a game to help uncover the basis of galactic pile-ups; an overview of the new Galaxy Zoo Mergers projectBBC NewsNovember 25, 2009
Cloud to power research number-crunchingZDNet AsiaNovember 25, 2009
How you can help the LHC and 12 other ways to donate your PC's spare processing power; an overview of the BOINC computing platform and of 12 BOINC-based distributed computing projectsPC World AustraliaNovember 25, 2009
It’s a Zoo Out There: Galaxy Project Engages ‘Armchair Scientists’; an overview of the new Galaxy Zoo Mergers projectGeorge Mason University NewsNovember 24, 2009
CERN's LHC pioneers quantum leap in cloud computing; CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project is influencing grid and cloud computing architecture and practicesComputer WeeklyNovember 23, 2009
Play the Galactic Slots; an overview of Galaxy Zoo's new Mergers projectMSNBC Cosmic LogNovember 23, 2009
Database details 2.7 million possible structures for molecular sieves; a private distributed computing project discovered almost 3 million possible zeolites, or molecular sieves which filter molecules of certain sizes. Before this project only 200 zeolites were known.nanowerkNovember 2, 2009
Computers Around the World Unite; an overview of distributed computing projects. This article is written in Chinese, but you can read an English translation of it.news.163.comNovember 1, 2009
Cloud Computing Not Hype But RealityNetwork ComputingNovember, 2009
La ciencia extiende su red de investigación con la computación voluntaria (Science extends its network of volunteer computing research); an overview of distributed computing projects. This article is written in Spanish, but you can read an English translation of it.Wall Street Journal OnlineOctober 29, 2009
Quake-Catcher Network seeks volunteers on campus to host seismic sensors; a scientist at Stanford University wants students on the campus to attach seismic sensors to their laptops to support the Quake Catcher NetworkStanford NewsOctober 27, 2009
La Universidad de Berkeley impulsa un superordenador de uso gratuito y universal (Berkeley University supercomputer launches a free and universal service); an overview of the BOINC computing platform's growing support in Spain and of Einstein@Home (this article is written in Spanish but you can view an English translation of it).elPeriódico.comOctober 23, 2009
Volunteering Computers for Science: Users Make Their Home PCs Available to Chase Medical Breakthroughs; a detailed overview of distributed computing projects, the BOINC computing platform, and Rosetta@HomeWall Street Journal OnlineOctober 20, 2009
Volunteers Donate Idle Computing Power for Biomedical Research; an overview of distributed computing projects and the BOINC computing platformiHealthBeatOctober 20, 2009
Record 12-Million-Digit Prime Number Nets $100,000 Prize; GIMPS has won a US$100,000 prize from the Electronic Frontier Foundation for its discovery, on August 23, 2008, of the first known primer number with more than 10 million digitsElectronic Frontier FoundationOctober 14, 2009
45th Mersenne prime revealed: GIMPS grabs $100,000 for discoveryThe RegisterOctober 14, 2009
Wirbicki Law Group Seeks to Change the World...One Computer at a Time; a law firm is encouraging other law firms to join it in participating in World Community Griddsnews.comOctober 13, 2009
UK Search Engine Takes on Google; Majestic-12 discovered its 1 trillionth unique URL on October 12, 2009. The only other organization to publicly announce it has discovered 1 trillion URLs is GooglePRWebOctober 12, 2009
Anthony Doesburg: Idle time put to work, all in the cause of science; an overview of distributed computing projects, citizen science and BOINCNew Zealand Herald NewsOctober 12, 2009
A new age for the oldest science; an overview of computational astronomyInternational Science Grid this WeekOctober 7, 2009
Compuware Buys Gomez For $295 Million In Cash; Gomez, the owner of the Gomez PEER project, will be owned by Compuware after November, 2009TechCrunchITOctober 7, 2009
Internet game that awards points for people spotting real crimes on CCTV is branded 'snooper's paradise'; an overview of a potentially controversial upcoming Distributed Human project/gameMail OnlineOctober 5, 2009
Your Screen Saver Could Help Create New Life; an overview of the upcoming EvoGrid projectPopular ScienceSeptember 29, 2009
Forget it Rhonda: Help, help me Einstein; "A group of summer students working on the Laser Interferometric Gravitational-Wave Observatory, or LIGO, project at the California Institute of Technology created a medley of songs on YouTube to explain their research."Symmetry MagazineSeptember 10, 2009
BOINC, software open source per il grid computing (BOINC, open source software for grid computing); an overview of BOINC. This article is written in Italian, but you can read an English translation of it.Programmazione.itSeptember 10, 2009
Link of the Week--Citizen Cyberspace; an update on the Citizen Cyberscience Center, a United Nations project to "provide scientists with an inexpensive form of distributed computing power that is complementary to grid technology--as seen in such processing-intensive problems as the LHC@home project or the 'Africa@home' project."International Science Grid this WeekSeptember 9, 2009
The "Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together" reaches phase 2; Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together completed Phase 1 on August 28, 2009, and is preparing for Phase 2thinkdigitAugust 28, 2009
New project uses distributed computing to break GSM crypto; an overview of the new Creating A5/1 Rainbow Tables projectThe Tech HeraldAugust 28, 2009
Asian computers join forces against avian flu; the Avian Flu DC2 Refinement project, which was run in March, 2009 on the EUAsiaGrid, tested 300,000 potential drug molecules against eight new avian flu mutation targetsInternational Science Grid This WeekAugust 26, 2009
Web of hope; a short overview of BOINC and distributed computing volunteers in AustraliaWestern Weekender Penrith OnlineAugust 26, 2009
Cracking GSM phone crypto via distributed computing; an overview of a new, open-source, distributed computing project, A5/1, to crack the encryption used on GSM phones to publicize a weak encryption scheme that is already being exploitedCNET NewsAugust 25, 2009
Grid computing, the new commodity; the European GridEcon project has created a platform for buying and selling computing resources as a utilityICT ResultsAugust 24, 2009
Henry Markham (the Project Director of the Blue Brain project) Interview; an overview of the Blue Brain project to study the mammalian brain through simulation, and a possible upcoming distributed computing project, the "Adopt a Neuron Project"Next Big FutureAugust 24, 2009
Pupil hooks school up to search for aliens; an overview of a New Zealand high school student's successful project to set up his school's computers to participate in SETI@homeOtago Daily Times OnlineAugust 21, 2009
Grid helps to filter LIGO’s data; how the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) uses the LIGO Data Grid and Open Science Grid to look for evidence of gravitational waves in large amounts of dataInternational Science Grid This WeekAugust 19, 2009
SETI telescope array produces first science results; with only 42 of its planned 350 radio telescope dishes installed so far, the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) is generating useful science results even as it searches for alien radio signalsNew ScientistAugust 18, 2009
English Wikipedia hits three million articlesThe GuardianAugust 17, 2009
New heroes with a hard drive; a short overview of BOINC and distributed computing volunteers in AustraliaThe Sydney Morning HeraldAugust 16, 2009
Hunt for Supernovae With Galaxy ZooUniverse TodayAugust 13, 2009
Digsby Joins the Dark Side, Uses Your PC to Make Money; the Digsby social networking software application installs a distributed computing client on a user's computer by default, unless the user reads the application's terms of service and disables the client. Digsby may use the client to generate revenue to support development of the application.lifehackerAugust 13, 2009
Why it's time to ditch Digsby; the Download.com editorial team decided to lower the ratings score for the Digsby social networking software application because it did not address its users' concerns about "stealthily" installing a distributed computing client on a user's computer when the user install's Digsby's applicationDownload.comAugust 13, 2009
BOINC gets social with FacebookInternational Science Grid This WeekAugust 12, 2009
World Community Grid...; a short overview of World Community Gridexaminer.comAugust 8, 2009
Intel Facebook App Taps Idle PCs For Research: The Progress Through Processors app lets users donate idle PC hours to help work on cures for diseases, climate prediction, and malaria controlInformationWeekAugust 7, 2009
Rosetta@Home Stands to Gain Compute Power from Intel's New Facebook-based AppGenomeWebAugust 7, 2009
Can Intel cure cancer with progress through processors?ITWireAugust 6, 2009
Your Mom’s Facebook Status: I’m Crunching Climate Data!; Intel and Grid Republic have created a Progress Through Processors application for Facebook to allow Facebook users to contribute to BOINC-based projectsWired MagazineAugust 5, 2009
Donate Your Computer's Idle Time To a Good Cause On Facebook; a short overview of the new Progress Through Processors application for FacebookPopular ScienceAugust 5, 2009
Facebook app lets Intel PCs donate processor power; an overview of the Progress Through Processors application for FacebookCNET NewsAugust 3, 2009
People's astronomy; a great overview of current distributed computing and "citizen science" astronomy projectsIET Knowledge NetworkJuly 6, 2009
47th Mersenne Prime Confirmed; GIMPS confirmed on June 12, 2009, that it discovered the 47th known Mersenne prime, 2^42,643,801 - 1 (12.8 million digits)Slashdot ScienceJune 13, 2009
How Your Computer Can Benefit All of Mankind; an overview of the BOINC computing platformdish MagazineJune, 2009
IBM and Medical Researchers Launch Effort To Find Flu Drug Treatments; an overview of World Community Grid's new Influenza Antiviral Drug Research projectIT News OnlineMay 5, 2009
Extraterrestrials, Computers, and Open Source; notes from a talk by Jill Tarter of The SETI Institue about how SETI uses, and plans to use, technology in its search for alien intelligencePCMag.com BlogsMay 4, 2009
SETI@home completes a decade of ET search; a summary of SETI@home's progress in the ten years since it beganPHYSORG.comMay 1, 2009
A decade of helping in the hunt for alien life; a summary of SETI@home's first ten yearssiliconrepublic.comApril 30, 2009
Save the World with your PC: Distributed Computing at Home; an overview of distributed computing projects, BOINC, and how to participateWhen I Have TimeApril 24, 2009
National Science Foundation Awards Millions to Fourteen Universities for Cloud Computing ResearchNational Science Foundation NewsApril 23, 2009
Mining For The 'Prime' Jewels Of Numbers; an overview of distributed computing projects searching for prime numbers, and of GIMPS in particularNational Public RadioApril 10, 2009
IBM grid computing aids cancer research; an overview of World Community Grid's new Help Fight Childhood Cancer projectSilicon RepublicMarch 25, 2009
New Einstein@Home Effort Launched Home Computers to Search Arecibo Data for New Pulsars; Einstein@Home will search data from the Arecibo radio telescope to find binary systems consisting of a spinning neutron star orbiting another neutron star or a black hole. The project can detect pulsars in binary systems with orbital periods as short as 11 minutes, 5 times shorter than it was previously possible to detect.SpaceRefMarch 24, 2009
Folding@home now the world’s most powerful supercomputerCustom PCFebruary 24, 2009
New ATI Catalyst 9.2 goes live; ATI (now AMD)'s new version 9.2 Catalyst driver provides multi-GPU support for Folding@homeFudzillaFebruary 22, 2009
Zweite Runde gestartet: (Second Round Started); an overview of the new features of Galaxy Zoo 2.0. This article is written in German, but you can read an English translation of it.gulliFebruary 20, 2009
Help create an earthbound sun; an overview of the Ibercivis project's efforts to help design ITER, "a joint international research and development project that aims to demonstrate the scientific and technical feasibility of fusion power"International Science Grid This WeekFebruary 18, 2009
Neues Futter für Hobby-Astronomen: (New fodder for hobby astronomers); an overview of Galaxy Zoo 2.0. This article is written in German, but you can read an English translation of it.Spiegel OnlineFebruary 17, 2009
Crunching the Data for the Tree of Life; maintaining, searching and visualizing the "tree" model of evolution for all species requires more computing power and advanced computing techniquesThe New York TimesFebruary 10, 2009
Scientists proposed the solution of Fermi's paradox; scientists have proposed a solution to Fermi's paradox and predicted that over 200 civilizations capable of sending radio signals could exist in the Milky Way galaxy. This article is written in Russian, but you can read an English translation of it.Data ManagerFebruary 2, 2009
How to build a powerful distributed computerTechRadar UKFebruary 1, 2009
Extremadurathome: colaboración ciudadana en proyectos científicos (Extremadurathome: citizen collaboration in scientific projects): An overview of the new Extremadurathome computing platform/portal. This article is written in Spanish, but you can read an English translation of it.barrapunto.comJanuary 30, 2009
Eficientan celdas solares (Efficient Solar Cells): Mexican scientists help Harvard develop organic solar cell materials for clean energy. An overview of World Community Grid's The Clean Energy Project. This article is written in Spanish, but you can read an English translation of it.El ManañaJanuary 24, 2009
Green it!; a short overview of climateprediction.netThe University Daily KansanJanuary 22, 2009
Parabon Computation puts idle processing power to work; an overview of Parabon Computation, which owns the Compute Against Cancer projectTechJournal SouthJanuary 21, 2009
Perspectives on advancements in distributed computingInternational Science Grid This WeekJanuary 21, 2009
Hardcore gaming enthusiasts in bio project; an ovewrview of Folding@home's success with the Sony PlayStation 3 architectureThe HinduJanuary 18, 2009
INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF ASTRONOMY: Astronomy Hits the Big Time; (subscription required); Galaxy Zoo is making important new contributions to astronomyScience MagazineJanuary 16, 2009
A galaxy of helpful people: An Oxford scientist has harnessed the power of the web to create a massive citizen-science project that is truly collaborative; an overview of Galaxy ZooThe GuardianJanuary 15, 2009
Help Mankind by Folding@Home; a short overview of Folding@homePrasys' BlogJanuary 11, 2009
Celle solari più efficienti e meno costose anche grazie al tuo PC! (More efficient and less expensive solar cells also thanks to your PC!); an overview of World Community Grid's The Clean Energy Project. This article is written in Italian, but you can read an English translation of it.Data ManagerJanuary 9, 2009
La inteligencia colectiva se pone al servicio de la ciencia a través de Internet (Collective intelligence is put to the service of science through Internet); an overview of Foldit. This article is written in Spanish, but you can read an English translation of it.El PaísJanuary 8, 2009
Nvidia CUDA acelera la investigación científica (Nvidia CUDA accelerates the scientific research); an overview of some BOINC projects using NVIDIA CUDA GPUs to speed up research. This article is written in Spanish, but you can read an English translation of it.Diario Tecnologías de la InformaciónJanuary 7, 2009
Divide and conquer: distributed graphics rendering; Purdue University has created a Distributed Rendering Environment which uses idle time on more than 20,000 CPUs at the university to render graphics for Purdue's students' projectsInternational Science Grid this WeekJanuary 7, 2009
The Universe Today Top 10 Scientific Endeavours of 2008; Galaxy Zoo was voted one of Universe Today's top 10 scientific research projects of 2008Universe TodayJanuary 2, 2009
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