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Parody and Fun Sites

Carolyn's Clinic Carolyn's Clinic, "one of the world's leading internet treatment facilities for diseases and psychosis that afflict people who run the Seti at Home program for extended periods of time."

Also visit the Clinic Underground.

SIC@home SIC@home, the Search for Incredible Coincidence at home
yeti@home yeti@home, the Search for Yeti at home
The Search for Terrestrial Intelligence STI Project, The Search for Terrestrial Intelligence
Furbeowulf Furbeowulf Cluster Computing: massively parallel processing design and implementation with commodity products
Nuclear Zeros Nuclear Zeros: the Internet's "first organized weapon consisting of thousands of computers linked together that can literally blow a computer, website or domain off of the Internet."

Despite everything the website says, this is a spoof. The client software does not exist.

As of June 20, 2008, the project website no longer exists.

Help Pizza@Home make the perfect pizza. "Pizza@Home is a non-scientific project for Pizza lovers all over the world. We have tried to make it scientific but the work units keep getting eaten before they can be distributed to people so you have to bring your own work."

This "project" is a spoof of BOINC-based projects.