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Active Distributed Computing Projects - Miscellaneous

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See the bottom of this page for a description of the icons on the page.

Project Information Project % Complete Major Supported Platforms
TANPAKU Help Project Neuron develop metrics that will support or refute the quality/reliability/dependability of particular BOINC projects, to encourage BOINC-based projects to use quality/reliability metrics. This project provides a trial BOINC environment in which a set of dummy applications runs. The purpose of this project is to record, observe and understand BOINC activity and data with the goal of developing these metrics. A central reference point, to which users may refer, will be developed and updated automatically. See more details about the project and its four phases.

As of September 23, 2006, the project is in Pre Alpha stage, and registration is often closed. The project is currently limited to 200 participants.

The project uses a BOINC-based client. See the BOINC platform information for the latest version of the BOINC client. Version 3.06 of the Map Analysis client is available for Windows as of September 8, 2006. Version 3.06 of the client is available for Linux as of August 31, 2006.

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ongoing dialup-friendly

Windows 32

Pirates@Home Pirates@Home is a test platform for the BOINC platform, and was used to help develop a screensaver and other software for Einstein@Home. The project may occasionally have test work units, but is currently not processing any work units for actual projects. See the project's current research goals. ongoing dialup-friendly

Windows 32

The following icons may appear in the Supported Platforms section of the table:
dialup-friendlythis project is good for users with dialup Internet access
paid projectthis is a for-pay project
Windows 32this project runs on the Windows 32-bit platform
Linuxthis project runs on the Linux platform
MacOSthis project runs on the Mac OS platform
Solaristhis project runs on the Solaris platform