Internet-based Distributed Computing Projects
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Recently Completed Distributed Computing Projects

Project LogoProject InformationCompletion DateProject DurationTotal Number of Participants/Computers
DataSynapse, Inc. DataSynapse built a better P2P web searcher by joining with the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) and Lehigh University to develop an approach called Hierarchical Distributed Dynamic Indexing (HDDI TM). Participants were entered into prize sweepstakes drawings. The project was designed only for users with broadband Internet connections and was only available for the Windows platform. December 17, 2001 less than 1 year over 10,000/unknown
XPulsar@Home XPulsar@Home was a Monte-Carlo Java applet simulation run by the Astrophysics department at the University of Tuebingen in Germany to model the spreading of X-ray photons in X-ray pulsars.

The site is in German, but you can use a free machine translator to see reasonable translations of the site's pages.

March 31, 2001 12 months 8432/? (1.2 million CPU hours)
  The cloudmakers project attempted to solve a puzzle called RUR-14 (the puzzle is described at the cloudmakers website: this puzzle is connected to the Kubrick/Spielberg movie A.I.) This project used Windows console application or Perl client to solve the puzzle using a brute-force technique, submitting each possible key to the puzzle website. It tested 0.81576% of the total number of keys before the puzzle was solved by a person independent of the project. More information about the project can be found in a Slashdot article. May 30, 2001 8 days 321/?
Popular Power Popular Power searched for a more effective influenza vaccine. The company went out of business on March 17, 2001, but the founders continued the influenza vaccine project until September, 2001. The client used Java for task implementation to provide a secure "sandbox" area within which its customers could run their own code without being able to acces the rest of your system (the way a browser provides a secure area for a Java applet).

Background of the influenza vaccine modeling project.

The last unofficial Stats Page created by Mike Rosack.

September, 2001 14 months ?/?