Internet-based Distributed Computing Projects
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Distributed Computing Development Platforms

Platform LogoPlatform Information
Cosm Cosm "is a set of open protocols and applications designed to allow computers all over the world to work together on projects." It can be used to create any kind of distributed computing based research project. It was formally launched on September 21, 2000.

See a list of third-party distributed projects using Cosm.

Sun Grid Engine Sun Grid Engine finds idle resources on a LAN of Sun Solaris systems and uses them for your distributed application. See a September 27, 2000 press release about it.

Sun Grid Engine 5.2.2 is available for Linux as of January 31, 2001.

Parabon Computation Parabon Computation has a great developer resource page with links for a demo version of their Frontier Software Development Kit (SDK), an API and other documentation about the Frontier SDK, sample applications built on the SDK, a developer discussion list and a link for technical support, and a link to resources for Java development.
  The Programmer's Playground provides free software tools for application developers and end users to create non-commercial, Internet-based, distributed computing applications. Commercial users can use it through a special license agreement.
Dcom "is a skeleton set of C programs and files which allows you to convert your favorite long running mathematical problem programs into distributed computing applications. It supports signing for safe automatic program executible updates, runs on X86 Linux and Windows, and its clients are self-installing executibles."

This is a bare-bones development framework with no readme or instructions on how to use it. You will also need the following in order to use it:

  • gcc
  • gmp
  • Cygwin
  • an X86 Linux/Windows PC
  • a PC with a fixed IP address to use as a server

Version 1.13 is available as of November 13, 2001.