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Recent Distributed Computing News and Articles

Grid computing from Sun; an update on the features and capabilities of Sun Grid EngineThe RegisterDecember 16, 2002
The race to computerise biology; an overview of bioinformatics and a mention of grid/distributed computing's role in itThe EconomistDecember 12, 2002
Computers' Shelf Life Gets Livelier: Gateway to Sell Harnessed Power of the PCs in Its StoresThe Washington PostDecember 10, 2002
SETI@home Prepares to Revisit its Best Signals; some time in 2003, SETI@Home will get exclusive use of the Arecibo radio telescope for one day to recheck its 100 most promising signalsThe Planetary SocietyDecember 4, 2002
'Grid Computing' Is the Next Wave in High-Performance ComputingThe ChronicleNovember 27, 2002
gridMathematica announced; an overview and discussion about the grid-based version of the popular Mathematica software applicationSlashdotNovember 21, 2002
Measuring Folding@Home's performance impact: Can folding proteins slow you down?The Tech ReportNovember 11, 2002
Just One Page a Day; Distributed Proofreaders gets Slashdotted and survives (and gets 15,000 pages proofread in one day instead of the usual 1,000)SlashdotNovember 8, 2002
Math whiz cracks encryption code; results of the ECCp-109 projectMSNBC NewsNovember 6, 2002
Most Powerful Computer in Canada - for a Day; Canadian universities linked their computers for one day to solve a computation chemistry problem which would normally take six years to completeSlashdotNovember 3, 2002
SETI@home: An Experiment in Public-Resource Computing; a detailed technical overview of the SETI@home project from a distributed computing perspectiveCommunications of the ACMNovember, 2002
Cheats wreak havoc on SETI@home; some SETI@Home participants may be cheating, and damaging the project's reputationZDNet AustraliaOctober 30, 2002
SETI@home-Inspired Biology Project Publishes First Scientific Results; Folding@Home's recent success from a SETI@home perspectiveThe Planetary SocietyOctober 28, 2002
Malicious Distributed Computing; a "superworm,: a coordinated network of worm nodes could communicate with each other to "ensure optimal infection rates"SlashdotOctober 25, 2002
University of Alberta builds supercomputer in a day: National hook-up to solve molecular chemistry questionEdmonton JournalOctober 22, 2002
Screensavers crack medical puzzle; another view of Folding@Home's recent successBBC NewsOctober 22, 2002
World's fastest data network approved: an overview of the TeraGrid projectthe inquirerOctober 21, 2002
PC Network Deciphers How Proteins Fold: Folding@Home has successfully simulated the folding of a small proteinSan Francisco ChronicleOctober 21, 2002
Donated computer power unfolds complex shape of proteinsCBC NewsOctober 21, 2002
Together PCs forecast foldNatureOctober 21, 2002
Computer simulation yields disease insightUnited Press InternationalOctober 20, 2002
Virtual proteins unravel real puzzles; interesting side-note: future versions of Folding@Home and may share the BOINC platform with SETI@HomeMSNBC NewsOctober 20, 2002
Internet PCs to Counter Bioterrorism: Find-a-Drug has started a project to find bioterrorism antidotesFind-a-DrugOctober 15, 2002
Tech-crash threatens to take down SETI@home: a funding crisis could shut down SETI@Home; (sources at SETI@Home say there is no funding crisis and that it's always difficult to get funding)ZDNet AustraliaOctober 15, 2002
Grid Iron: New grid networks put idle computing power to work; an overview of grid computingRed HerringOctober 11, 2002
Codebusters Crack Encryption Key; more news about the RC5-64 contestWired NewsOctober 7, 2002
Gridbus Project Releases Grid Accounting Services Architecture; information about the new GridBank accounting infrastructureGrid Computing PlanetOctober 3, 2002
Library of Congress Taps the Grid; it's looking at using grid technology to manage its American Memory project containing 7.5 million digital recordsWired NewsOctober 2, 2002
Upgrades to Boost SETI@home Alien Search; an overview of the new software and of the "new" telescope the next phase of SETI@Home will useSpace.comOctober 1, 2002
Gómez Acquisition Of Porivo Technologies Creates World's Largest Internet Performance Monitoring InfrastructureGómezSeptember 30, 2002 Completes RC5-64 Project; the winning key was found July 14, 2002 and the message was "The unknown message is: some things are better left unread"distributed.netSeptember 25, 2002
JXTA-based P2P Toolkit Enables Utility ComputingGrid Computing PlanetSeptember 17, 2002
Grid Computing: Electrifying Web Services; an overview of the Open Grid Service Architecture (OSGA)Web Services JournalSeptember 10, 2002
Computer Grids Promise Leap in Computing PowerYahoo! FinanceSeptember 1, 2002
University of Melbourne Expands Grid Work; more information about the Gridbus projectGrid Computing PlanetAugust 20, 2002
The Gridbus Project: Enabling Service-Oriented Grid Computing and Business; information about the Gridbus projectGRIDtodayAugust 19, 2002
Amateur Quest For Lychrel Numbers; information about an upcoming mathematics distributed computing projectSlashdotAugust 18, 2002
Open Sourcers Say Grid is Good; news about corporate efforts in grid computing software developmentWired NewsAugust 15, 2002
Australian grid computing: Creating science factZDNet AustraliaAugust 9, 2002
A primer on distributed computingKuro5hinAugust 2, 2002
Solving Problems at Arecibo; the new SETI@Home radio receiver was installed on July 24, 2002, and is collecting new dataThe Planetary SocietyAugust 1, 2002
The Cell - Power for Playstation 3 and ...More; more information about the use of grid computing to make the PlayStation 3 up to 1000 times more powerful than the PlayStation 2PlaySation ReporterJuly 22, 2002
Distributed Chess Computing Project; a note about the new ChessBrain projectSlashdotJune 9, 2002
Bootcamp 225: screensavers; a short history of screensavers, and a short paragraph on how they are used for distributed 13, 2002
Building a Worldwide LexiconO'Reilly NetworksMay 10, 2002
IBM brings grid computing to gamesYahoo! NewsMay 9, 2002
Worldwide weather watchers wanted; an overview and updated of the weather simulation projectBBC NewsMay 7, 2002
KaZaA Sneakware Stirs Inside PCs; another article about the Altnet trojan distributed computing software hidden in KaZaACNN.comMay 7, 2002
Now Anyone Can Discover a Comet; you can find undiscovered comets by looking at images from SOHOWired NewsMay 6, 2002
KaZaA Users Brace for Hijack; the Altnet trojan distributed computing software hidden in KaZaA will be activated in about a monthThe AgeMay 3, 2002
SETI@Home Project Nears Milestonewashingtonpost.comApril 29, 2002
SETI@Home Close to Half-Billionth Result (the user who returns that result will get US$500)SlashdotApril 28, 2002
Supercomputing '@Home' Paying Off for Other Research (a free subscription is required to view this article)The New York TimesApril 23, 2002
How Do You Spell E.T. in Swahili?; another article about the World Wide Lexicon distributed human projectWired NewsApril 10, 2002
Distributed Program to Translate Many Languages: the World Wide Lexicon distributed human project will use human volunteers to translate textNew ScientistApril 2, 2002
Stealth P2P Network Hides Inside Kazaa: hidden software could be used for distributed computingCNET NewsApril 1, 2002
Hosting Problems for distributed.netSlashdotMarch 26, 2002
IBM to Link Government Computers in Powerful GridYahoo! NewsMarch 22, 2002
Energy Dept., IBM to unveil Science GridCNET NewsMarch 21, 2002
PlayStation 3: The next generation; distributed computing could be used in the next PlayStationCNET NewsMarch 21, 2002
Home PCs join together as virtual supercomputerUSA TodayMarch 19, 2002
Sanger Institute Cracks Chromosome 20 With Grid PowerGrid Computing PlanetMarch 12, 2002
Home PCs speed anthrax cure projectCNET NewsMarch 8, 2002
Software finds possible anthrax cures: data on 300,000 potential drugs handed over to officialsMSNBCMarch 8, 2002
Working the web: P2P technology: peer to peer technology is far more useful than just swapping music filesGuardian UnlimitedMarch 7, 2002
India Joins Super (Grid) PowersWired NewsMarch 5, 2002
The Worldwide Computer: An operating system spanning the Internet would bring the power of millions of the world's Internet-connected PCs to everyone's fingertips; a good overview of how an ISOS (Internet-Scale Operating System) would workScientfic AmericanMarch 2, 2002
Distributed Computing Newsgroup ApprovedEnterprise NewsMarch 1, 2002
Mac Cluster's Last Stand?; Apple's G4 PowerMacs are powerful, but the wrong shape for stacking into clustersWired NewsFebruary 22, 2002
'Distributed' Web Projects Raise Security IssuesNewsbytesFebruary 21, 2002
Grid computing luring mainstream backers; IBM, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems are getting into the grid computing gameYahoo! NewsFebruary 21, 2002
The Grid Draws Its Battle Lines; an open-source project challenges Microsoft's .NetWired NewsFebruary 20, 2002
Seti@Home Bandwidth Problems; SETI@Home doesn't have enough bandwidth to handle its 3 million volunteersSlashdotFebruary 18, 2002
The Grid: A New Infrastructure for 21st Century SciencePhysics TodayFebruary, 2002
Distributed's New Word: Please; learn from McOwen's case: get permission before you run distributed software on someone else's computerWired NewsJanuary 24, 2002
PCs tapped to help fight anthrax: a coalition of scientists and technology companies is asking people around the world to use their computers' extra processing power to help search for a cure for anthraxCNN.comJanuary 22, 2002
State drops distributed-computing dispute; David McOwen will pay just $2,100 and serve 80 hours of community service rather than face 30 years in jailCNET NewsJanuary 17, 2002
Toolset teams computers to design drugsTechnology Research NewsJanuary 16, 2002
Investigating the "Fabric of the Universe"; SETI@Home data will be used to search for undiscovered pulsarsThe Planetary SocietyJanuary 9, 2002
GridSim Releases Java-based Grid Computing ToolkitGrid Computing PlanetJanuary 4, 2002
Distributing the Search for Cures; a good overview of Sengent and its D2OL projectWired NewsJanuary 3, 2002
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