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Past Distributed Computing Projects

Project LogoProject InformationCompletion DateProject DurationTotal Number of Participants
  Golomb Rulers - The Search For 20 and 21!, the first Internet-based distributed project to find optimal golomb rulers (OGRs). The project found OGRs for 20, 21, 22, and 23 marks. The project tested 628 trillion nodes for the 22-mark ruler and 398 trillion nodes for the 23-mark ruler. The OGR search is continuing at May, 1999 2.5 years unknown
  Swiss Knife Software had a screen saver application which tried to solve the Eternity puzzle. stopped in July, 1999; not completed unknown not applicable
  Distributed Genetic Programming on the Internet used genetic programming in a Java applet to navigate artificial ants along the Santa Fe trail.

The website was removed in October, 2000, so the URL above no longer works. The project had some interesting graphics.

mid 1998 unknown unknown