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Intelligence Realm Project News: Status

Postby Jwb52z » Mon Jun 02, 2008 4:22 am

Dear Participant,

We have updated the Project site. We have added a new section, called Learning Center on the main page. In time we will expand this section. We designed two more images.

We would like to thank Michael Schmatz for helping with the Technology Outline image.

We fixed the Participant Profiles pages and we have added additional information in the Totals page.

There appear to be a couple of workunits left from previous releases. If they will not be cleared within the next couple of hours we will cancel them so that we can switch to the fixed credit system.

We are working on the integration between the neuronal generator and the knowledge acquisiton module. The input flow can be summarily represented as: knowledge acquisition -> neuronal generator -> neuronal simulator -> data visualization.

Thank you.

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