Solving draughts

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Are You ready to give Your computer resources for popular intellectual board games solving?

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Solving draughts

Postby CAEman » Fri Nov 07, 2008 5:10 pm

I think, world popularity of traditional intellectual board games does not cause doubts. And one of the most interesting problem is the weak and than strong computer solving of these games, which should put an end to this foolish competition of a human and a machine. (But not human vs human. Because whether a game is solved does not necessarily correlate with whether it remains interesting for humans to play. Even a strongly solved game can still be interesting if the solution is too complex to be memorized.) Solving games is more popular for home distributed computing systems than 'serious' tasks (which are more effectively solved with Grid computing:;; Only personally I know ~ ten the people ready to give for this purpose their computer time.
But there are many games (for example, chess or especially Go) with very big game complexity for solving (even on weak level) at this time. On the other hand, some games are already solved ( One of these games is English draughts (also called American checkers or "straight checkers"), which was weakly solved (computer program Chinook).
So, if anyone has information about distributed computing program for strong English draughts solving and any level solving of next games (in their complexity acceding order):
1) Russian shashki checkers (or Brazilian draughts)
2) International (Polish) draughts
3) Canadian checkers
give the URL in postreply, please.
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Postby CAEman » Fri Feb 27, 2009 7:31 am

Perhaps anybody has other ideas?
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