Running 3x+1 project in Wine(Linux)

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Running 3x+1 project in Wine(Linux)

Postby jasong » Tue Sep 18, 2007 12:43 am

I'm hoping the following instructions get 3x+1 classified as a project that can run under Linux. Specifically, I'm asking for that little icon next to the project that corresponds to Linux in the Active projects/Mathematics category. :)

Make sure Wine isn't already installed. Go to a bash prompt and type 'wine --help', if it doesn't complain, you've got Wine installed. Unfortunately, it may be an old version. If you discover it's an old version, you need to uninstall it and reinstall the new one. You're on your own for that, at least as far as me being able to help you is concerned.

Install Wine. Type 'winecfg' in a bash prompt right after you install Wine. You'll get a window that reminds you of Micosoft Windows. You can mess around in it if you want, there's not much to see. Close the window. If you haven't already, transfer the 3x+1 stuff to a directory on the Linux computer. You'll want the directory set up the same way you would on a Windows computer, but don't try to run anything by clicking on it, you'll just get an error.

Go back to the bash prompt. Navigate to the directory with the 3x+1 stuff in it. If you have more than one processor on the computer, you'll probably want to have a specific directory to put individual 3x+1 directories into. One for each core.

Type in 'wine cmd'. This gets you a DOS prompt. It doesn't look the way I'm used to DOS prompts looking, but it behaves similarly. Now, here's the part which may take a bit more work than with Windows. I haven't really experimented because my Linux computer is running something totally different at the moment. I tried running and got an error message, I forget what it was. If you don't have a wondrous.cmd file, you're getting ahead of yourself by reading this thread. Anyway, I opened the wondrous.cmd file and highlighted everything from the executable with the odd name(I forget what the executable is called, but you only get one with the 3x+1 project) to the right-hand end and 'copied' it. Then I pasted it to the imitation DOS prompt, and voila, it worked. If you have a Windows computer and you need to know what to type, just generate the file the normal way on the Windows computer, then copy the portion I referenced above to a text file in the Linux directory you have. If you're good with math, you may be able to figure out what to change after a restart.(Remember, log updates happen every 2^34, but the actual executable does things in chunks of 2^32)
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