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Postby Lhademmor » Thu Sep 01, 2005 7:33 pm

Well, I'm quoting Paul Underwood here. I hope he doesn't get angry at me stealing his ad :wink:

Paul Underwood wrote:Well, it's been a year since our last prime: 3*2^1232255-1 (30/08/2004) Thomas Ritschel

Thomas, Ryan Jackson and I have been busying our Athlons with sieving and should get upto 200 trillion by the end of the year :shock:

We should also be testing with LLR above 700,000 digits by the end of the year...

But where is our next prime? :evil:

We have plenty of DC work for you! Join us!

Our numbers are smaller than GIMPS -- a fast P4 can crunch a 321 candidate in about 2 hours -- A GIMPS number can take months :roll: Similarly with SoB...

Our numbers are now bigger than PSearch's ( n=2 million ), bigger than PSP's current reservations, bigger than Riesel Sieve's, and others...

In fact, our's is a really neat little project that can be easily accelerated by some more help with LLR testing.

Here are our main links:



Our next prime must be very close.

Join us by signing up to this forum and making "reservations", or email me directly to
(Psst... I (OmbooHankvald) have a guide to get you started :wink:)

I nicked this at the 321 forum, since I thought that this might be the place to find "new recruits"
Regards, Lhademmor a.k.a. OmbooHankvald at the

Need help on how to get started? The guide-pages are in the making. Feel free to contribute!
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