100 Million Digits Prefactor Project needs your help

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100 Million Digits Prefactor Project needs your help

Postby Lhademmor » Wed Oct 05, 2005 8:11 pm

Hi all DC'ers!

I (with the help of fetofs and gribozavr) have started the 100mdpp up again after Uncwilly disappeared.

We currently have 4-5 participants but more would be welcome! :wink:
You don't have to know anything about prefactoring, mersenne primes or any math at all to help, but if you want to know what you are helping then I will be happy to explain it to you!

Since we don't have Uncwillys password, the website in currently at http://geocities.com/omboohankvald/100mdpp

If you need any help on how to participate just ask OmbooHankvald or Fetofs at www.mersenneforum.org (or ask me here of course)
Regards, Lhademmor a.k.a. OmbooHankvald at the mersenneforum.org

Need help on how to get started? The guide-pages are in the making. Feel free to contribute!
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