357659 * 2^1779748-1 confirmed prime

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357659 * 2^1779748-1 confirmed prime

Postby b2riesel » Sun Sep 25, 2005 10:40 pm

357659 * 2^1779748-1 was confirmed prime and we have release a new riesel.dat with 76 k values. The new riesel.dat is slightly faster. k=357659 was a 'light' k with a weight of 88. This means few k/n pairs were removed from the riesel.dat but in the long run it means a k we percieved to last until n>20 million has now been killed off.

The last time we hit a prime with a low weight we hit several more primes in a two week span after a long drought. There is still a $50 minimum prize for our next prime. However, this amount will most likely go up to $100 in the next day or so.

Look for updates at www.rieselsieve.com for more information.
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