Links: Folding@home crossing the petaflop mark

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Links: Folding@home crossing the petaflop mark

Postby nihangshah » Mon Oct 01, 2007 9:47 am

What the media has to say on Folding@home crossing a Petaflop...


Official post by the F@h team:
Crossing the petaflop barrier
Folding@home blog
It looked like we've just crossed over a petaflop, some time last night. This is something we've been expecting for a while, due to the great performance that comes from the PS3 client. In particular, recent PS3 updates (see previous post) have greatly enhanced the performance of the PS3 client (running GB WU's). We expect this number to continue to rise a bit more (maybe to 1.1 or 1.2 PFLOPS) as we switch over to running exclusively GB WU's.

PS3s boost Folding@home to a petaflop
Inquirer, UK
SONY ANNOUNCED today that PS3 gamers lending spare Cell processor CPU cycles to the Folding@home project have boosted it past the petaflop mark...

Folding@home reaches Petaflop mark - UK
The Folding@home project is attempting to unlock the mysteries of protein folding, as misfolds in proteins are suspected to cause several diseases, ...

Folding@Home reaches a Petaflop - UK
Folding@Home is a great project, one which shows how gamers and enthusiasts from across the world can come together for one single, shared purpose and help ...

Folding@home breaks petaflop barrier
PSPSPS - London,England,UK
I haven't really been keeping my own Folding@Home program. Accordingly to my better half, the cost of the electricity consumed by the PS3, the various PCs ...

Folding@Home project crosses the petaflop mark
TG Daily - USA
At that time the computing capacity for Folding@Home was 700 teraflops. The ambitious scientific research project, which requires constant calculation of ...

Folding@Home has cracked 1 PetaFlop!!!
I've been a big pusher for Foldathons, Recruitments etc. all to try help Folding@Home crack 1 Petaflop of computing power... now it seems, we have!

[url=[/url]Folding@Home Crosses the Petaflop Barrier[/url]
Rage3D Distributed Computing Forum
Stanford's Folding@Home project achieves the petaflop milestone! What is Folding@Home? Visit Rage3D's Distributed Computing forum and find out!

IGN: Folding@home Achieves Petaflop Milestone
IGN Games
Folding@home Achieves Petaflop Milestone. PS3 owners help scientists speed up their research. posted by Alexis Dunham. September 19, 2007 - Sony Computer ...

Folding@Home project breaks petaflop barrier thanks to PS3 - SlashGear
The Folding@home project has officially been the first such distributed computing network to achieve a petaflop. (no, that has nothing to do with old men ...

PS3: Folding@Home Achieves Petaflop - Kotaku
As mentioned by Kaz in his TGS keynote, the power of the PS3 has carried the Folding@home project to a ...

Folding@Home Achieves Petaflop Mark With The Help of PlayStations ...
Folding@Home, the Stanford University’s ambitious distributed computing project aimed at unlocking the mysteries of protein folding has hit another great milestone. It is the first to achieve a petaflop mark by a distributed computing initiative. The lion’s share of the processing power is contributed by Sony’s PlayStation 3 game consoles.

PlayStation.Blog » Folding@home Petaflop Barrier Crossed (Update)
The playstation Blog
This post comes on the heels of my previous post, which talked about the crossing of the Petaflop barrier. The influx of gamers supporting this cause has grown so greatly that we’ve actually broken a second record within a week! This time the aggregated computation power of the PS3 consoles — by themselves — has crossed the Petaflop line! - PS3s help Folding@Home Break PetaFLOP Barrier
For Stanford's ambitious Folding@Home Project, the milestone of one full petaFLOP of throughput has long stood as a crazy-optimistic goal. ...
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