Could Europeans use the weak dollar to get cheap crunching?

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Could Europeans use the weak dollar to get cheap crunching?

Postby jasong » Wed Aug 06, 2008 2:51 am

I was very much interested in the idea of renting other people's computers to do crunching at one time. Unfortunately, the effort vs. the result always made it a losing deal.

But now, I have a new idea. I can't utilize it myself, and I'm not planning to participate in any purchases that may happen. But as weak as the dollar has gotten recently, I'm wondering if Europeans have considered the possibility of buying crunching time from Americans?

The very best way to use it is through BOINC, Just have them attach to, and crunch, the projects you choose. Unfortunately, because of the way BOINC is set up, you need to know a person's details in order to crunch for them, which is a bit of a problem unless you're the trusting sort. I suppose they could simply be asked to join a team, but I would think paid for points would preferably go to the person paying for them, not just to their team.

I'm sure I'm going to get plenty of flames for this idea, but last I checked(an admittedly long time ago) Europeans were flying here with nothing but credit cards and the clothes on their backs, then bought whatever they needed after they got here.
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