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The Lattice Project Project News

Postby Jwb52z » Mon Oct 08, 2007 1:14 am

October 4, 2007 Research Projects
A new page describes types of analyses run on The Lattice BOINC Project, applications used in those analyses, and specific project information. It's a work in progress! Head on over to Research Projects:

October 3, 2007 Server Upgrade
We are in the process of upgrading the server to version 6.1.0, so please report any problems you notice, especially with the web site. I will inform everyone when the upgrade is complete...

September 12, 2007 Background and Introduction
A note to our faithful crunchers and potential newcomers: we are planning to improve the web site with better information about The Lattice BOINC Project. Hopefully this will serve to both satisfy curiosity and get everyone excited! So check out the new link, Background and Introduction:
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