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Boinc Rieselsieve

Postby CedricVonck » Sat Mar 31, 2007 4:45 pm

found its 200.000th+ factor.
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Postby Jwb52z » Sun Oct 28, 2007 8:54 pm

The Boinc Client for the Riesel Sieve Project found its first prime.
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Postby Jwb52z » Thu Nov 15, 2007 9:33 pm

Holy Mackerel!!!! 469949*2^1649228-1 is Prime!
Posted 15 Nov 2007 by Lee

Prime: 469949*2^1649228-1
Weight: 89
Size: 496472 digits


First Prime found using the Boinc client/server.
First Prime Found in double check.
Prime was successfully killed without any loss of human life.

Back Story:

There he was sitting at home eating breakfast and thinking of the change of seasons. A cold wind was in the air signaling the last of the years warmth was wanning. A stack of summer photos upon the table as the smiling faces of friends and family at play. One photo was pushed to the side. That smug cousin Rupert holding a golf ball up and smiling profusely. CAPTION: First Hole in One, Clevedon Golf Club. The sun dropping behind his back as the day is coming to a close with the waters of The Mouth of The Seven glistening from the heat of the summer day.

Behind the water...there is something....can't quite make it out...could it be? can't be....there is no way....but...but..I've seen that thing my my can't be....but is. It is a MegaPrime and it is waiting to devour the unlucky, the weak, and the unsuspecting in the glorious UK.

Freeze Frame. Photo frozen in mid air. Chair overturned. Cellar door left open. Car missing.

Barreling down the M4 heading West, Mackerel is on his way to kill another Prime. He's been here before and fear is not even an afterthought. The people of his beloved nation must be protected. The WORLD must be protected. Armed with the mighty weapons of the Riesel Sieve Alliance. The weapons gathered from around the world and joined by the hard work of many, Mackerel drives West to meet this demon head on.

Arriving, it is like fate herself wove the strings of the meeting. 469949 is already waiting. Standing tall and defiantly. The roar of hatred, for it knows its death is a certainty...just the moment hasn't quite arrived yet. Mackerel sizes it up. "I've seen shall die". Using the new Boinc coated LLR shells he fires...and fires...and fires. Onlookers later recall the violence. The scene of devastation. They say Mackerel climbed the beast and shoved a spear through its head with the handle waving the Union Jack before the beasts eyes had even closed.

Before the sun had even set, Mackerel was back at his home pouring through more photos...already searching for the next big prime. Mackerel..we owe you our deepest thanks. For you are a mighty prime finder.
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