Riesel Sieve Project News: BOINC News

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Riesel Sieve Project News: BOINC News

Postby Jwb52z » Fri Aug 04, 2006 2:45 am

Boinc News
Posted 30 Jul 2006 by Lee

For those of you that haven't heard, we've been alpha testing a boinc sieve client the last week. Bryan and the gang have been doing an excellent job and rumor has it that we may go to Beta testing next week. The boinc client brings us to a point in the project where we are about to experience exponential growth. Tonight I'm physically moving our webserver, database server, LLRNet Server, email server and so on, to a new location where we will have a nice 3mb/3mb connection.

For those of you who haven't used boinc...or haven't used it in a while, I recommend using this as the prefered sieving method. For those that want to continue with the manual sieve method, we will keep the reservation pages open and you can still do standalone sieving. However, note that sieving using the boinc infrastructure may go pretty quick. The boinc sieve will crunch on 1/4G units. Much smaller than a manual range can get. In fact on the manual ranges you will be required to reserve 5G ranges and this may be pushed to 10G after boinc is up and running. At 1/4G... or 250,000,0000... sized work units we will have a little over 17 million Work Units for boinc. This may sound like a tremendous amount of work, but ceselb has calculated using a 10,000 user base...yes we expect that many...we will wrap up sieving within a year. This is primarily due to the JJSieve client having a ceiling for factoring of 2^52. If Chuck and Joe_O can bring this barrier up even higher to 2^53 or 2^54 we will have much more work to crunch.

During this time we will be building a boinc LLR client and I've asked for a boinc P-1 client be started. This is an exciting time for us here at Riesel Sieve. We now will have the CPU power to push the sieveing to new levels which will bring factors in very quickly....thus eliminating k/n pairs for prime testing.

Hopefully this next year will bring us many prime finds and help us come ever closer to proving the Riesel Conjecture.
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