Community TSC/D2OL Project News: Power Failed/Stats Rollback

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Community TSC/D2OL Project News: Power Failed/Stats Rollback

Postby Jwb52z » Wed Oct 26, 2005 12:52 am

Charles Beckius

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October 23rd

We have experienced a power failure from which the Results NAS did not recover gracefully.

The When you return results, they arrive at the results handler - this box evaluates the result for structure and credits your account (which gets all rolled up into a bundle with the stats processor). Then the Results Handler ships the packets off to the Results NAS.

Later, at intervals and entirely behind the scenes, a separate engine called DRAS (Docking Result Analysis System) crunches through the results looking for ones that are scientifically interesting. It takes the results for a target off the NAS and crunches locally, in the end just holding the few that were best.

The NAS is a way station for data - it's damage does not set the project back - just ... stalls it ... until I can replace the drives. It's never fun to lose several drives in a RAID.

Charles Beckius
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October 25th

Due to some data corruption that occurred during the power failure, we were forced to roll back stats to early Sunday AM.

Once we brought the process back online and began receiving files, it became clear that some critical files had been mid-write when we lost power. (After the building lost power and then the generator overloaded and then the UPS ran down...) I apologize for the disappointing need to return to the last clean file set.

Of note - our weather forecast suggests continued storms. I apologize in advance for any unforeseen outages.
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