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UD Grid.org Status News

Postby Jwb52z » Thu Oct 20, 2005 4:46 pm

UD - Robby Brewer
UD Employee

Dear members,

We had a hiccup in the grid.org forum software over the weekend making the forums inaccessible. The problem has since been resolved. When the new system is completed, we will be monitoring all critical applications and services. This will allow us to be more proactive in addressing problems like this.

Here is a brief status of some of the issues that are still outstanding.

New cancer data: Oxford has decided to regenerate all of the Ligandfit data, protein and molecule, and make sure that they are getting successful docking and scoring results with the data. Once they are sure that there are actual hits in the data, they will resend it to us. We will then be able to retry running it on the grid hopefully with the expected results.

Grid.org upgrade: Nothing too exciting here. Testing continues on the new product.

Rosetta: Another Rosetta job was finished last week. WUs will be credited through this Friday.

Thanks to everyone for your contribution.
Robby Brewer
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United Devices
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