Seventeen or Bust Project News: I Never thought it would....

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Seventeen or Bust Project News: I Never thought it would....

Postby Jwb52z » Thu Oct 20, 2005 2:31 am

happen, but the project found a missed prime in their doublecheck work:

Latest News
(posted by louis helm) Wednesday, 19 Oct 2005

4847 * 2^3321063 + 1 is prime! This is great news as k=4847 was a relatively dense series that required more tests in a given range than the average k. The prime was discovered at 10:50PM EST on October 15th by Richard Hassler, a long-time user who has been crunching SB since August 2003.

You may notice that this prime is smaller than the last few discoveries we've made (only 999744 digits [decimal expansion]). That's because this prime was uncovered by a double check. Hopefully those of us disappointed by the artificial slowdown that double checks have caused recently are pleased that it resulted in a new discovery so quickly. We're working to correct the scoring system so that these tests are worth as much per amount of computation as larger ones. Until we do, keep in mind that although the scoring has temporarily decreased, the ease of finishing a test has gone up which does improve your chances of actually finding a prime.

Congratulations to the whole SB community! These primes are rare so take a moment to appreciate all the hard work that goes into producing them. Each SB participant helped do their part to increase the bounds of human knowledge with this discovery. Be proud of your accomplishment! 9 down -- 8 to go.
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Postby Jwb52z » Sun May 06, 2007 10:37 am

(posted by louis helm) Saturday, 05 May 2007

19249 * 2^13018586 + 1 is prime!!!! SB has done it again, discovering a new largest ever non-Mersenne prime. This latest result was submitted at 00:33 EST on March 26th by Konstantin Agafonov, ... erID=10269 , a member of team TSC! Russia ... teamID=377 . Konstantin is from Korolev, Russia where he works as a systems administrator for a construction company.

Before joining SB, Konstantin participated in other DC projects like Find-a-Drug, , where he was the 5th largest overall contributor! Konstantin says he has used up to 100 computers on SB. This particular prime was found on one of his 3GHz Pentium 4s running Windows.

To read more about the discovery, check out the official Press Release ... 0507.mhtml .

Thanks to all our dedicated number crunching volunteers... some of whom have been crunching for five years now! Every one of you helped make this discovery possible! Congratulations and Happy Cinco de Mayo!
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