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Postby Jwb52z » Tue Oct 11, 2005 6:55 am

Dear members,

Here is a brief status of some of the issues that are still outstanding.

Member/Team stats: We have now imported all of the stats data that we have. Hopefully everyone's stats are now back to where they should be. There are probably a few points lost here and there due to the outages we have had, but unless we see that the stats are off by months or years, this is as close as we are going to get. There have been a few posts regarding the discrepency between what Member Services shows for stats and what the agent GUI shows for stats. These numbers are taken from different places in the database so it is possible for them to be out of sync especially considering the outages we have had. If you have to pick one, the stats shown on Member Services are the "correct" ones.

New cancer data: We recieved some different ligand files from Oxford to try. The desired results were still not achieved. The job is not failing with an error per se, but rather not doing any scoring at all. This may be because of the docking site or it may be something wrong with the protein. More output files were sent to Oxford. We are currently waiting for their response. upgrade: The new Grid MP 5.0 version was released GA last week and initial testing looks good. We are still waiting for the Member Web piece to GA before we can really start configuring the new hardware for an end to end test. Hopefully that will occur this week.

Rosetta: We are chugging through these with great speed. It is now taking us about a week to finish an entire Rosetta job.

Thanks to everyone for your contribution.
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